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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Bartimaeus, Jul 3, 2018.

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    This is true MC. Only in God will my soul be at Him lies my hope, my salvation...He alone is my Rock of refuge my strength my glory my God...(one of my favorite psalms)
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    “True that” as they say. So many miracles big and small. Just the fact that many many children are being rescued from heinous traffickers—that DJT is committed to ending abortion—that evil satanic abusers are being arrested all over the place. The media won’t cover it but it is happening. Your story about the dogs makes me think of Our Guardian Angels.
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    Mine as well.
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    The experience of farmers in my area suggest that this is already more extreme than 1976..., it's not really about 1° difference on any given day:
    But I do agree with the posts saying great graces are also being poured out.
    Prays - trusts - don't worry....repeat!

    My farming nephew was aligned with "Farmers for Choice", but I guess his "choices " are getting fewer by the day.
    Father forgive them. Mercy Lord, mercy.
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    Wonderful prayer
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    All my life I've been hearing "the farmers need rain" whenever we get a few weeks of summer sunshine. And it doesn't seem that long ago that they ran out of fodder because the weather was too wet or too cold. Whatever happened to that old motto "prepare for the worst and hope for the best"? Sometimes there's a ring of truth to the old joke that if Ireland were Holland we'd all have drowned.

    That said, I've no doubt that you're right, but our farmers bemoaning their lot can get rather tiresome.
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    I was thinking / praying on this and it came to mind that in Genesis God told mankind to be fruitful and multiply, but in Ireland we chose to diminish and decrease. The landscape is now revealing the consequences of our actions with barren countryside. This will also have a knock on effect on everyone in the coming months, with food/water shortages etc.
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    Great insight BC. I heard a sad statistic on the radio here that most Americans(something like 70%) don’t want Roe v Wade overturned. It comes from MSM so maybe not accurate but pretty disturbing for all that.
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    In a general sense I would say having to do without is not a bad thing. When people have everything at their fingertips they are inclined to think they do not need God. This will teach them something different.

    I except farmers and buisness's of course , they have a living to make. But for ordinary people I would say, generally, it would be a blessing.

    I was up at the Spelga Dam a few days ago , the road that was once covered by deep water is now above water. I have never seen this before, quite weird, I walked along the road till it got up to me knees, I think I could have walked until I got to the dam wall. I have long since ceased to trust Government to tell anything like the truth about anything whatsoever.

    They say whatever suits the moment

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    This might cheer you up

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  14. Bartimaeus

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    From my "farmer" conversations:

    this summer's harvested grass has been almost entirely fed to cattle already... one week away from 0...
    Two farmers in Wexford allegedly have committed suicide due to the crisis...

    Main stream media may not be all that interested but in reality if it wasn't for modern transport system Ireland would currently be in a famine situation.

    This is not a Summer 1976 re-run.

    I'm just putting the information here for info sake, as the remedy never changes:
    Pray, Trust. Don't worry....and add in some penance.
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  15. Bartimaeus

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  16. padraig

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    Prayers for the farmers. It is unusual in many ways
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  17. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    This is a tragedy to read Bartimaeus. It seems like the reality of the girations in nature are not being recognised as the signs of the times.

    First Ireland and indeed England suffered from too much rain for too long this spring, delaying the season for livestock to be able to start eating natural spring grass at great extra cost to the farmers. Ireland may well have been more badly affected than England. I was thinking nature rebelled against the vote to legalise unions for sodomites.

    Then Ireland voted to legalise infanticide, and low and behold nature rebelled and roasted the Emerald Isle. It looks like a few seasons will be put out of kilter by all this rebellion by nature. Remember the old saying. When Man rebels against God. Nature rebels against man.

    If only the Irish would turn back to God and repent, and give God a chance to restore the regular rainfall that gives Ireland that beautiful 40 shades of green.

    Maybe it won't take to long for people to wake up and return to the practice of the Holy Faith. The old prophesies did say, things will get worse until people take notice of the signs of the times, and recognise Who is being offended by the loss of Faith in Saint Patricks precious isle, and indeed elsewhere.

    When you add together the disruption in the livestock and the harvests for a country like Ireland, it would only take a hard Brexit to unleash a devastation that could plunge Ireland into Economic ruin. The EU are playing games that could back fire on the long held trade between UK and Ireland. And the Irish Prime Minister making cheap threats to UK to consider stopping UK air travel over Ireland if they left the EU; even if he made a laughing stock of himself. What sort of good will has he created in a very tense negotiating period.

    I pray it will all work out in the end and we must all pray Ireland will be safe through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock.

    We must all pray for Ireland, and the people who live on that beloved isle. God spare Ireland and restore the weather patterns, in Your Mercy. Amen.
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  18. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Archangels

    I didn't know that saying - it is so apt!
    Lord have mercy on us.
    So many people are enjoying the fine weather, they have no idea the disaster this is for food production. Another farmer in the area has put his entire herd of dairy cows into the meat factory.
    People don't care about farmers any more than they care about foetuses, so we may just wait for either Venezuelan inflation or the hand of God....
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  19. AED

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    Farmers are a bellweather. We better care about farmers! But you are right. People are so “busy” with their oh so busy lives. What a tragedy for the farmers. It reminds me of what happened here during the dust bowl era. Terrible drought and farms foreclosed and people utterly devastated.
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  20. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    God help that poor farmer who felt no other option but to put his entire herd of dairy cows into the meat factory. When you think of how many seasons it would take to rear another herd of dairy cows, and if that was repeated across Ireland; what a struggle to restore the traditional mild production. Please God it won't come to that. May the Lord come to the aid of our beloved Ireland with enough rain to slow down or stop this tragedy.

    I wonder if people could ask their Parish Priests to call everyone to prayer, thanking God for the wonderful extra summer time for everyone to enjoy; and asking Him to please send enough rain to restore the agricultural aspect of Ireland. Maybe the word might spread that God is waiting for people to turn to Him. Because sooner or later all the generation that has turned it's back on the traditional but essential farming in Ireland, will realise how much they need their farmers, if the food is not so plentiful. God knows that would be felt the length and breadth of Ireland.

    God bless and preserve Ireland. And please God preserve the long held neighbourly friendship between Ireland and England that has given Ireland a market for their produce all these years. We need the Irish agricultural products here in the UK, and I would really not want UK to turn to France or anywhere in Europe if possible for milk or dairy produce....I suppose that would be the alternative if Ireland could not meet the demand.
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