Ivermectin for Covid

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  1. Katfalls

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    I disagree. It's like saying raw honey is new age. Magnets are useful for many things . . .it works because your blood has iron in it. The magnets attract the iron to the area where they are placed, thus creating better circulation. Very simple strategy, not magic, not new age, not occult.
  2. Katfalls

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    Another bit of mis information. Jesus did not reject oils when he was anointed. He was presented with frankincense and myrrh at birth. And we use incense in church.
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    What kind of pine?
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    Its their source that Father Ripperger warns of since many come from New age and witchcraft ebterprises and are often cursed. He warns very clearly about this. He is not opposed to oils per se since they come from God's creation and thus are good but he has experience in these matters and says they can be a conduit of the demonic. Imperative to know their source according to him.
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  6. Katfalls

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    Where you have to be careful is mixing them up, doing some kind of ritual and calling them a 'potion'. Of course stay clear of that. There was a good discussion about that on EWTN on the Women of Grace show a few years ago. Essential oils are natural products given to us by God to help us in healing. If you use lemon juice that is watered down lemon oil, etc. if you use cough drops with echinacea, they get the echinacea from oil, etc.
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    As far as carpal tunnel goes, I got it in both wrists working in a paper factory during college. It was really bad. Woke me up at night, hands numb, painful, tingling. It went away during med school, but returned in my left wrist during my surgical residency due to all the suturing I had to do.

    I also assisted on numerous carpal tunnel surgeries, and did a couple of them myself under the attending surgeons’s supervision, so I knew from experience how quick and simple the procedure was. So I had my left wrist carpal tunnel surgically released during my residency. It was a literal God send. Instant relief!

    When I started practice and did a lot of daily work with my right hand my right carpal tunnel flared up really bad again, so I had to get that side done too. Again, short quick procedure, instant relief.

    If you ever do get to the point you need carpal tunnel surgery, please don’t be put off by the idea of it being “surgery.” It’s a simple quick procedure and has a very high satisfaction rate.

    Not all modern medicine is bad; we’re pretty good at simple things that can be quickly resolved by routine surgery.
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    Thank you for this!
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    Katfalls, it is not at all like saying raw honey is new age. With respect .
    Every decision has consequences .
  10. Joan J

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    Um, thank you. So that can reverse damage? I must research that!!
  11. Katfalls

    Katfalls Powers

    Yes, I was trying to come up with an example. I'm not seeing any evil in magnets. In fact, my two bracelets from hematite one has Faith on it, the other has Jesus on it. Lots of people wear copper bracelets for arthritis, metal plates to replace bones. I'm not sure where the new age fits in with this. If the magnets help my blood to circulate and give relief from the carpal tunnel, what are the bad consequences? With respect.

  12. Katfalls

    Katfalls Powers

    Yes Brian the surgery Does help a lot of people. But artists suffer from carpal tunnel because of the type of repetitive work. I have art friends who have had to repeat the surgery many times because it was a temporary fix. Some days, even with the magnetic bracelets I have to stop working. It also helps my husband's tennis elbow. That's my experience.
  13. HeavenlyHosts

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    • Magnetic Therapy has no side effects or contraindications and can not cause medical iatrogenesis. It is compatible with all other therapies and treatments. It complements and combines especially well with the therapies targeting the emotional area such as flower essences, tapping, EFT, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, psychology, etc. But it also complements very well all types of manual and energy therapies and therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, herbal medicine, etc.
    • This is from a course offering in training for magnetic therapy. It is New Age.
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    If you search around the internet, I saw a magnetic bracelet from an occult shop with Catholic pictures on it. I would not buy anything with Catholic pictures on it anywhere other than an accredited Catholic gift shop. I think today with the diabolical disorientation and the occult curses placed on items, we cannot be sure of anything. I know that people use magnetic and copper therapies but I will run from it. With respect.
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  15. Katfalls

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    Lots of people don't like lots of things for many reasons. There are many holy people who were accused of being sorcerers. So it's what you are comfortable with and this is something you are not. That's ok, it's your opinion.
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    Lots of folks suffer from carpal tunnel from repetitive stress injuries, some of them doing quite difficult manual labor, so it’s not just artists. The vast majority of patients who have carpal tunnel surgery, even ones doing very physically demanding fine very repetitive labor, benefit from the surgery. There’s nothing about artistic work that makes it better or worse than other forms of physical labor, and nothing about it that makes it more recalcitrant to surgical correction.

