Is the End of the Orthodox Schism finally in sight after 1000 years?

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by Xavier, Nov 19, 2022.

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    It is not only that, but it goes the other way around too. To instinctively suspect, very strongly suspect that Pope Francis knew your Faith stance or views on a whole wide range is issues he would hate you for them. ..and that this hatred might even be a personal hate. In other words not only hate you your Beliefs but hate you yourself personally. This may seem over the top but I have seen clergy and religious sometimes act very spooky and even hostile when certain issues such as Marian Apparitions, Homosexuality, matters Mystical and so on. They can act like a cat on a hot tin roof or even turn nasty and kind of hissy. :D:D Sometimes you don't even have to have to speak .

    This is a terrible position to be in with someone who is supposed to be your Spiritual Father.

    The opposite was the case with Popes like Pope St John Paul and Pope Benedict. You would just have to mention their names to make many clergy turn hissy. Though in the case of Pope St John Paul they were muted , rather frightened hisses. JP2 being a cat that bit back.
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    Yes Padraig I agree. I was in a group on fb with some traditional Catholics, and I shared something about St John Paul 2 and Divine Mercy on his feastday. I cannot believe the Terrible things these people were saying. I could hear the hissing. Very sad.
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    I wish I knew the answer to this question. Do the Christian churches unite, under one apostolic Church, before the conversion of the Jews? And if so, what’s the time line between the two?
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    In truth, it doesn't matter, since all will happen at the times that G_D knows will be best to bring all of us to Him.

    Also, don't expect these things to happen all at once, 1-2-3. In the past year we have had 4 Anglican bishops convert to Catholicism. There's no telling how many Anglican rank-and-file have converted, are in the process, or are considering converting, whether based on these examples or not. Since each conversion comes from an invitation from G_D, it will take time to see how people react to these invitations (although I suspect some will react more quickly than others.)

    Having said that, (and believing that the messages from Garabandal are true), I believe that we will first have the Warning (a "road to Damascus" moment, where everybody in the world sees their soul the way G_D sees it). This will pave the way for everyone to experience a "get off the fence" moment, and choose (or oppose) Christ and His Church. We will see a great number (but not all, and not as many as later) Christians chose to return the Church. This is also when we will see the beginning of the Islamic Wave of conversions. Islam places a great deal of emphasis on dreams. A brief search on the internet will show a host of Islamic conversion stories to Christianity that occurred because someone had a dream of Jesus telling them to become Christian. For many in Islam, the Warning will fall into that category and get them to reject Islam and embrace Christianity.

    After some time (about a year, give or take), when many of the people (Christian and otherwise, who had considered converting based on the Warning) begin to doubt what they experienced (as the Evil One will provide a host of experts who will show how all of these experiences are false), we will have the Miracle. Garabandal sits squarely in that part of Spain where many former Jews moved to avoid being caught up in the Inquisitions, which were taking place mostly in the southern part of Spain. The descriptions of Mary in the apparitions there seem to describe a Jewish maiden (something not immediately apparent to the visionaries, who would have little to no experience in this). Therefore, the Miracle (which is something that can be seen and photographed, but not touched) will probably be a manifestation of G_D's Shekinah Glory, as what filled the Temple of Solomon during its consecration. (See 2 Chronicles 6:1-10) This will also provide the impetus for many of the Jewish people to convert, as well as a second wave of Islamic conversions, esp. those who have been to Fatima. (Fatima, Portugal is a very popular destination for Muslims, given that it has the same name as Muhammed's favorite daughter.)

    Over the next few months or years, we will see the conversions of many of the pagan people, such as those in Japan and India, the Buddhists and the Hindu. As noted earlier, these conversions will not take place instantaneously, and in fact may form the basis for the first part of the Tribulation. There are many, many people in these religions who are heavily invested not so much in the religion itself, but in using the religion to oppose Christianity. (Look at the many examples of Hindu violence against Christians who are accused of attempting to convert Hindus to this Western religion of the oppressors.)

    This, by the way, will include a great many of the so-called Christians in the West, those who truly believe that Roman Catholicism is demonic and that Catholics are -- by definition -- damned. Additionally, there are FAR too many who claim to be Bible-believing Christians, yet who reject the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). They do this by claiming that the Trinitarian formula was inserted into Matthew at a later date, or that only baptism by the Holy Spirit is required, for example. There are sects which baptize "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and John the Baptist", or simply in the Name of Jesus. This heresy has even crept into some Catholic communities, surprise, surprise. There was a parish in a university town in Wisconsin where everyone baptized there over a period of several years had to be rebaptized, because the priest had not used the correct formula, substituting some poetic names (such as "In the name of the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Holy Breath") for the words Jesus specified. This always brings to my mind the line in Scripture where those at the judgement are cast away from heaven (Matthew 7:21-23 -- "Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.’ ")

    This, then, is the basis for the prophesized Tribulation: It comes from those who have chosen to reject Christ either by holding tightly to their pagan practices; or Jews who have invested so much energy in keeping other Jews from becoming Christian; or nominal Christians who simply cannot believe that Roman Catholicism is NOT false and pagan but the true religion of Jesus and that their own practices and teachings are rejected by Jesus. These people come to know that their life's works and beliefs are false. Their teachings are NOT Truth and like Judas, they choose to reject, betray, and ultimately persecute the Truth. Again, not all in one fell swoop, but over months or (more likely) years.

