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    Yes, that was one of the reasons for my question. If it's also in IVM, how much would be too much if taken with IVM. The other reason is what makes IVM different? Could it be that it's the neem in IVM that makes it efficacious for covid sufferers? If so, then we wouldn't need IVM. If it is neem that makes a difference, it won't be long before that, too, is banned.
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    My Thoughts as well.
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    I was able to order a bottle of neem pills from eBay, just £9.
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    Thanks Jack. Added to my shopping list. I never think of checking Ebay.

    Have you heard that the NHS are doing an antibody study in vaxxed and unvaxxed people who had the virus? They are recruiting 8,000 people per day across GB and NI. They send the volunteers a gadget for taking a pin prick blood sample. Volunteering might be worth your while if it gives you an accurate antibody count. Some people say that a lot of antibody tests are unreliable.
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    Yes good idea. And it gives Jack a record of having had the virus and proof of his immunity!
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    I'll look into it, Maria...
    If you have any bother ordering off eBay, let me know. And I'll order for you.
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    Thanks Jack. It shouldn't be a problem. I just need to set up the password thingy with the bank to comply with EU rules. I need to do that without further delay, otherwise I'll never be able to buy online again. Another password to remember. I'm running out of ideas for passwords.
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    I haven’t read much of this thread but I was in a farmer’s shop yesterday. I asked if they had anything for deworming horses? Yes, behind the counter. Do I need a letter from a vet? No.
    All I need now is the name of it
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    Ivermectin horse paste
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    id prefer to keep the word ivermectin out of it.
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    I've taken the liquid 4 times over the last couple months with zero issues. My wife took for first time this morning starting back to work in office after 1 1/2 year. (2 days in office, 3 from home). She didn't notice anything either.

    In Canada it's by percription only so no point mentioning it to coworkers or boss. At least we know our odds of getting covid are very low. I think I will take a long break from it and maybe will again if covid blows up in the fall.

    I did notice an improvement in my IBS symptoms taking it.

    Not giving medical advise or suggesting anyone should take it.
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    May I ask which store you got it from? I'm also in Canada, but not sure where to get it..
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    Tractor Supply or most farm feed stores. Can get it on Amazon too.
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    I searched Amazon and couldn't find the horse paste..did you order from them? If so can younpost a link?
    We have friend who died from the vaccine and now her nephew has covid. I'd like to help them get it.

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  17. Te Deum

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    Noromectin oral paste for horses. Comes in a syringe so easily measured. See post from @Ananchal 4th video down goes through ingredients plus other products #7009 Coronavirus thread
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    I belong to some Facebook groups that revolve around the FLCCC I-MASK treatment protocol. A couple of them were public and had admin's that were not monitoring. Within the last week, there was an influx of people coming into those groups slamming ivermectin, FLCCC, etc... and posting really ugly and hateful memes and comments towards those people who are members of those groups. Many were admitting hate for those who are unvaccinated. They were constantly posting and harassing members to the point where the members started leaving those groups since they couldn't get the attention of the admin of the groups. I had never seen anything so ugly and found myself becoming just as ugly towards those trolls. I found myself giving into that same ugly evil by attacking them back and now I really need to seek out confession for my part in it.

    I really think there is some kind of organized effort that is going on and these people are being sent to try and push these vaccines and stop anything that might be helpful to people who are trying to seek out treatment or prevention for this virus other than the vaccine. I don't mean to sound paranoid but the way these people came in like a swarm to attack was unlike anything I had ever seen before in some of these public groups. Some were spewing out hate for Christians, republicans, you name it. What was even more disheartening were posts of people who had died of COVID and were unvaccinated and some of these trolls were posting that they deserved to die, etc.... no compassion, sympathy for anyone. I think some of those trolls may have actually been fake accounts but the others I believe were real and are just plain evil. I finally just had to take a break from Facebook. Even our local news stations here in New Mexico have been posting about ivermectin horse paste this past week and now dangerous it is and that people have overdosed. Same article that is going around everywhere else in other news outlets across the country. I once again see nothing but ugly comments after each article. Honestly, I think I just have to really take a break from all media and focus more on prayer because I am really disheartened by everything I am reading. I do find it interesting how all of this attacking is occurring now that the Pfizer vaccine was supposedly approved by the FDA.
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  20. Antifa goes online...
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