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    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Desire of Baptism to be Catholic

    I have been
    Discerning religious life for over a year now. I have had a burning love for Jesus since I was 15 when I was 17 I found the true Jesus. Now I am 18. I do know all my catechism. I wasn't aloud to go to rcia classes last year. Some say to me you need to focus on getting baptized and confirmed. I know that but there is nothing wrong with discerning and for those who don't know I have problems getting to church. Vehicle reasons. I need my lincense which I am working on it so I would of been confirmed but No one would drive me Now I have to drive.
    So I am focused on baptism and confirmation is number one. I still have a interest in religious life there nothing wrong with that. I have to be patient though. The mother superior over here in us is friendly.
    I found one in Ireland. I have just sent them a message. I don't mind how far I have to be from home. The one I already applied to and may accept me Is across the country in North Michigan I am in Arkansas. Ipray I get confirmed in 2018. I a pray please pray my family will convert. Ever since I was 15 I wanted to only be with Jesus. I want to be somewhere isolated with him even if it is out of the US. I really need a miracle for conversions.

    IF I go to Ireland the 911# will be 999 instead. Hopefully I don't need a driver's license being cloistered.

    IF there is a emergency and I go to the doctor do I need a Ireland ID.
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    I know very little about entering a religious order, but common sense tells me that it would be no harm to get a driving licence because you never know when you might need it, and the order's vocations director should be able to give you all the information you need about health and welfare coverage.

    It is most unlikely that you would be accepted without someone from the order interviewing you and assessing whether you would be a good fit for their order. Get a notebook or sheet of paper and jot down any questions you have and take the list with you to the interview rather than relying on memory.

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