    Keep in mind that the War of Psalm 83 will likely occur at the beginning of this period, before the Warning, and will provide the basis for many in Islam to begin to question its superiority over Judaism and Christianity. The War of Gog/Magog will take place between the Warning and the Miracle. Like the Aztecs, it must be the total and complete victory by the People of God (the Jews) over Islam that will prepare many of the Muslims to accept that Jesus is not just a prophet but THE Messiah. (It took 10 years from the time the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and totally destroyed their culture for the Aztecs to be prepared to accept Christianity through the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.)

    Once again, way too much time spent on a simple answer. I hope some of you find it useful.
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    Thank you so much. Agree, that it will take time for all Jews to convert before the end of the world.
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    I would like to see the icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov in my parish after the reunification of the churches. :love::love::love:
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    Please, don't just focus on the Jews. I'm a history buff, and have been reading and watching videos about the rise of the Empire of Japan and its practices with the peoples they conquered. I have come to realize that for all its beauty, Japan is a nation ruled by demons. While the Emperor is no longer (by law) considered divine, there are still many that hold that he is a direct lineal descendant from the gods. As a society they have opened themselves to being ruled by demons, which is the only explanation available to explain the glorification (if that is the word to use) of raping the conquered women and the abusive treatment of their prisoners. India, also, is a land ruled by demons.

    Billions of people around the world all need our prayers and sacrifices that G_D open their hearts to His Truth when the day of the Warning comes.
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    They are all in the Bible too. I haven’t forgotten them.
    Revelation 9:16 discusses an army of 200 million soldiers. Those soldiers don’t come from Israel, USA, or Europe. Yes, we need to pray for all who deny Christ as the Messiah.
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    Me? I'd like an icon of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg. She was widowed at a young age and is the patroness of happy marriages. She was visiting a friend when the friend's unmarried daughter came down the stairs. Xenia got very upset and told her, "What are you doing here!? Your husband is waiting!" Bundling them both up, she led the mother and daughter through the streets of St. Petersburg until they came to a cemetery. There, a young doctor was burying his wife -- she had died suddenly and he hadn't been able to help her, and he had fainted from grief. Xenia, the mother and the daughter bundled him up and took them back to the mother's house where the daughter nursed him back to health. A year later, he and the daughter were wed.

    In another story, a mother was doing a set of prayers (can't remember if they do novenas in the ROC, but it was something like that) to Xenia for her daughter's upcoming marriage to a young officer. The day the mother finished the prayers, the young officer was recognized by another officer as being a prisoner from a prison camp in Siberia. The prisoner had killed the officer, hid the body, then assumed the officer's identity. St. Xenia is credited with preventing this sham marriage from taking place.

    She was also known for her devotion to the Theotokos ("God-Bearer"; a title for Mary in the Eastern Church). There was a church being built in a cemetery; it was going to be consecrated to Mary. The builders noticed that when they arrived for work, each work station had a pile of bricks already there. What's more, each worker had exactly the number of bricks they needed for the day, so there was no time wasted going down the ladders to get more bricks. This meant the church was completed in half the time planned. It was later revealed that during the construction, Xenia came at night and brought the bricks up the ladders to the workers stations, all by herself, regardless of the weather.

    (This last story we know is true, because at this time St. Xenia was being observed by the NKVD, the forerunner to the KGB. Her late husband had been an army officer, and when word reached officials about her "odd behavior" [doing penances and mortifications for the soul of her late husband], it was decided to keep an eye on her. The reports on her are still held in the NKVD archives.)

    Devotion to St. Xenia was so very strong during the Communist years that even though that particular church was closed with a fence and gate around it, people would come and leave their petitions at the gate for St. Xenia. The Communists did not dare to try to stop the people from doing that for fear of an uprising.

    St. Xenia, pray for us!
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    I know I read about an apparition where the seer was told when the Catholics and Orthodox celebrate Easter on the same day then the chastisements, or tribulations start. I just read Mary of the Day November 26, Soufanieh, Damascus, but it doesn’t say exactly what I remember. Also until today I had never heard of this apparition.

    Does anyone remember reading that when we celebrate Easter on the same day with the Orthodox things will happen suddenly.

    for Scripture reference John chapter 17 does tell us we will all be one. John CHP 17 verse 6 - 21
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    I seem to remember something like this. No details, though.
    Thank you!
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    Yes I remember too, but I don’t remember where from. But it was probably about a decade ago that I learned about this. Wish I could remember. If anyone out there knows please share!! I would like to go back and read more on it.
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