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    Yes Padraig I have thought for a long time. Here in the USA when the patriot act was Being voted in I found myself in strange company in my opposition to it (leftists) but how quickly we allowed some of our basic freedoms to be taken away. However once you unleash the tiger how do you get him back in the cage. Do these elitists think jihadis will pause before chopping their heads off because "wait!! I preached against Islam o phobia!! I supported diversity" etc. I don't think so folks . The lion won't eat you Last.
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    I once flew over to visit a relative who was an Irish priest living in London, or Twickenham to be exact. This was around 1992 or so. I was pretty fresh out of high school and hadn't a clue about anything political. I didn't even know where I was going, only that my cousin would meet me at the airport.

    I had just finished basic training in the army and decided to wear my combat boots over since they took up a lot of space in the suitcase. So here I was a young single male with an Irish first, middle and last name as Irish as St. Patrick himself flying in from Boston with short military cropped hair and combat boots. Traveling alone with no idea where I was going, only that I was supposed to meet someone at the airport. I spent more than a little while secluded in an interrogation room full of policemen with machine guns under suspicion of some kind of IRA ties. They were not amused. :sneaky:
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    You have made me smile Praetorian. I can just picture it. They probably thought you had IRA tattooed on your arm. How long ago that terrible time seems. I was able to visit Belfast a few years ago on a trip to the British Isles and they are rightly proud of the peace they have achieved. I don't think we will see that with jihadis. I think the BVM will have to negotiate that peace.
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    Made me smile too. Our elderly uncle lived alone in central London and we would visit a few times per year to check up on him. We got used to being followed around the shops once they heard our Irish accents. I remember reading about Irish people in England being detained and held for questioning for days on end. I think they brought in some kind of special legislation giving police the power to do that. Strange that the same law doesn't apply or isn't being used to combat Islamic extremism.

    One of the terrorists in the latest attack in London had some kind of Irish identity card and the British news are saying he lived in Dublin for about two years and that his wife is Scottish. There's some kind of loophole under EU law that Europeans with non-EU spouses use to circumvent strict national immigration laws. If the foreign marriage is considered suspect or if the country's immigration laws take a very long time for the spouse to gain a residency permit, the EU national sets up home in another European country and under EU law the non-EU spouse has automatic right of residency. I'm not sure of how it works but it's some kind of back door into Europe and I thought at first that must be the reason he had an Irish ID card but someone here told me that they were married in Ireland which suggests that wasn't the reason he was here. They didn't say what kind of ID card he had but the only other photo ID that springs to mind is a social welfare card. I got a social welfare photo ID card when I qualified for the State pension, and I think that something similar is issued to asylum seekers.

    Anyway, the Brits are pondering whether the terrorist networks are using Ireland as a back door into Britain. The authorities there can detain people returning from places like Syria or Iraq. The suspicion now is that the terrorists could be using the common travel agreement between the UK and Ireland to avoid detection. Although Muslims are a small (but growing rapidly) percentage of Ireland's population in comparison with other European countries, we and Finland have the highest proportion of our Muslim populations fighting with Islamic groups in the Middle East.
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    I'm glad I could make you two smile ;)
    I didn't think it was very funny at the time, but now I can look on it years later and chuckle.
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    I'm listening to FOX Business this morn with the guy who interrogated the 9/11 Sheik. He asked the Sheik about this Religion of Peace mantra and the reply was: We are The Religion of Peace. Once all infidel people submit to Islam or are enslaved/exterminated there will be peace.
    After three London attacks, the usual suspects are still chanting Religion of Peace, Lone "Wolves" and just a radical "small" minority! Evil Madness On-Parade!

    "Alt-Islam and the Myth of the Religion of Peace"

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  7. Video: Islamic State Destroys Statues, Burns Down Cathedral in Philippines

    Islamic State jihadis fighting to establish a caliphate in Marawi, the Philippines’ only “Islamic city,” released a video this week showing the complete destruction of the city’s St. Mary’s Cathedral.
    Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists affiliated with the local jihadi outfits, Maute group and Abu Sayyaf, overran the city in May, taking Christians hostage, killing anyone who could not recite Quranic verses, and flying the Islamic State flag over the city’s mosques. President Rodrigo Duterte imposed a 60-day martial law period over the entire island of Mindanao, where Marawi is located, and has launched an airstrike offensive against the terrorists.

    Philippine authorities believe that many of those fighting in Marawi are not indigenous jihadis but foreigners who have traveled to the Philippines to help establish an ISIS caliphate there. ISIS’s Amaq News Agency has helped bolster this belief by releasing two propaganda videos from Marawi. The latest, released this week, shows ISIS jihadis within St. Mary’s Cathedral.

    Shot in a style similar to videos that showed the destruction of the Mosul Museum in Iraq, the terrorists tore down all the statues within the Roman Catholic church, breaking them apart with hammers and stomping on them. They took down the large cross that adorns the church, as well as trampling the baby Jesus and tearing apart a photo of Pope Benedict XVI. The terrorists then set the building on fire:
  8. The Warning will zero in on a lot of this free wheeling diabolical "disorientation" use of willing minions of satan.
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    My husband have a saying when things are scary or hard: someday we are going to laugh about this. ;):whistle::X3:
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    Voris is essentially correct here and giving us the very NOT Politically Correct Spin. It's still a bit of a mystery to me why the Democrat Party USA dumped their former favored "Victim Group" Jews and embraced the Muslims as their latest cherished "Victim Group". I know!! ME Oil $$$$ and undocumented voters ... but it must be more than that? I'm thinking Satanic Influence. After all!! The entire Democrat Party Platform/Agenda is nothing but a Devil's Delight. EU Left is little different I'm guessing and as Delours pointed out, all aided and abetted by spineless RINOs/"Conservatives". We were warned long ago it would be so... it might not be THAT End Times but it sure looks like, at least, a dress rehearsal!

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    Ya need more proof that The Left is "Stuck on Islam"!??
    Too bad Vought didn't reply thusly: "I'm in no position to consider anyone condemned but ... If I had to guess ... I'd say godless Socialists would be in "Front Place" for condemnation." That would have given ol' Bernie and all his wipers a stroke :) @*^$#@^ I know! I KNOW!! Not very Christian of me! :ROFLMAO:

    "Watch Bernie Sanders Attack a Christian Nominee and Impose an Unconstitutional Religious Test for Public Office"

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    Speaking of Islam and Middle East events! I see that Pope Francis' meeting with President Erdogan is getting the anti-Catholic Protestants/Jews, as usual, all worked up over his Jerusalem comments! See below:

    Now!! I don't believe in Replacement Theology. I believe that the Jews are God's Chosen People. I believe that The Father placed Jesus/His Mission in Israel/Jerusalem two thousand years ago for a reason. I believe, as Scripture says, that Israel will be the focal point for Global End of Era unpleasantness and Triumph of God's Plan. I also, still, believe that Pope Francis is part of that Plan.
    I'm betting that we are seeing it unfold ... NOW! ...... BUCKLE-UP!!

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