Is this a correct view of human society?

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    I've been thinking about this for a long time, I think in human society, in the order of how human beings function socially; there is a hierarchy that goes like this:

    1st. Cultus (Religion)
    2nd. Culture
    3rd. Politics
    4th. Economics

    This is a very simplified hierarchy, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other things that go into a full hierarchy of the human social order, but is this a correct view of the hierarchical aspects of human society? If so, would it then be correct then to say that Marxism, is an inversion of this hierarchy? Because Marxism, due to it being an atheistic and materialistic philosophy, puts economics as no. 1; and the one thing around which everything revolves.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    From my understanding Marxism is another name for Communism.

    When I was in my early twenties, I worked with a really lovely woman who told me she was a Communist. It was all new to me then. She knew I was an Irish Catholic, and she told me Jesus was the first Communist. News to me at the time.

    I went to see my parish Priest and asked him why nobody told me Jesus was the first Communist. He told me that is a load of nonsense. The difference between Catholicism and Communism is. In Catholicism, God is in the first place and His Laws and Precepts are our guiding force. Whereas in Communism the government is in the first place and their laws and precepts have to be our guiding force. Force being the operative word. Because if we fail to obey God, we can go and confess our failures and receive forgiveness and make amends. With Communism there is no mercy, no pardon, no forgiveness.

    Communism/Marxism has placed itself in Gods place, for it denies there is a God. This is what my parish Priest told me back in the 1960's.

    So God comes first if you are a Christian; or Politics if you are a Marxist, and you want to survive.
    I think culture/tradition is respected under God, but economics would be next under Marxism
    I think economics would be respected in due order under God, but culture would be tolerated if it did not get in the way of Marxism.
    I think politics for the benefit of society would be respected under God, but religion would be insanity under Marxism.

    Just Julias' take on things.
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    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I was busy with several things this past week.

    It's true that in a Socialist or Communist regimes, the government dominates everything. But when you look at the Marxist worldview itself, and how a Marxist leader who is a true believer sees things, you'll see how in practice, Mammon really is the one they serve. I learned this by listening to a history podcast on which, the host explained the Marxist view of human history. Marxism holds to a pre-darwinian view of evolution in which human beings evolved, not by having big brains, but by developing the use of tools and then developing an economic system which in turn enabled human beings to have complex thoughts.

    In the Marxist view of the progress of world history, economics drives everything, all the ages of history are defined by their economic systems, and all cultural expressions stem from economics. (usually in the form of propaganda from the rich) In the age of antiquity, the economic model was slavery, all the empires of antiquity were built on the backs of slave labour, territorial expansion and conquest were driven by the need for slaves to fuel the empires. The Marxist view of progress states that changes in the system will happen either by revolution or collapse, for the Marxists, the Middle Ages were an example of collapse, the slaves failed to rise up in revolt, and the Roman Empire ended up pushing itself too far in it's quest for more slaves; thus in the Middle Ages, people started huddling around local leaders for protection and stability and thus the system of feudalism came into being. Feudalism was replaced by Mercantilism with the development of colonial empires, Mercantilism was replaced by Capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, and now Marxist are waiting for Socialism to replace Capitalism, which is really just a transition period between Capitalism and the Communist Utopia.

    Sorry I had to make a long discourse like this, but hopefully you're getting the picture across. This by the way, is one of the reasons why conservatives were doing so poorly against the Left up until recently. Not only is arguing against Socialism on economic grounds just not very attractive, but it's also playing on the Marxists' own terms by re-affirming their worldview that economics is everything.
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    I wonder sometimes with a political or economic theory is to ask if the author was a happy and good human being himself?

    For if he or she was not happy and fulfilled how can they lead others to that blessed place?

    Was Karl Marx happy and fulfilled?
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