Irish mass pushing the LGBT agenda ?

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Immaculata, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. padraig

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    They seemt to have this strategy of picking just one Church to take over and go on from there.

    However I think they picked the worng Church here; these are country people and very,very conservative on their outlook. So it was probably a flying vist. The one group of people they might expect support from is the young; but the young don't go to Church. They would have to convince older rural people and that's a non starter.
  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think they would ahve to do what they do in the USA and pick a urban , City Church. I think they have already done this in Dublin. But here in the North we tend to be very Conservative; it will be difficult to get one.

    We don't even want abortion.
  3. MMM

    MMM Archangels

    I love the part about church "rules and regulations". Moral truths passed down from God Almighty through His Son, the foundation His and our church stand on are now called Church rules and regulations.
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  4. padraig

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    I don't think they believe in God in any real, meaningful way. Just some kinda pink cloud in the sky.
  5. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I am sorry but this article is so repugnant it makes me want to throw up. I will pray for Fr. Desmond Loughran. Actually, his last name as well as mine are derived from the same root!:sick::cry:

    Hail Full of Grace!
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    Repugnant is indeed the word
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  7. DeGaulle

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    Sounds like an argument for death by starvation-from his 'logic', one cannot dare to eat plants either.

    He claims that 'all life is created in the image and likeness of God'. Remember that the next time you water your hydrangea or call pest-control to get rid of your termite infestation.

    He is such a fool, unable to distinguish inherited physical features from chosen behaviour, but this is the kind of stupidity that passes for intellectualism, nowadays.
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  8. HeavenlyHosts

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  9. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Yes exactly. It reminds me that we are warned that there will be those who have a form of Godliness but instead of worshiping the creator worship that which the creator has made.
    We see all around us this in the paganism which has permeated every facet of secular life.
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  10. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    By trying to associate behaviour with physical make-up, they are trying to lay blame for sin upon God, and to foresake all personal responsibility. That's the real meaning behind their utterly evidence-free phrase, "born this way". A blasphemous heresy.
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  11. garabandal

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    It is amazing how most people swallow the lie 'born that way'.

    One only has to pass a field of lambs in the spring to realise the order of creation.

    Nevertheless we must have sympathy for those who have disordered attractions and surrender to their passions for they are truly slaves of sin but do not realise they are in bondage---

    We must never identify ourselves with our disorders -- how absurd would it be if a drunk identified himself only as an alcoholic person --
  12. DeGaulle

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    We must also carefully distinguish those who sin by their weakness, but attempt to resist, or at least not glory in it; from those who sin, but refuse to accept it as sin, but instead seek to normalise it.
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