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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by heyshepard, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. heyshepard

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    I'm seeing / Strike that... I'm not seeing anything on this Jade Helm exercise in the main news media that is supposed to take place starting in July 2015. There are a lot of articles on the internet that have theories from the start of martial law to the beginning of WWIII. What's your preception of this?
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  3. heyshepard

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    Thank you Andy. I appreciate your help. For some reason I was not seeing any of the attached links you posted. I wasn't on the edge of the cliff but I was concerned.
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    The kelly file on fox covered this briefly. But was just to say that the exercises are happening and the conspiracies were running wild but this was just an exercise.
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    it is suspect.....
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    In our daily paper, there is a report that more local military copters will be seen over Edmonton in the next while, for recertification of pilots. Interesting timing...
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    It bears watching but I would not be overly concerned ... Yet! Secrets on something this Big would be hard to keep and even with the Obama Purging of senior Officers/Enlisted Folks these past six years there has to be plenty of Good Guys on the inside "Spreading the Word" to former Military friends on the "outside" ......... but... Make No Mistake!! Evil This Way (USA & Europe) Comes ... and Soon!!
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    so, this military exercise is over now I think? I believe it was supposed to end in September. It seems nothing really came of this except for a military exercise, so maybe not the red flag that it appeared to be before it started. It seems this was hyped on the conspiracy sites, but has not amounted to much. Unless anyone on the forum lives in the areas of this exercise and can correct me?
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    PS... we just have to pray, I think that's are only way thru this great mess were in! Not long for the Triumpth:):):)

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