Is this the biggest threat to our future?

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    The declining birthdates has been an issue for sometime but this now appears to be escalating both in terms of actual birth rates, but also breadth to even developing nations. I also note that article asserts it’s not just related to increase use of abortion and birth control but a mindset that people don’t want to have children. In fact, many don’t want to even consider marriage. In short, it appears our society has much more of a unwillingness to sacrifice and yes in a sense be willing to “suffer” by becoming a parent. It means being willing to die in a way to self.

    Bottom line, is it will lead to incredible economic challenges and other issues.

    It feels like we are headed to a big inflection point that will only be resolved via a divine intervention.
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    People aren't having kids because they cannot afford to.
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    Remember folks the lies they propagate

    The world is overpopulated - no it's not - population collapse in the west due to contraception and abortion. Europe has contracepted itself into oblivion.

    A demographic collapse is the real crisis.
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