Is the Warning Imminent?

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Is the Warning Imminent?

  1. Yes it is.

  2. No ,it is still a way off.

  3. I have not got a clue.

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    St Faustina


    Jesus said " Write down these words, My daughter. Speak to the world about My Mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable Mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it , will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My Mercy; let them profit from the Blood and water which gushed forth for them........ before I come as the just one, I first open wide the gates of My Mercy. He who does not pass through the gates of My Mercy must pass through the gates of justice.

    Before I come as the just judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort:

    All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be a great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Saviour were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day."

    On a later occasion Our Lady appeared to St Faustina and said the following words: "I gave the Saviour to the world. As for you, you have to speak to the world about His great mercy and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful saviour, but as a just Judge. O how terrible is that day! Determined is the day of justice, the day of divine wrath. The angels tremble before it. Speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still time for mercy. If you keep silent now, you will be answering for a great number of souls on that terrible day."
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    The Day of the Lord refers to the Second (final Coming) of Jesus at the end of the World. It does not refer to some "warning"
    Please read this homily of St John Paul II for clarity in this matter.
    As Pope Francis said recently, we are in the period of mercy now. Jesus is coming as King of mercy now and has been for decades already. The day of Justice mentioned is the end of the world.
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    I have complete faith in the works and spirituality of St Faustina, mainly because of the wonderful gift of peace I was granted for a few days when I first said the divine mercy chaplet just after I made a full sincere confession. I have pretty much no doubt the sign she writes about is also the warning. It was also just before I signed up to this great forum and I felt our lady was leading my by the hand for some time then.
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    I didn't know this. Do you know where this information was made public?
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    Stephen, while many of us of course respect your work and understand your point of view, we have been over this territory already extensively during your discussions with Mark Mallett and others including myself (which can be read elsewhere on this forum), and it should be clear that there are many here including the moderator and staff members who remain absolutely convinced of the reality of the Warning/Illumination of Conscience or whatever other term you wish to use.

    I would like to add that since this was all discussed last year, much additional material has come on the subject of the Warning/Era of Peace, not least the personal testimony of Polish priest Adam Skwarczynski (extensively related both on video and in the Polish book 'Z Aniolem do Nowego Swiata'), two published volumes of alleged locutions received by Latino-Canadian visionary Sulema, ongoing messages to Latin American seers Luz de Maria Bonilla, Darly Chagas and Pedro Regis, as well as purported prophecies received by the Protestants Julie Whedbee and Bonnie (Australia) which cannot be considered derivative of Garabandal and other Catholic sources.

    Nobody is obliged to regard this evidence as conclusive, naturally, and some of it may eventually prove purely human in origin, but having looked at all of this, the sheer quantity of testimony is impressive and the internal coherence between these sources is very strong. They therefore need to be evaluated against the counter-arguments which you have presented. It is the sense of many here that the notion of an illumination of conscience (which several mystics claim to have experienced in anticipatory fashion) is not at all incompatible with the urgency of preparing for our Lord's return which you so rightly stress, and that to assert their mutual exclusion is not the result of strict logical deduction but a personal interpretation of the texts of the Magisterium.

