Is America Collapsing?

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by padraig, Jan 15, 2021.

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    I wonder if America might have come to the point where it is about to turn into a Communist State over the next four years. Or at least a modern post post Christian State like Europe? (Europe is basically a modern Communist super State)

    We know from Catholic Prophesy that Europe is to be punished by invasion, natural disasters and internal conflict. So this being so it would be expected that the USA would have the same.

    It always puzzled me , so little input from Catholic Prophesy on the USA...
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    Same. Although I remembered reading an interview with Sister Lucia that mentioned America. Here is that part of the interview and the link below if anyone is interested...

    “Does this mean in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?”


    It was plain that she felt that Our Lady’s wishes had not yet been carried out. People must say the Rosary, perform sacrifices, make the five first Saturday Communions, pray for the Holy Father.

    “Did Our Lady ever say anything to you about the United States of America?”

    She gave me a rather startled glance, and then smiled in faint amusement, as if to suggest that perhaps the United States was not so important in the general scheme of things as I imagined.

    “No,” she said gently. “She never did. But I wish you would have Masses said for me in the United States.” I promised, and she said she would pray for me.
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    America as we knew it is over. If you think it was bad under Trump, it'll be 10 times worse under Biden/Harris. All we can do is pray for God's mercy on us.
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    The Reason why the USA is not mentioned in Prophesy is that it is about to simply cease to exist .

    The reason it is about to cease to exist is two fold;

    Firstly in that it has abandoned God.

    Secondly in that it placed the USA itself as a false Idol.

    Although the entity itself has come to an end the dream, the vision will endure for many generations to come. All Empires come to an end.


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    Washington was a Devout Free Mason as were many of the Founding Fathers.

    Which is why Americans tend to idolise their Nation as a False God.

    I would loose Washington as a Prophet.
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  10. Luan Ribeiro

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    there are prophecies in the Protestant medium of a great earthquake with an epicenter in the New Madrid fault that would divide the country into two parts, this after the American president voted a resolution dividing Jerusalem in two
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    Protestant/ New Age/ Beware/
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    Even a Freemason Padraig may receive a message from heaven. I’m hopeful
    “The Lord does not treat us as he does other nations: he waits patiently until they have become deeply involved in sin before he punished them....he never abandons us.”
    2 Maccabees 5, 6.
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    maybe when the antichrist appears israel is without the protection of the usa and with that they have to trust in some kind of divine intervention, in that it could arise the antichrist with the profile that they expected from Jesus at his first coming. should the usa be wiped off the map by some catastrophe, Israel's enemies will see this as a great opportunity to destroy that nation.
  15. Byron

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    Remember we are alone in a world wide scale going against the global deep state. If America dies, so does the entire world. I just have this feeling Our Lady won’t allow it. May it be the Holy Spirit enlightening me.
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  16. Don_D

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    Some were but I don't know if I would say many. The most easily recognized were Franklin, Washington and a few others and they just happen to be some of the most influential. Nations have all propped up their fairy tales to birth our children into to further their ends. Otherwise nobody would fight their wars, pay their taxes, or give undying allegiance to the pharaoh.
    The rest however were largely descendants of European nobility so they ALL had their agendas. It was not long after the war that these men basically built virtually the same thing the King was hoping to institute here but for a different purpose.
    Washington's lineage is particularly interesting. His Family name was Wessington when in England, was part of the nobility and was changed on fleeing to N America after the English civil war because of their support of the monarchy. Some of his family fled to Denmark as well if I remember correctly and made their way there into the royal courts. Washington utilized the motto Exitus acta probat on the family coat of arms. The basic translation is: the outcome justifies the deed. The Wessington family coat of arms is enshrined in some of the stained glass in Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, England minus the motto of course.

    Here is a version from a bookplate

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    Byron, I kind of hope you're right. I remember reading the book, "The Late, Great Planet Earth." The author had some other books out that dealt with prophecy. He thought that America would not be around during those years because of how he read the bible. Especially the "kingdoms" that would rise against Israel. In it, the prophecies made no mention of the west, so he took that to mean that either America was gone, or neutralized by then. Whatever the case may be, we need to really pray that we don't go down with the ship. Of course, those books I read way back then are probably no longer in print. He claimed the end would come in 1988. Needless to say he was wrong. I think Russia and China will have plenty to do with the end times. Russia has a great land mass to draw from, and China also has plenty of land and people. It wouldn't take much for the two of them to combine forces and take over the world. I wouldn't doubt that North Korea would try something too. It's a small country to do much on it's own. They can threaten all they want, but on their own what do they have?

    I think the rosary may be a big help. So far I've been praying it daily since Jan 1. I know a woman from my church who I talked with last night, and she says she prays the rosary twice a day. I've read some of it's history, and there's a lot there. I currently have out "The secret of the Rosary" by St Louis de Montfort. It's a bit hard to read, but it's great.
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    This is weird. It won't play. Keeps shutting off. Hmmmm.
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    Come now, this if America dies all hope is lost stuff is the fairy tale we all have been propagandized with from the start of elementary school. If America goes another will rise up in its place and when it does the world will be in wonder and amazement. Israel will pledge itself to the highest bidder as always.

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