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    Hello Fatima,

    Glad to see you stop in now and then. God bless you and your loved ones!
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    Ditto. Always good to hear from you.
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  3. Seagrace

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  4. Seagrace

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    Wonderful to hear from you, Fatima.
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  5. Blizzard

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    Along with Zaro, Manuela Strack, Martin Gavenda and, of course, Medjugorje.

    Not saying the other contemporary visionaries often featured in Catholic sites are not authentic. I just find them more difficult to discern, usually because I don’t know enough about them.

    I’m sure God is speaking to us right now through some visionaries.

    After all if He spoke to us in the past through several extraordinary manifestations (Quito, La Salette, Akita, Fatima, Garabandal, Amsterdam come to mind) why would He be silent now that the end times are upon us?
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  6. Seagrace

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    Spot on! Such an apt description, that's truly how I feel too.
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    Good point. And as usual others will rush in to claim they are bringing His Word to us, just to muddy the waters. Today, I was reminded about the sign of authenticity through the words of St Catherine of Bologna:

    When God, through His kindness, deigned to visit her mind, suddenly He drew near with this ineffable and trustworthy sign: that is, before Him there proceeded the holy aura of humility…
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  8. Carmelite

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    Her first locution was after Mass she said. She was with her husband and started hearing Jesus. Unless it was Anglican service . It didn’t sound that way. If you go on her site “Words from Jesus” there’s a section on how it first began. She specifically says she was at Mass and after communion. Sounds like a good time to receive a locution:)
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  9. Heidi

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    I used to know Little Mary. She came to the hospital and prayed for my son. I believe her messages were authentic.
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  10. Pax Prima

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    I have never lived anywhere where there was one prophet who gained notoriety, let alone 4 at the same time. Catholics seem to live in entirely different worlds from place to place.
  11. dust

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    Agree strongly on Zaro and Manuela Strack. Anyone notice the Zaro messages are either interrupted or gone? I check faithfully on Zaro as our Blessed Mother asks for specifics on prayers which I incorporate into the daily Rosary. Nothing since (I think) May 25…correct me if my date is wrong.) Also, the Child Jesus to Manuela said his visits are over and “the events are to begin”. Zaro and Siervenich also both have the 25th as regular apparition dates. Zaro also on the 8th.
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  12. Mario

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    I was much more attentive to "the Zaro" messages a few years ago; are both ladies still receiving reputed messages?:unsure:
  13. Byron

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    Fatima - hello there! So good to see you back.
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  14. dust

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    Yes, Mario. Messages like these….

    • I follow the messages Simona and Angela share, like clockwork on the 8th and 25th of every month until May 8th 2024. They have stopped. There is a searchable keyword database, and many languages available. Each message she asks specific prayers and gives motherly advice. My prayers follow her requests. There used to be detailed accounts of the visions received. Now they are not shared, just noted.
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  15. Thank you for writing on this update. Could you share a link to a website that gives the information for Manuela Strack and what the Infant Jesus said about His visits coming to an end. Thank you so much!
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  16. Also, this was an alleged message to Manuela recently from Saint Michael the Archangel “May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit bless you! Amen. Quis ut Deus? I am the Holy Archangel Michael. God, the Lord sent me to you. Ask for peace in the world, ask for my friendship. There are still few of you, but you should keep asking for reparations by September! Become praying hearts! Through your prayers, through your fasting and sacrifice, you can prevent the war from spreading. Satan wants to lead people into a great war. But God, the Lord, wants peace. Ask for peace! You have been called by the Lord through the seal of baptism, remember this. You have no future if you do not ask. Ask for my friendship! Ask for peace! I am your friend in Jesus Christ. I am the warrior of the Precious Blood! Become more! Become as numerous as the stars of heaven...."

    I could not find a message from the Infant Jesus saying that His visits were ending, there is this one from June 1, 2024 and He said in part "The world will be cleaned. The events will start. Ask for reparation, for mitigation. " this was taken from this website:
  17. dust

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    “Child shape to you, so that you can accept me. That's how you should accept me. I am the head of the Catholic Church! May the people also be missing, I am their head! I give you through the church the holy sacraments in which I myself am alive. Tomorrow you will celebrate a celebration of My Love (Solemnity of the Holy Trinity). The Father loves you, I love you infinitely and the Holy Spirit is your comforter. Remember this! I often said to you: You live in the time of dorm! This is the last time before my return. I appear as the king of mercy before I come to you in justice and the way of My Church, the way, listen carefully, the way of My Church, is the way of My mercy! Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood will obtain eternal life! So you may live in the sanctifying grace, never forget this! With all the missing, I am the head of the church and so I put the Catholic Catechism in your heart, because the church has fallen into the trouble. The church is in the time of examination. This happens in the time of urge, in the last time before My return. You are now experiencing this time and this is not a new lesson, you can find this in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I tell you: Stay true to the doctrine of faith of your faith fathers and I will give you abundantly with My love, with my grace. With everything that may come now, seek refuge in My Precious Blood, in My….

    Translated poorly.
    “You live in the time of dorm. This is the last time before my return.”

    He has not appeared again since that. During the consecration he did, but not as infant of Prague.

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