    Whatever position is taken on the Warning, what is indisputable is this: every one of us is just a heartbeat away from having our conscience 'illuminated' in a personal encounter with the Lord at the time of death, when we will indeed see the state of our soul as God sees it. In the light of this prospect, spiritual preparation is in order for us all!
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    My clear point is not whether a warning takes place; that is an open question and always has been for me. No, the real point is relating specific terms which are defined by the Magisterium to purely speculative events. The day of the Lord in eschatological terms refers only to the second coming of Jesus at the end of the world. To suggest otherwise is to risk leading people into error. Who do we follow in these matters, self proclaimed prophets or faithful respected theologians and popes? You wonder why the vast majority of catholics are so sceptical about mystical things? That list you came up with, not one is Church approved. The balance is all wrong. Just look at the Garabandal situation now, or the Fr Gobbi 10 years, or MDM, all those who said everything would happen before 2000. I read in late 1999 that Maria Simma said the warning would take place in 2000, of course it didnt. Even St Faustina's revelations have been twisted in a ridiculous manner. There is no mention of a warning in there, no 3 days of darkness mentioned . Even Fr Jospeh Ianuzzi had the audacity to say in his book on the Antichrist that those who had been authorised to speak of her revelations (of course we dont know who they are!) have stated that when Jesus speaks to her of an "imminent return" or second coming, it doesnt mean the end of the world. The fact that imminent isnt used by Jesus but "final coming" in the diary is conveniently left out, as is the fact St Faustine herself said the world was soon to end. While Jesus himself in the diary makes absolutely no reference to a millenium to come. That is a classic example of altering the facts to suit an erroneous interpretation. Years back, in 2004 the polish priest who was confessor to the nuns of st Faustina's convent came to my parish. When I suggested to him that some people dont think Jesus was talking about his real final coming in the Diary, he looked exasperated and confirmed it was definately the end of the world he was referring to. The devil causes confusion and leads people in their pride to place crazy interpretations on end times events. Pope Benedict said in Light of the World that he does not expect any sudden turn around in history-he actually corrected the questioners understanding about the true triumph prophecy. He also never said the triumph would occur by or in 2017, he prayed that it would be hastened. He, in line with Pius XII and St John Paul II taught that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the coming of the Kingdom at the end of time. Anything else is pure fantasy. That certainly doesnt mean to say a warning will not take place, but as Benedict stated on several occasions the Church will suffer constantly until the end of the world. If we go chasing after every so called visionary and mystic, then something is wrong. Lets be guided by the Pope. As he said last year Our Lady is not a post master giving us messages every day.
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    These positions have been set out before and we have to agree to disagree on this, I think. This will therefore be my last comment on the matter. I just want to make three points before signing off:

    i) I absolutely do not advocate 'running after visionaries' out of curiosity, as that would be a fundamental misunderstanding of the function of prophecy. Nobody I hope is trying to elevate it above the official teaching of the Church nor placing it on the same level as Scripture. One area where latter-day prophecy can play a rôle, however, when discerned seriously through prayer (and fasting) is in helping to decide between competing eschatologies and with regard to disputed questions more generally within Biblical exegesis and systematic theology.

    ii) The fact that locutions allegedly received by those still alive are unapproved is neither here nor there with regard to their veracity. All prophecy is by definition unapproved when first received, as on principle the Church does not approve messages given to visionaries while they are still alive (the nearest we currently have are Edson Glauber/Maria do Carmo of Itapiranga, but even in that case it is the apparitions of Itapiranga in their public phase (1994-1998) which were approved, not necessarily the messages). Therefore, because the events being prophesied are imminent and will or will not take place within these purported visionaries' lifetimes, it is history which will prove them true or false, as the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the prophecies will precede the pronouncement of the Church.

    iii) What essentially distinguishes Stephen's position is the belief that the Era of Peace/Triumph of the Immaculate Heart arrives at the end of time, whereas for those who take the opposite view it occurs within history, albeit a transformed history. Just looking at the homily of St John Paul II referenced above, it can be read either way. The main grounds for taking the second position are principally exegetical rather than being derived from post-Biblical prophecy: this can be argued not only with regard to Rev. 20 but also on the basis of Isaiah 65:17-25 ('Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth'...'The wolf and the lamb will feed together'...), but in which a world is prophesied which is new but in continuity with the old, in which time and death clearly still exist:

    'Never again will there be in it
    an infant who lives but a few days,
    or an old man who does not live out his years;
    he who dies at a hundred
    will be thought a mere youth;
    he who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.' (Is. 65:20)

