It is Extremly Safe to Attend Mass

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    It is extremely safe to attend Mass indoors, medical expert says
    When precautions are followed, there have been no clusters of cases reported that have been linked to church attendance

    March 10th, 2021


    Dr. Timothy Flanigan is an infectious disease doctor. (image from YouTube)

    With parishes across California resuming their liturgical lives, Massgoers should be reassured about the level of risk going to church entails.

    “It is extremely safe to attend Mass indoors following common sense precautions as recommended by the CDC,” Dr. Timothy Flanigan said.

    Flanigan, professor of medicine and of health services, policy and practice at Brown University, member of the university’s Division of Infectious Diseases and a Catholic deacon, helped author guidelines published by the Thomistic Institute on safely celebrating Mass during the pandemic.

    Following the ‘3 W’s’: “Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance from others,” is key for public safety, as well as heeding CDC recommendations for worship spaces that include good ventilation, staying home when sick and having capacity limits.

    With hundreds of thousands of Masses being celebrated since parts of the country began reopening, “There have been no clusters of cases reported that have been linked to church attendance where these commonsense precautions have been followed,” he said.

    A series of cases from Seattle, where unknowingly infected individuals who later reported testing positive attended Masses and other services that were following COVID safety practices, show the effectiveness of following the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines. In each case, no outbreak of the disease was associated with the individual’s attendance.

    Flanigan also said there was no data indicating the length of Mass by itself as a significant risk factor for COVID transmission.

    “People should worship the way it’s best to worship. When individuals follow the 3 W’s, we have not seen any outbreaks related to longer services,” he said.

    On Feb. 5, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down California’s ban on indoor worship. In a Feb. 8 letter to priests, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone welcomed the decision, but stressed the importance of celebrating Mass safely and noted the ruling “does not change the science.” Holding Mass outdoors adds “an additional safety precaution for those gathered,” he said, and indoor liturgies must strictly follow the archdiocese’s safety protocols.

    “The four principal practices remain in place: social distancing, masks, sanitation, and ventilation,” he said.

    The archbishop reminded priests his dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation remains in place and said parishioners who are sick should not attend Mass, while those who are elderly or at high risk from COVID may “in good conscience” remain home.

    Full story at Catholic San Francisco.
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    I managed to get to Confession last night. A friend told me that our Priest was having Wednesday evening confession for Lent. Since she knew I have been wanting to go, she offered me a ride over there. I gladly took her up on it. I expected a lot of people, but he was alone. So, it didn't take me long to confess and do my penance. I did notice that on the end of each pew was either a green cross or and red stop sign shaped thing. I had heard that they were doing the social distancing thing, but I'm still not comfortable on going there right now. Maybe if our numbers keep going down I will. Of course, I'd have to arrange a ride. I could walk it, but I refuse to walk out that far at night. And I prefer going to the Saturday evening Mass. Maybe some day I'll get there.
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    I have been attending both Sunday and daily Mass from the start and try to get to adoration daily. As I have RA and a large mass of scar tissue in my lung with a history of both fungal and bacterial pneumonia, I was very scared at first but I found out years ago I don't do well at all without the Eucharist. I keep a relic of St Michael with me and pray for protection each day and have been kept safe. I also had a word from Jesus about it in prayer. I truly believe the Lord will protect and bless those who seek Him out in the Sacraments. It really calls for us to place our complete trust in Him in this matter, and He is faithful. I hope more can get back soon!
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