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    I think both FF and FG realise it would be political suicide to coalesce with these people. The feeling on the ground around here regarding many of the elected Shinners is that they are very poor quality. 'Not the brightest' would be the typical description. Nor are the ones in this part of the country known for their work ethic. In fact, many able members of the SF party seem to fall out with the party. This has happened with two good County Councillors in Tipperary and we have the examples of Carol Nolan and Peadar Toibin who proved themselves highly principled. A party of automatons that can't do the on-the-ground constituency work won't last and the antics of Stormont won't be tolerated down here. Fortunately, they seem not to have cultivated many supporters in the Southern mainline media.

    I do hope they succeed in uniting the island, this would give me the option to vote for the DUP!
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    I completely agree. God is certainly Good.
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    How ironic. The Irish people turfed out Varadkar and his party, but still they remain in power. There seems little prospect of a new government being formed now-who wants to be the party in power during this corona virus fiasco? Sadly for Fine Gael, they find themselves holding the reins by default. The Irish public health services were in disarray before COVID 19 and they will be wholly unable to cope with the consequences of a major outbreak and 'Butcher' Harris is going to attract most of the heat. It's child's play to arrange the murder of the silent unborn when the media is giving you maximum cover; a wholly different prospect to contain a major respiratory epidemic in an inadequate health system when the media is on your back, now squealing fearfully as they see their own lives and interests threatened. It is sweet irony, and Divine Justice, to see Harris' ruthless ambition come back to bite him.

    Sinn Fein is in a position (having already replaced Labour as the main centre-left party-although someone needs to tell RTE) to effectively eliminate one of the two remaining, old traditional parties and now Fine Gael looks the most vulnerable.
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    He is a publicity seeker par excellence re Varadkar. He's not elected by the people just elected by FG party after the election as he with few others FG shafted Kenny out. Dont like FG cis it's enrichment for the wealth or rich people whatever you call it via housing landlords, homelessness, abortion, SSM et al all within 4 years. Pravda (Rte) as I call it a nickname for rte as rte didn't want SF via FG orders in the back door.

    Formation of new govt is a sham a farce, all ex ministers earning ministerial salary now until new govt is formed. Also problem with term limit lack of cis there is no timeframe to intervene when to form a govt fails. It can be dragged on endlesslly at FG's whim. Hence need for new law for timeframe to stop dragging on of endless failure of negioations between political parties. SF is the party for the future but I'm still wary of them cos orders come from top down so it sounded like SF elected people have no say. GA is part and parcel of SF negiotaing team now along with that elusive guy howell.

    Read gene Kerrigan article today Sunday independent as hes very good but the paper itself is a tabloid rag
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    Don't think FG will return stronger than before. Think FG is on way out just like Irish Labour Party for going against the people. FG is now 18% last week poll if anything goes like this poll, they are on slow decline. Not sure about FF as they are like snake oil men with plenty of charm and assurances et al. Either FG or FF are finished one way or another as time will tell in future.
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    I'd say that there are many Fine Gaelers who would rather be in opposition right now. This crisis could break a party that had already taken serious damage. Fianna Fail could also benefit by default, becoming the main alternative to SF, but they have to ditch Martin, who is far too liberal. A viable opposition to SF is essential. Fianna Fail compounded the Cowen catastrophe by not appointing O'Cuiv. I don't agree with Kerrigan a lot of the time, but he's always been his own man. I might not be able to read him as I refuse to buy a newspaper nor pay for online articles.

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