    If one wants to call this 'the end of the world', that's fine with me as long as what is being meant by the expression is the end of the present age (I don't see it as the 'end of time', however, for the reasons given above: I persist in reading this as far more coherent with the 'thousand years' of Rev 20:1-6). What we - both, I hope! - want to avoid, however, is the kind of eschatology all too prevalent in some Protestant circles in which we wave planet earth goodbye and in which God's Kingdom does not ultimately come on earth. Whatever we may think of the 'Day of the Lord' (personally I think the concept is somewhat broader than just Christ's final coming, although it clearly includes it), it is clear from John Paul II's homily that humans play a part in the ushering in of the Kingdom here:

    In the final perspective of the world, the invitation to be ready, proclaimed in the Gospel acclamation, is all the more pressing. The Christian is called to live with a view to meeting Christ, constantly aware that every day he must contribute, by his own efforts, to gradually establishing the divine kingdom.
    In this way, the expectation of the “day of the Lord” prompts believers to work more energetically for the integral progress of humanity. At the same time, it inspires them to have an attitude of prudent watchfulness and healthy realism, as they live day after day in the hope of their definitive meeting with the Lord.
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    The warning is not imminent in my opinion. When there is no Russia in the scene and no dangers of persecution that's in an alarming magnitude, then it will not come. In my personal view , it will be between 2021-2024
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    I believe Mark Mallett is accurate in describing the Day Of The Lord as a long period of time encompassing the labour pains, warning, reigne of the antichrist, 3 days of darkness, day of rest period (super long) and final coming in glory. It's not one day and I don't believe it's at the very end of time only either.

    Mark strikes a great balance of following the bible, church tradition, popes, approved mystics while still fully open to the holy spirit working today through himself and others. He may reference current vistionaries or locutions unapproved but only as a small possible part of the big picture. To me this is important as this is more how I learn and understand.

    I don't want to argue or cause division since most here seem to know more than me but I think it would be hard to argue that the warning isn't part of the start of the Day Of The Lord.

    Mark Mallett writes....These judgments, then, are really one—it’s just that they occur at different times within the Day of the Lord. Thus, the Day of the Lord leads us to, and prepares us for, the “final coming” of Jesus. How? The purification of the world, the Passion of the Church, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that are coming will prepare a “spotless” Bride for Jesus
    In summary, the Day of the Lord, according to the Church Fathers, looks something like this:
    Twilight (Vigil)
    The growing period of darkness and apostasy when the light of truth goes out in the world.
    The darkest part of the night when twilight is embodied in the Antichrist, who is also an instrument to purify the world: the judgment, in part, of the living.
    The brightness of the dawn2 scatters the darkness, putting an end to the infernal darkness of Antichrist’s brief reign.
    The reign of justice and peace to the ends of the earth. It is the realization of the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”, and the fullness of the Eucharistic reign of Jesus throughout the world.
    The release of Satan from the abyss, and the last rebellion.
    Midnight… beginning of the Eternal Day

    Jesus returns in glory to end all wickedness, judge the dead, and establish the everlasting and eternal “eighth day” under a “new heavens and a new earth.”
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    Regarding the 'Day of the Lord', sadly, not everyone yet accepts Vassula's messages but here is a quote from them:

    "have I not declared in the Scriptures, My Fire? have I not declared it several times in this Ode? although your spirit in its sinfulness will shrivel with fear and with unbearable pain when recognising Me, at the same time I will be exuding My Fragrance and your soul, in My Presence, although terrified upon seeing itself naked and in decay from sin and transgression, from not following My Law of Love, will delight that I, her Creator and her God, is visiting her;

    "when this day comes upon you, the day I call the Day of the Lord, the scales covering your eyes will fall off and you will look at your real self; My Fire will reduce you to nothing in your dismay; but, do not gasp with fear, be of good cheer, for how else would you see yourself by My side? any remaining evil tendencies will be rendered inactive; this purification is to turn your soul not to venture here and there aimlessly, but to Me who am your sole divine Bridegroom;"

