Is Jeremiah's prophecy just fulfilling?

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    In the book of the prophet Jeremiah there is a description of God's judgment over all nations. As it turns out, it doesn't have to be just symbolic. Are we eyewitnesses to Jeremiah's prophecy?

    For since with this city, which is called by my name, I begin to inflict evil, how can you possibly be spared? You shall not be spared! I will call down the sword upon all who inhabit the earth, says the LORD of hosts.
    Prophesy against them all these things and say to them: The LORD roars from on high, from his holy dwelling he raises his voice; Mightily he roars over the range, a shout like that of vintagers over the grapes.
    To all who inhabit the earth to its very ends the uproar spreads; For the LORD has an indictment against the nations, he is to pass judgment upon all mankind: The godless shall be given to the sword, says the LORD.
    Thus says the LORD of hosts: Lo! calamity stalks from nation to nation; A great storm is unleashed from the ends of the earth.
    On that day, those whom the LORD has slain will be strewn from one end of the earth to the other. None will mourn them, none will gather them for burial; they shall lie like dung on the field.
    Howl, you shepherds, and wail! roll in the dust, leaders of the flock! The time for your slaughter has come; like choice rams you shall fall.
    There is no flight for the shepherds, no escape for the leaders of the flock.
    Listen! Wailing from the shepherds, howling by the leaders of the flock! For the LORD lays waste their grazing place, desolate lie the peaceful pastures;
    The lion leaves his lair, and their land is made desolate By the sweeping sword, by the burning wrath of the LORD.

    Jeremiah 25, 29-38

    Another text from The First Letter of St. Peter also speaks about God's judgment on humanity:

    For it is time for the judgment to begin with the household of God; if it begins with us, how will it end for those who fail to obey the gospel of God?
    "And if the righteous one is barely saved, where will the godless and the sinner appear?"
    As a result, those who suffer in accord with God's will hand their souls over to a faithful creator as they do good.

    1 Peter 4, 17-19

    One more text from The Book of Ezekiel reveals the severity of God's Wrath:

    To the others I heard him say: Pass through the city after him and strike! Do not look on them with pity nor show any mercy!
    Old men, youths and maidens, women and children - wipe them out! But do not touch any marked with the X; begin at my sanctuary. So they began with the men (the elders) who were in front of the temple.
    Defile the temple, he said to them, and fill the courts with the slain; then go out and strike in the city.

    Ezekiel 9, 5-7

    Tre Fontae (1947), Akita (1973), Civitavecchia (1995)
    In these places of the apparitions, Virgin Mary announced what is happening today in the world and the Church: apostasy, moral decline, God's punishments and suffering humanity.

    However, according to what Jesus said:

    All these are the beginning of birth pains
    Matthew 24,8
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    Interesting thing about the "X" -- it's not really an X.

    In the 400 years between Exekiel and Jesus, the Hebrew orthography (the shape of the letters) underwent a change. The "mark on the forehead" is traditionally considered to be the "taw" or "tav", the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Now, keep in mind that John, the scribe of Revelation, was a native speaker of Aramaic as well as Hebrew (Aramaic was the daily language of the people; Hebrew was the language used in the Temple.) While on Patmos G_D would have been speaking to John in his native language, so it was originally written in Aramaic (as shown in the Peshita, the original Aramaic edition of Scripture). What came down to us is the Greek translation, where Jesus says "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end", was originally "I am the Aleph and the Tav", which are the first and last letters of Hebrew alphabet. Today, this is how the aleph looks: א and this is how the tav looks: ת. At the time of Ezekiel, though, the aleph looked like the "ichthys" Christian fish symbol. And the tav ...

    ... was a cross, a slanted "t", not an X.

    (BTW, this Aramaic version answers some objections and misunderstandings the Protestants keep pushing. Simon was renamed "Cephas", which means a large building stone, with no gender attached. The Greek "Petros" or Peter, was an attempt to translate "large building stone, hold the gender" to Greek where there WAS no masculine form for "stone", only a feminine form; so a new word was created. In Aramaic, "You are Cephas, and upon this rock I will build My Church" is clear -- Peter is the rock. In Greek, not so clear.)
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    For God's sake don't tell the gender benders this or we will be plagued with them insisting Saint Peter was a him/she. Saint Peter had a wife so we can rest assured he had all the right plumbing in place for his vocation before entering into the service of the Lord.
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    I don't know about the other quotes used in your post as regards them being fulfilled in our day. But the one from St. Peter has seemed to me to be unfolding before our eyes over the last few years.
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    I have heard more than one priest say that God is love and doesn't punish people with plagues; that God wants us all to be happy and that Jesus gave us a new understanding of the God of the Old Testament. Maybe they found the Apostles' tape recorders?

    Isn't Jeremiah's prophecy foretelling the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD?

    Then again, I think there is a school of thought that the end times for the Church will be similar to its earliest days, and that there will be a kind of rinse and repeat of some of the OT prophecies. Who knows? All we can do is keep our own lamps lit.

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