Is the Warning Imminent?

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Is the Warning Imminent?

  1. Yes it is.

  2. No ,it is still a way off.

  3. I have not got a clue.

  1. Shae

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    LOL, thank you Dean:)
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  2. HeavenlyHosts

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    Happy Anniversary, Shae!
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  3. Mary's child

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    Happy 29th anniversary Shae! Praying for many more blessings for you and your husband. (y)
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  4. Muzhik

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    I know! Especially when you see how close the Red Sox came to clinching the playoffs last year! :eek: :D
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  5. Muzhik

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    Happy Anniversary, Shae! FWIW, today (March 18) is also the Anniversary of Exodus and the beginning of the Hebrew calendar.
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  6. Shae

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    Thank you everyone for all the warm wishes!:)
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  7. Dean

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    OK... March 18th was a miss, next up March 25th... Who has good Friday?
  8. Muzhik

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    Boy, we're missing dates right and left!
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  9. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    When everything starts happening, then you will be able to understand why the 18th of March.
    Not in 18th March but later all people will understand that Our Lady told to Mirjana in March 18th 2018...

    If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed. (7)
    Our Lady told us this is written, Daniel 9 24-25 and Mathew 21 42-44.

    In January 4th 1944 was this message revealed. Seven week are for rebuilt of the Temple: Jesus dictaded The Poem of Man God seven years, from January 1944 to November 1952.
    After 62 weeks, in October 2014, the Vatican was destroyed during the Synod, and 1260 days lasted the preparation until the March 18th 2018
  10. Conchita is just a person, it is not a milestone in history and the date of the warning can be altered by the mercy of God. I am sure there were two extensions of the time of mercy, one in 1995 and the other in 2015, and not only a visionary did say that.

    For example, the dates of Fr Gobbi who failed, not because he was a false messenger, but because there was the extension of the time of mercy.

    The warning will be preceded by events worst than we imagine on a world-wide level and in some places Mass will no longer be celebrated publicly (the seers of Garabandal who said that).

    Let's see what the world looks like in 2035.

    the death of Conchita will be a great shock to those who do not understand how a private revelation works, they will think that Garabandal was totally false only because the events did not occur in the dates that were given to her. But she can still alive around 2035...
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  11. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    Maybe the reelection of Putin was the significant event that occurred on March 18, 2018, of course, no one expected for anyone other than him to win but still he continues to be a big influence on world events.
  12. Byron

    Byron Powers

    I don't think the Warning or Miracle dates can be altered. Conchita knows the date of the Miracle. She once answered that she doesn't know if she will be able to make it to Spain for the Miracle. That's a clue. Maybe she will be too old to travel to Spain. Or maybe the world will be in such turmoil few will be able to travel to Spain. I can see Fr Gobbi's timetable on the triumph being altered. He didn't know the date of the Miracle. God bless.
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  13. God himself can or can not alter the date of the Warning? He can forgive the world and change the timetable? I know the answer, it is just to meditation.

    Conchita could die like Joey Lomangino and nothing had happened.
  14. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    NO if she dies before it happens we will know it was not from God. Sure God can change things, but he also sees all points in time as of now, so he knows what we will choose. So he would have given the correct info up front
  15. Basic principle on Private Revelation: is never fixed and definitive, even if some date is given. If someone does not understand it, it's not possible to talk.

    If God sees everything why some events can be mitigated or postponed by prayer? Is He playing with us? People wants to create a casuistic rule to fit a personal desire on the Warning or about Conchita.
  16. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    Are you seriously suggesting that God cannot or does not see everything? Seriously?
  17. Kwaters

    Kwaters New Member

    Thought you all will find this interesting. From Desmond Birch's Facebook page today...

    I'm now going to address an issue I've not spoken of very much here on my FB page. WHY am I doing this now?
    Of late, numerous people [even some FB friends here] have asked me if I would do a recap about Catholic Church-approved prophecies from Canonized Saints, Blessed & Venerable about a possible Chastisement - requests occasioned by the rather obvious accelerating evil of our times.
    Subsequently, I've decided I will do an update of my book 'Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Before, During and After Antichrist' (often simply referenced as TTT). But that is going to take some serious time. Several new books had to go on hold when I began serious tutoring/teaching again in 2014 - when I was already 73 years old.
    But for now, I'm going to do an abbreviated update for TTT here on FB.
    What has occasioned this decision is the accelerating developments in 3 areas?;
    A. Political unrest in both France and Italy, and
    B. Russia's increasingly aggressive posture in regard to the rest of Europe.
    C. Ensuing clear statements from both Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to the effect that the whole world HAS NOT YET RECEIVED THAT INITIAL EVANGELIZATION WHICH JESUS SAID MUST PRECEDE THE VERY END TIME EVENTS [e.g., the Advent of the great Antichrist, his Tribulation, and the Final Judgment].
    Both developments A&B above appear strikingly similiar to prophecies contained in TTT;
    1) Church-approved prophecies of an eventual Civil War breaking out in France and Italy at virtually the same time, &
    2) A future Russian invasion of Europe [which in my opinion was probably initiated when Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine a few years ago].
    Many, many, people have asked me over the last 10 years to redo/update the prophetic and eschatological portions of TTT.
    The immediate cause of such requests has always been in regard to the a combination of the decreasing stability of the geopolitical situation, and, the stark quantum increase in Moral Decline in this world - particularly in the West - over the last 20 plus years, [TTT first came out in Oct. of 1996].
    Those of you who have known me for the last twenty years or so are aware that I have not spoken all that much about these prophetic elements - except for the TV series on EWTN and a number of other media interviews and programs.
    Well, it appears that - to use an old American Expression - 'The fats in the fire' in regard to the above matters - resulting in the almost exponential recent increase in the number of requests for an update.
    So If I'm to get it done before it becomes history - it appears I must start now. I will be trying to finish the short FB version of it over the Christmas break - before school restarts up at the seminary in January.
    All my love in Christ
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  18. Kwaters