    I do not think that many of you have understood what the Day of the Lord means; when the voice of the bird is silenced and song notes are still, know that I will call in this silence all your hidden deeds, good or bad, to judgement; the Day of the Lord can be compared to a mini tribunal; a Purification by My Fire that will lead your soul into My Glory and into a perfect union with Me;

    when a soul is horribly defiled by sin, repugnant to Me and to My Angels, Saints and holy ones, My visit will put her into agonising pains and she will not escape My Day; how else am I to render your soul incorruptible and free from sin? how else am I to bring those souls to repentance? only when I strip them naked with My Fire and they see themselves in what state they are in, only then will they realise how they were the possession of Satan;

    in those whom My Divine Fire will be blazing, purifying them, by this immaterial Fire, I will consume them, awakening them and making them finally aware of how they are being transformed; transformed with pain but with joy as well, by the Love of My transforming Fire;

    anyone who in body and soul already possesses Me and I possess him, the Day of the Lord shall not come upon him nor will he experience it; why? because the Holy Spirit already had made His passage felt in them; they have had the Day of the Lord come upon them; you can call that Day as well, the Day of My Visitation; after that Day, repentance and obedience to My Law of Love will be the theme of those I will regenerate by My Fire; I will soften the souls that are like rock now and warm the hearts that are like ice, and at once My Presence will be felt in their resurrection;

    (True Life in God, September 13, 2002)

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    Your theological positions are over-confidently stated on subjects for which Popes themselves have stated such confidence is impossible either way, and the eschatology cannot be known for certain until it comes to pass.

    This passage of scripture (Hebrews Chapter 4) certainly can be interpreted to support a seventh "day" of rest (like an era of peace):

    The Rest That God Promised
    4 Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest remains, let us fear lest any of you be judged to have failed to reach it. 2 For good news came to us just as to them; but the message which they heard did not benefit them, because it did not meet with faith in the hearers. 3 For we who have believed enter that rest, as he has said,

    “As I swore in my wrath,
    They shall never enter my rest,’”

    although his works were finished from the foundation of the world. 4 For he has somewhere spoken of the seventh day in this way, “And God rested on the seventh day from all his works.” 5 And again in this place he said,

    They shall never enter my rest.”

    6 Since therefore it remains for some to enter it, and those who formerly received the good news failed to enter because of disobedience, 7 again he sets a certain day, “Today,” saying through David so long afterward, in the words already quoted,

    “Today, when you hear his voice,
    do not harden your hearts.”

    8 For if Joshua had given them rest, God would not speak later of another day. 9 So then, there remains a sabbath rest for the people of God; 10 for whoever enters God’s rest also ceases from his labors as God did from his.

    11 Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, that no one fall by the same sort of disobedience. 12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. 13 And before him no creature is hidden, but all are open and laid bare to the eyes of him with whom we have to do.
  14. stephen

