Ivermectin for Covid

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by Beth B, May 4, 2021.

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    HUGE: Ivermectin deployed in Goa, India; down goes the rona!
    May 14, ARSH 2021
    2 hours ago

    You won’t read about this in the MSM. Ivermectin… BOOM.

    Update: Here’s the data in from Goa, India. They started passing Ivermectin out on Monday. That’s the peak. The free-fall down is Tues-Wednesday-Thurs. A 10% reduction in four days. So, obviously, the New World Order Covid political religion and Antichurch will declare total war on Ivermectin. Because this JUST. WON’T. DO.

    Largest crime against humanity ever perpetrated, by a long, long shot. And still happening openly, in front of God and everyone.

    I’m telling you folks, between the desperation to keep the whole “vaxxines are THE ONLY POSSIBLE TREATMENT” bee-ess lying fearporn narrative going, plus the desperate need for BigPharma to defend the $50 billion per year cold and flu symptom remedy market, they’re going to attack Ivermectin like mad dogs.

    The Gates Foundation/WHO and Merck are on full offensive media blitz against the Indian Ivermectin initiatives – the most populous state in India just endorsed Ivermectin in addition to the Goa free universal prophylactic distribution program.

    Remember, Merck was the original developer of Ivermectin forty+ years ago, and Merck has donated most of the 3.7 billion human doses of Ivermectin that have been dispensed in the third world to date. Remember this when Merck starts in with the “it’s not safe” bee-ess. They’ve given away literally billions of doses of it, with no real side effects. The mendacity….

    But the Indians know very, very well what the Gates’ are about, having ejected the Gates Foundation from India after they permanently paralyzed over 400,000 children with a “polio vaccine”. Oopsie!

    Let’s hope and pray that the Indians stand firm and don’t fold to corruption.

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    Praying that the truth will come out and people will be helped.
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    Thanks so much! We’ll have it on hand if needed, but hopefully not! God bless you, Beth!
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  6. Beth B

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    Bless you too dear M of 2! Your a smart mother being prepared!
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  7. Beth B

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  8. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Thanks for the research here Brian! Lives will be saved!
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    The whole province of Goa in India is issuing ivermectin. The WHO says no but they are going ahead. (Dr John Campbell on you tube yesterday) already their spike is going down. WHO and Merck will have a lot to answer for if ivetmectin succeeds thd way many doctors believe it will. I pray it does succeed for the sake of poor India and surrounding countries. And for all our sakes really.
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    Took first dose pray I don't turn into a horse.

    They didn't have paste so my syringes are liquid. Doesnt taste great. Put in small glass of water.

    I don't have covid but am encouraged by the preventative nature of ivermectin.

    The potential of addressing any parasites, however unlikely to have is a bonus too.
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    Will do, praying you don't morph into Mr.Ed. :D I found a Tractor Supply store about 20 miles from my house, and no surprise I bought the last box of ivermectin paste. There was a large warning sign posted by the display warning people that it is not for use in humans to treat Covid 19. So apparently there has been a run on the horse paste. I felt a little sneaky as I handed my paste to the cashier. :sneaky:
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  13. Beth B

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    Amen AED!
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  14. Beth B

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    You can mix it with food...and yes, it’s much more liquid than a thick paste .Take it with food when using it for Covid. Good luck!
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  15. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Trust me, they are probably using it themselves! The sign was just a disclaimer to cover themselves legally. No worries!
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  16. Joan J

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    :) mine arrives this Friday!
    I'm ready to schedule my 1st shingles shot :)

    My employer decided Friday, upon showing vax card employees will be given permission to lose their mask.
    We'll see how that plays out, and when I'm hired out of there.
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    Jo you live on Long Island right....did you drive to Tractor Supply in Medford ?
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  18. Jo M

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    No Rosalia, I'm on Cape Cod, MA. Had to drive over the bridge to find a Tractor Supply. :)
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    Just a question for anyone who might know. I am trying to convince a relative of mine of the safety of using the Ivermectin horse paste but they insist that it is dangerous. They brought up the fact that if one actually had parasites in their body and took the horse paste instead of taking ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor for parasites, that there could be adverse reactions (hives, swelling, rashes, etc.) as the parasites die off. But this just didn't sound right to me. If anyone knows more about this aspect of ivermectin, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  20. HeavenlyHosts

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    You can pm Brian. He would surely know.
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