Is the Church in Crisis?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Oct 30, 2020.

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    I recommend the following link to Joseph Scambria's blog to understand the devastation that Francis' 'accompanying' of the 'gay community' actually means among those suffering SSA in the real world (implied approval that is readily and enthusiastically accepted as Fr. James Martin et al have already stated) and here is an extract:

    "Apologists for the current Holy Father, often dismiss or explain his several pro-gay statements are the result of: mistranslations, media manipulation, or confusion among the laity. But I do not think any of these are true. Pope Francis is neither naive nor stupid; he isn’t flippant either. He is methodical. Oftentimes, Francis acts like a predator. At first, they seem caring and sympathetic. Then you start to notice little deceits and lies; you scold yourself for doubting them – after all, they love you. The manipulation and mistreatment starts-out slowly and is sometimes obvious to perceptive bystanders. Later, after the abuse gets worse – you are making excuses for them.

    Words have meaning. You can’t take them back. Francis never tries. His apparent approval of gay civil-unions – it’s already starting; not surprising, in my old hometown of San Francisco. Lives are being affected. Damage done. Francis is directly responsible for each soul that is lost. He is the abuser."

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    President Trump reminds me of the Emperor Constantine. who did the right thing by the Church although he never really became a Christian himself and basically killed all round him.

    I heard one commentator suggest that while at the start he was probably using pro life issues for his own political advantage meeting Eveagelicals and others Christians and hearing their message may have changed him so now he truly deeply believes in prolife.

    God works in mysterious ways.

    Either way it is no doubt true to say he is the greatest Pro Life President in history. God must surely bless him abundantly for could He do otherwise?
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  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    The real danger I see in Holy Fathers comments comes when they are taken on board by poorly instructed Catholics, who mostly are not practising.

    Holy Father seems to be confirming the Marxist/liberal theology that has emptied the Churches over the last fifty years. That is the true crisis.
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    Dolours it looks that organisator- Foundation Solo Dios Basta has only this account. I've asked them for more informations on the website and gave the link to MOG, cause I'm just random polish catholic enthusiast of this pray not organisator.
    I read this forum as a guest and I can see how truely catholic it is and experience The Church internationally.

    God Bless America - especially this days.
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    I remain skeptical......for now.
    Reminds me of that old joke when a Cardinal comes to the Pope and says "your holiness i have good news and bad news."
    The Pope says "let's have it."
    Cardinal says "Jesus has returned!"
    The Pope says "wonderful! Whats the bad news?"
    The Cardinal says "He called me from Salt Lake City!"
  7. One person's view don't read this if it will upset your peace...I only wanted to warn you about maga because even though I was a huge trump enthusiast four years ago, I would not own/wear political clothing or merchandise just as I would not wear nike clothing or hats or anything that would brand me.
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    I am afraid I could not get your link to work.
    It's hard to work up a great deal of enthusiasm for any politician at my age. Experience does make us more cynical. But nevertheless it is possible to work up enthusiasm for policies. Pro life is a very,very great issue of our times. I am convinced , for instance that if there were no murder of the unborn there would have been no virus.

    Also with Trump; he seem to live up to his promises on pro life issues.

    Also , if you live in a little village where there is only one shop , well that's the shop to go to.:):)

    But I am a little uncomfortable writing about American politics for what do I know? I saw a mention there of GOP on Fox News and had to look up that the Grand Old Party meant the Republicans. What ignorance!!:rolleyes::)

    Looking forward to watching it tonight at work. My 5th night shift in a row. 3 more to go.:)

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  9. God bless, Padraig. All the things we ponder throughout our days and in our prayers will one day be revealed. May the Lord take all my fears and worries and burn them into the furnace of His Sacred Heart. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.
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    That's gas. I had to google GOP this week too
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    Great post, Padraig.
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    I had to google 'that's gas" just now :p:LOL:

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    If they do get a means of donating online, would you be kind enough to let us know. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. God bless Poland. Looks like Soros has your country in his sights so you have a tough battle ahead. I pray you don't roll over like Ireland did.
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  14. Jason Fernando

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    You are correct about Soros, he is evil, he destroyed Ireland with his money and lobbying. Now it's Poland. He could be the Antichrist
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  15. Dolours

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    Non practising Catholics believed those things anyway. He's just letting them know he agrees with them. Looks like Soros got a BOGOF when he bought Cardinal Maradiaga.
  16. Dolours

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    Soros is surely anti-Christ but he's too old to be the AC. He must be close to 100. Did you know that he got the name for his Open Society Foundation from a lecturer in the LSE? Soros studied there after the war and the open society is the lecturer's brainchild.
  17. padraig

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    By the way, if people doubt for one second how totally diabolic and Satanic the folks in the Vatican have got. A senior Vatican Cardinal recently attended a Chinese Medical Conference in order to boost and support the Chinese /Vatican Accord.

    What was the specialty of these , 'Medical Experts'? They were live body part stealers. Their job is to steal the parts of bodies of Chinese State prisoners, including Christian Prisoners.

    Listen here.

  18. AED

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    We are standing at the threshold of Hell. I have no words.
  19. josephite

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    Maybe Soros is not too old to be the ac ;), going by the powerful effects of this newly accepted adrenochrome for the wealthy o_O, one can add a fair few years to ones life if this is used!

    The apparent science states "this fountain of youth" adds many years to your life by just ingesting or injecting this magickal serum!

    This adrenaline permeated blood, is derived no less from innocent children who were tortured and terrified before their death! (this torture causes great amounts of adrenaline to surge through their little blood vessels ); after their deaths these children have their adrenaline rich blood extracted from their bodies, which is sold as the new youth panacea.

    Soros and the mega wealthy jet setters do not have any concern about who may have been tortured and died, because their stampede for the new best youth serum, is all that matters!

    Lord have mercy on us all
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  20. padraig

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    I see Bishop Barron has taken yet another Giant Step on his road to hell (which he assures us may well be empty.). Swing wide Infernal Gates another Cardinal is slipping down in your direction (for Bishop Barron has earned the Red Hat with this particular piece of depravity). The Fiery Pit must be full to the rafters now with screaming, burning Cardinals...and Popes.

    Bishop Barron may find to his astonishment that hell is very well populated indeed, for as Padre Pio once said, 'You will believe in hell when you get there!'


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