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    Here is a question for the Black Lives Matter crowd -- what is white - how do you define White?

    I think of myself as pink and I am being serious -- I only have to look the sun to go pink (I have had several surgeries on my face to get rid of cancerous cells due to sunburn down through the years). I am sure I would even get moon-burn if I lay out in a full moon. So I am 'coming out' as a Pinkie.

    So what is white and who is white?

    18.5% of the world is Chinese and they are not white or black.
    4.4 billion people live in Asia mostly non-white.
    1.2 billion people live in the African continent mostly black
    423 million live in Arab countries. Arabs are not white.
    Mediterranean people are not white they are olive (jealous!)

    So Black Lives Matter -- you are the most racist group on the planet -- because you are obsessed by colour.
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    'My young Niggers they gonna Murder'

    'There ain't no God'

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    Book that you ABSOLUTELY have to read: Adjustment Day, by Chuck Palahniuk. He's the guy who wrote "Fight Club", but it's not a sequel to that book, so don't worry. Adjustment Day is a book that takes Identity Politics to it's logical conclusion. On Adjustment Day, all the Social Justice Warriors and "intellectual elite" who have been tearing down American society are killed or enslaved, and the country breaks into 13 separate nations based on your identity: There's Gaylandia, based in what was California, Blacktopia is in the southeastern part of the US, and so on.

    There are problems with this model as soon as the dust settles. What happens if you're black and gay? Well, you're forced to move to Gaylandia. What happens if you and your spouse are interracial? You have to split up, with the white partner going to the White homeland, and the black partner going to Blacktopia, never to see each other again; UNLESS... you find another couple in a similar situation. Then you arrange for all four of you to move to Gaylandia, where you pretend to be gay and live for those few moments when you can hook up with your spouse in some locked room somewhere.

    Terrifying and amusing at the same time.
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    Brilliant. Balkanization on steroids.
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