    If you understand the anatomy of the carpal tunnel and the method of the carpal tunnel nerve injury, you’ll release that it most definitely is NOT a “temporary fix” for the vast majority of the patients who undergo the procedure.

    Can it recur? Yes, most certainly, and the smaller the incision the more likely. Does that make it a temporary fix? No, certainly not.

    (We did a very similar surgery in the ankle called a tarsal tunnel surgical release, but it didn’t have near the success rate of carpal tunnel surgery.)
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    No, magnets do not “reverse” carpal tunnel nerve damage. They might alleviate some of the symptoms but they do not and cannot reverse the nerve damage. The carpal tunnel ligament causes pressure on the carpal tunnel nerve as it lays in the carpal tunnel under the hand tendons. Constant/repetitive use causes the tendons to swell and actually get bigger, pinching the carpal tunnel nerve between the floor of the carpal tunnel and the ligament overlying the tendons in the tunnel.

    Surgery physically cuts that one ligament, removing that pressure on the carpal tunnel nerve.

    Fortunately there are multiple ligaments from the wrist to the finder tips that hold the tendons close to the hand so you don’t get “bow stringing” of the tendons if you only cut one of those sets of ligaments.

    It does decrease overall grasping strength by about 10%.

    Claims otherwise about magnets, copper, crystals etc about their supposed ability to “heal” the nerve are where folks discern a “new age” element to their marketing.

    Rule of thumb - main stream medicine makes way too many promises it can’t keep.

    Unfortunately so does alternative medicine.

    Disease and death comes from Original Sin and our personal sin. The only cure for that is Christ and eternal life. There will never be a cure for everything that ails us - in this life.
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  18. Katfalls

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    My notations on the surgery are from what I hear my fellow artists tell me. I don't claim that the magnetic bracelet cures the nerve but it does give me relief. And it works for me, probably not for everyone. I'm not a proponent of crystals or anything new age like that. Some of my friends say large doses of vit E help their carpal tunnel. But I never found that it worked for me. Yes, I'm thinking when people claim a healing it is a leap from claiming relief. I know Im not healed! Or I would not have the pain. Thanks for the explanation.
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  19. HeavenlyHosts

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    The last paragraph of this post is awesome in its truthfulness. Well said.
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  20. BrianK

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    Many years ago I wrote an article about the “failures” of western mainstream medicine, the false promises of alternative or holistic medicine to be able to cure everything naturally, and the failure of both to realize that because disease and death comes from Original Sin and personal sin, there never will be a cure for everything.

    Anyone railing or rebelling against the “failures” and “false promises” of all types of medicine doesn’t grasp this basic fact. It’s part of the rejection of the cross.

    From the conclusion of that article:

    The root problem is a fundamental fear of death. Disease is simply a stage on the road to that death introduced by original sin. So man must come to terms with his own death. All the chemical compounds of all the plants of the world will never provide a cure for original sin, and therefore, disease will always be present. The sooner modern man grasps this reality, including the men and woman of science and medicine, the sooner man will truly be healthy in body and soul.

    This can only come with a return to that concrete reality that tells us that God exists, He made us, and because of Original Sin and our sin, we must suffer and eventually die. The reality is that the only "cure" from this suffering and death is the embrace of the Cross, and the Savior who hung there and died for us. This reality must be proclaimed by all who would seek to heal his fellow man and himself. The cure is the Good News, and the sooner modern man takes His medicine, the sooner our world will be truly Healed.​
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