    Kwaters New Member

    Dear all, pursuant to a request I received a while ago - that I delve into a series of specific prophetic elements and events, this is my response.
    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.
    Please allow me to observe that there are a number of prominent issues I can and have spoken of in the past. And there are also a number of others I still cannot speak on - in a number of cases due to the source and confidentiality of certain information I've received from, or while actually in Rome - from absolutely solid sources.
    EXAMPLES: I referred to some of these in TTT, e.g., the alleged prophecy of St. Malachy about a supposed final list of Popes till the end of time. I simply observed in TTT that the best informed sources consider that alleged prophecy not to be authentic - as for one of the reasons, its only source is a manuscript 'discovered' centuries later in the Vatican. I left it at that and will continue to do so. For another, none of his intimate contemporaries, friends and colleagues, who spoke of all his other works we possess down to this time, they are completely silent about any such prophecy - while they speak of a number of others.
    The alleged prophecy of Padre Pio about 3 days of darkness - I simply stated that I had an absolutely solid letter of denial from his order. Other Saints have prophecied such. But Padre Pio did not.
    I purposefully did not go into the alleged La Salette prophecy about Rome losing the Faith and other such - for very weighty and considered reasons. I would not have otherwise apparently ignored La Salette in TTT. I will simply state that I saw unquestionable material leading to my solid conclusion that the female who made those supposed revelations - many years after the ctual approved apparitions at La Salette - that alleged new prophecy some period of time after the original manifestations there --- are validly quite questionable.
    I can't and don't argue or debate such things for reasons explained above - and others I don't go into.
    The Fourth Secret I well may go into - I don't know yet.
    Additionally, there are quite a number of alleged more or less contemporary prophets and their prophecies whom and which I've personally investigated - sometimes in synch with a formal Ecclesial investigation - sometimes on my own. But one of my rules about such, as I've stated before is: Once a formal ecclesial investigation of any claimant to any of the Extraordinary Charisms has been begun by the Church - I do not speak publicly about it. That is because through hard experience I've learned that many people assume that when I expressed an opinion on an alleged seer - that I possessed inside information FROM THE CHURCH - when in fact I did not. Ergo, in such cases, once an investigation has begun - I say nothing strong one way or another publicly about the subject of the investigation.
    While I might attempt an interpretation of the vision of Pope Leo XIII - frankly - mine would be no more meritorious than many others I've seen. As to guessing at what point in time the 100 years allegedly began after the actual vision - I might as well pray for Leo to appear to me and tell me - because that, in my view - is the only way I might really know. :)
    As for TTT being my Magnum Opus, if I ever get time to finish the other two books, kindly as that opinion is - no one will continue to be of that opinion. The one on the reality, theology of, and history, of the spirituality of proclaiming the Kerygma - with the continuing evangelization - will greatly theologically outshine TTT.
    All my love in Christ
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  19. SteveD

    SteveD Archangels

    There has been reference to Our Lady repeatedly saying that the Medjugorje secrets are contained in the Scriptures and, inevitably, this has led people to look to the Apocalypse but I think that She may be pointing elsewhere and specifically to Exodus. Within days of my first pilgrimage there, I saw something supernatural (shared only by one other person that I could trace) that linked the time of the Medj. apparitions to the wandering of the Jews for 40 years before they reached the promised land. Various other events and statements I heard strengthened this link in my mind. The reference on these pages and elsewhere to the expected 'sign' at various sites of Marian apparitions taking the form of a pillar of fire (see Exodus) is another 'link' to the wandering of the chosen people. So, I am reaching the conclusion that the sign might well be given to us forty years after the beginning of the apparitions which would be 2021.
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  20. Light

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    Your reference to 2021 is memorable to me, since earlier (this year) I saw 2021-2024 (in red) on the host at adoration. I thought the date of the Miracle of Garabandal might be withing this time slot.

    God Bless
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