Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed with life?

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  1. In my prep for lough derg I am doing a novena to St. John the Baptist, I started off with a long winded prayer and ended up changing it to " that He may increase and I may decrease". This led me into thinking of ways I could decrease, and in prayer I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to accepting everything the lord allows. The verse about the seed falling to the ground and dying came to mind. I need to die to myself if I am to bear worthy fruit. And also the offering of sacrifices has a two-fold effect, it appeases the heart of God and helps us to decrease so that He may increase in us.
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  2. Bartimaeus

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    aaargh... you make it sound so easy!
    When to act - when to be still????????... I just never know! Do I wake Him up on the boat and tell Him I'm sinking, or do I just keep muddling... aaaargh!
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    Rule of thumb for me - when I find myself worrying too much and getting distraught, I (try to) remember to pray instead. It doesn't always happen, I often find myself drowning, but that drives me to prayer as well.
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    Do not wake Him - just be still and know that He is God and has everything under control. "Be still and know that I Am God." He is always with us.
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    I so admire your peace and stillness. But i feel like the hungry kid looking in the restaurant window. Too poor, too dirty to enter.
    Jesus remember me.
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    I love this post! Of course you wake Him up! We're simple sheep and he knows our weakness and frailty. It's after you bug Him that hopefully you'll be reminded to trust in Him and experience peace. And then you calm down and say to yourself "Oh Yeah!". And it becomes another learning experience of spiritual growth. I don't know if it gets easier but you will find yourself recognizing those agonizing times and trusting Him quicker as you grow.

    God Bless!
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