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    Hebrews 4 does not speak of a temporal rest but an eternal one, as stated by Pope Benedict XVI"The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 258, rightly notes in this regard: "For man, bound as he is to the necessity of work, this rest opens to the prospect of a fuller freedom, that of the eternal Sabbath (cf. Heb 4:9-10)" Apostolic Exhortation, Sacramentum Caritatis. If God rested on the 7th day, it means he completed his work, thus when the seventh day comes in an eschatological sense it too will be eternal, and as salvation history moved from the Sabbath to Sunday, so too will the seventh day be at the same time the eight day without end, which is why St Augustine spoke in these terms at the end of his Confessions "the peace of quietness, the peace of the Sabbath, a peace with no evening". (And these words echoed Pope Benedict's plea to the Lord at Midnight Mass in 2010: "Lord, make your promise come fully true. Break the rods of the oppressors. Burn the tramping boots. Let the time of the garments rolled in blood come to an end. Fulfil the prophecy that “of peace there will be no end” (Is 9:7). Why is the Pope asking for peace with no end? Because he knows there will be no temporal era of peace!
    Please can I suggest people read St. John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Deis Domini here:
    In it he explains in great and clear detail the true meaning of sabbath and Sunday. I think if you read it with an open mind-and accepting the Pope's authority over everyone else to explain points of doctrine, you will see things in a new and true light.If you dont have time to read it all, no 75 is good and points out what I have been saying; the world will continue as it is now until the end with no period of salvation in between. As the great Saint points out, it is the full redemption we are walking towards now"the day without end which will know neither evening nor morning, the imperishable age which will never grow old" (Dies Domini no.26) .
    I have to confess, I never quite understand why many people here almost refuse point blank to think we are facing the final coming as Jesus told St Faustina. When the Church asks us to prepare for that day in its liturgy at Mass and during advent? Surely Christianity is about helping one another to reach the glory of the Resurrection and final liberation from evil, and when there is not one shred of evidence from the Gospels that Jesus spoke of a temporal kingdom to come, and the fact that the popes have always ruled it out and its not once mentioned in the CCC, what is the fixation with it? Did Jesus tell St Faustina his final coming was close, or did he say "my temporal coming in spirit somewhere in the clouds where i will be in an apparition but not physically present so I wont be acussed of being a millenarian coming?"
  15. I'm inclined to believe that since the Warning is to come when the entire world is in chaos and finding no answer through human leaders and in such need of God's Mercy (and the Warning is His Mercy) it is not far off. We now see how quickly Satan is having his way big time just about everywhere I would conjecture that things will be quite helpless as near as, say, 2016. The 100 year anniversary of Fatima where the promise of the fulfillment of our Mother's Immaculate Heart and a time of peace is 2017!

    I also find very interesting the strength and seriousness within the explicit messages given by Msgr Esseff's trusted "locutionist" for these very times and the most urgent crises occurring anew just about every day now, i.e. Syria, now Iraq, Obama, everything ties in together. There are many there but one could start with the most recent and at least go back to those re: a conclave to elect a new Pope even before there was any reason to expect the resignation of Pope Benedict...and those about the character of the next Pope, Francis, with the expectation of him standing with Israel when surrounded and losing hope and being that martyred Pope! Obviously even now he is going into the various lions' dens; heart of the Mafiosi today et al. To read them:

    Background on Msgr his eighties now; was a spiritual advisor to Mother Theresa and at her request traveled the world to give retreats to her sisters; had had Padre Pio for his own spiritual advisor in his early priesthood:

    I was introduced to them by a great man, up to date on the "present moment" of this world, with a particular apostolate authorized by the Center of Divine Mercy!
  16. Stephen, if you conclude that Fr. Iannuzzi has "audacity" when he writes and speaks of what he does re: 'interim" coming (via Eucharist age) or the period of living in the Divine Will in which time Satan will be chained (scriptural) then you have to include in that judgement the many early Church Fathers, the Popes who also spoke of such, the saints and the approved mystics of the Church! They are the only sources that Fr. Iannuzzi bases his monumental writings on Luisa Piccaretta/upcoming period of living in the Divine Will (promised period of peace/Era of Peace) which have the approval of the Vatican officials who officially authorized his most recent doctoral treatise on the subject. In fact he is the only theologian (in eschatology) permitted to interpret publicly the writings of Luisa Piccaretta on the Era of Living in the Divine Will....this very interim "Coming". And I must say as well that Mark Mallett also bases his own discernments on the same sources and has also used that Church approved authority, Fr. Iannuzzi, often.

