Is this the end of Holy Mass.

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    A Long History of Covering Up Sex Allegations
    Most disturbing of all is that Cupich has a long history of being embroiled in sexual abuse scandals. While he was bishop of Spokane in 2010 through 2015, Cupich was informed that seven priests credibly accused of sexual abuse were being placed, unsupervised, at Gonzaga University.

    It was later revealed that Cupich did not tell the Spokane bishop, Thomas Daly, about the abusers. When the story broke in 2018, it led to the abrupt resignations of two top Gonzaga administrators four days later—yet Cupich continues to be archbishop of Chicago.

    In 2016, Cupich presented disgraced rapist Cardinal Theodore McCarrick with the “Spirit of Francis” award. Just a few years later, McCarrick was found guilty of abuse of power and sexual crimes against adults and minors. He was dismissed from the clergy in February 2019.

    In a 2018 interview with NBC News regarding the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, Cupich defended Pope Francis against those who accused him of protecting perpetrators. “The pope has a bigger agenda,” Cupich said of the sexual abuse scandal, “He’s got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

    Cupich’s statement disregarding abuse in the church is insensitive. Moreover, it’s deeply troubling. From 2008 to 2011, Cupich was the chair of the Bishops’ Committee on the Protection for Children and Young People, whose purpose is to address abuse in the church. Cupich clearly was never committed to the task.

    All this is only the tip of the iceberg. In 2018, the Illinois attorney general announced that Cupich and other Illinois bishops withheld the names of least 500 priests accused of sexual abuse. The Church Militant news site reported in early March 2019 that Cupich waited nearly a month before removing a seminary rector found in possession of male child porn. Cupich also failed to immediately report the priest to law enforcement, which gave the priest time to get rid of the primary evidence of his crime.

    In 2018, Complicit Clergy created an online petition for Cupich to resign. The petition includes an ongoing list of Cupich’s scandals.

    Putting the City of Man Above the City of God
    Cupich seems more interested in woke virtue signaling, closing churches, and covering for child rapists than he is in spreading the gospel and administering the Eucharist in a crime-ridden, murderous city that desperately needs the church. To the young Catholics at UChicago and to the rest of the Chicago Archdiocese, Cupich is sending a message: political posturing is more important than Holy Mass and the sacraments. According to his edicts, church is decidedly non-essential.

    Thanks to Cupich’s overt corruption, Chicago’s priests are keenly aware of the type of man Cupich is. Rather than tacitly watch as Cupich fails his flock, we need hero priests who are willing to defend the faith from the malice of its enemies—who prowl on the inside of the church walls just as much as they do on the outside.

    For centuries, Christians have died for their faith. Even today, Christians remain the world’s most persecuted religion. Christians are killed and churches are destroyed every single day in places like North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, and India.

    Yet, in Chicago, Cupich is denying young, spiritually hungry Catholics the bread of life, the Eucharist, and the Catholic fellowship they so desperately need. While students are far from home, missing their families, and experiencing unprecedented isolation and loneliness during a pandemic that is less deadly for them than the seasonal flu, Cupich turns his back and locks the church doors.

    This story was originally published in the Chicago Thinker.

    Evita Duffy is an intern at The Federalist and a junior at the University of Chicago, where she studies American History. She loves the Midwest, lumberjack sports, writing, & her family. Follow her on Twitter at @evitaduffy_1
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    Ireland and Israel seem to be the great testing ground of the "New Reset." Ireland might actually arrest the penitents for going to confession in addition to shutting down Holy Masses. You can't get any worse apart from instituting martyrdom! Insane. And in Israel everyone has to wear an electronic wrist band as a reward for being vaccinated which will allow you freedom of movement and the ability to buy. Double insanity!

    This will be extended to other countries who witness the lack of blow-back! A year ago, who would have thunk!:eek::eek::eek::cry::cry::cry:

    When O Lord, when O Lord will you come? Have Mercy!
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    I don't know where this will lead, but it certainly should give hope to Priests who are caught between a rock and a hard place when their Bishops order them to withhold the Sacraments from the people; and the Priests themselves feel it is their duty before God to administer to their flock.


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