    Although you state that you think there has been nothing stated by the Church/Popes, etc. about this period within our human existence, the evidence demonstrates that there definitely has been an entire history within the Church about just that.
  17. Jackie

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    [quote="stephen, post: 63435, member: 1427 The Day of The Lord refers to the Second (final Coming) of Jesus at the end of the World. It does not refer to some "warning"
    Please read this homily of St John Paul II for clarity in this matter.
    As Pope Francis said recently, we are in the period of mercy now. Jesus is coming as King of mercy now and has been for decades already. The day of Justice mentioned is the end of the world.[/quote]

    Straighten me out if I am wrong. There are terms in Scripture which have two or more meanings like the "woman" in Revelation. The "woman" can mean the Church or Israel but above those two meanings, #1, the "woman" in Revelation 12 is Our Lord's mother.
    The "day of The Lord" has two meanings, referring to the Final Judgment and the DOTL is about Our Lord's soon middle coming. The "day of The Lord" in private revelation speaks of the mystical event, our mini-judgment at the time of the Warning. And in Revelation, who will be a be to stand on that great "day?" Rev 6:17.
    Especially current prophecy, tells you about the Warning, the Miracle, the Great Tribulation, the Chastisement and the 7th Day, the Era of Peace, how ever long it is...

    The message given Pastor Enoc, the "personal judgment" is the Warning, the mini-judgment.

    * + * + *

    October 22, 2013 - 8:15 am
    Message to Pastor Enoc

    Little children of my heart may God's peace be with you all.
    The time of mercy is reaching its limit, the length of days is shorter each time; great sign that indicates that the return of my Son is coming. The Heavenly Jerusalem is ready and decked to come down to the New World; blessed those who will dwell in it, for they will know the glory of God.

    Little children, rejoice for the days of glory are approaching, if you knew what God has in store, what if you but knew? You would be jumping of joy and as of now would wish that everything would came, in order to enjoy those days when joy in the Spirit and the spiritual presence of the Triune God will accompany you to the end of times.

    How many wanted to see what you will see, what you will hear will listen and live what you will live in the paradise that God will give you as a reward for your faithfulness. The prophets of old and all the blessed souls, wanted to live the days that you faithful ones are going to live in the New and Heavenly Jerusalem.

    Children, after the personal judgment all who are written in the book of life, you will be spiritually marked with the sign of the cross on your forehead and in your soul. So upon the return to this world, you are going to be able to distinguish who are the flock of My Son from those who are the flock of my adversary. Remember that after the Warning you will no longer be the same ones, while in eternity my Father will grant you gifts and talents so that you can endure the day of the Warning. Otherwise you would not be able to cope with the days of purification.

    The time of the miracle time will be very short; all the people of God must fulfill a specific mission for heaven. All missions will be directed to the service of God and the rescue of warm souls and repentant sinners that will be stunned and disoriented after the small divine judgment.

    After the Warning and miracle the great tribulation will be triggered on earth which will end in the Valley of Megiddo, where the forces of evil will be defeated and expelled from the face of the earth. Be ready and prepared my children for the arrival of the Warning. Run to settle your accounts in order with one of my favorites. Speak to your family members, relatives and friends about this great event that is coming for them to be prepared and the path through eternity be not their worst nightmare. Courage my children, think of the glory days that await you so that you can cope with hope and faith, the purification days’ that draw near!. Fear not, stand united to Our Two Hearts and everything will be like a dream for you. Allow nothing and no one to take you apart from the love of God. The dawn of a new dawn awaits you, the joy and peace of the New Creation waits you my faithful children. Praise be God and Blessed be His Holy Name from generation to generation.

    Your Mother, who loves you.
    Mary, Mystical Rose.
    Make this message known children of my heart.
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    I cant believe I just spent 5 minutes reading Nothing. They all say nothing.
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    ah! beloved ones, from rebels I shall raise levitical priests; from dishonouring Me I shall turn you into pearls, radiant cities of light to honour Me; and I shall live in you, because you shall be vested in My Own Holiness; I, the Lord, will be in the land of the living, and those who stifle My Holy Spirit and see everything as nonsense, I tell you: I have things that go beyond your minds; I shall demonstrate the power of My Spirit and make your lips open and your heart cry out to Me:


    Love shall perfect you; Wisdom shall teach you to acknowledge My Holy Spirit, and I shall make you join the saints too;

    (True Life in God, June 1, 1991)
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