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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Indy, Jan 22, 2020.

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    Exactly your point. SF shoukd be building it up gradually rather lose their gains if joined at hip with FF. It's in their own interest.

    SF made a mistake of only selecting just 42 candidates. Cis of that they lost all 2nd seats as their 1st choice candidate romped home with some 10 k to 21 k to spare for transfer remaining votes to 2nd candidates.
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    Your father was Sean Caughey??

    Re Marxists who are they? Do you mean Danny Morrison?

    Establishment here are getting panicky re SF as the main upcoming political party? How did SF fare in NI political scene such as stormont and policies?
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    I have not much hope for political solutions. None of them appears to believe in God very much or worry about the ten commandments.

    But personally we can always ourselves choose God and thus choose heaven. Without God there is no hope.

    I was out there trying to start my old car in the snow. It has a flat battery. A gentleman came over to help me. He turned out to be a Jesuit priest from across the street. I tried to call him Father , but he told me he was just like anyone else and din;t like that. No clerical dress, none of them wear clerical dress.
    He told me he was a huge fan of Pope Francis. He stared into me eyes saying this. I decided I didn't want to have a long discussion in the snow and said my good byes.

    So sad.
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    Danny Morrison yes. But Gerry Adams and Martin Maguiness were both members of the Marxist Official Rpeublican Movement originally. They infiltrated Sinn Fein. They are out and out Communists; yes.

    Yes my father was Sean Caughey.

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    I don't want to seem too hard line. But say during the 1940's the NAZI Party in Germany gave a free vote on issues like Euthanasia for the Disabled and the Extermination of the Jews and mentally ill. Could a Catholic in such circumstances still have remained in the Party?

    It seems to me that the mass slaughter of the unborn is a similiar situation.
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    Didn't know Adams and mc guinness was a Marxist. Was very wary of Adams as I saw him once in Dublin. Communists means no belief in God as everything benefit the society which isn't true. Mc lean of famous Cambridge five said it as he regretted it. He was blindsided as he didn't see the reality on the ground in Russia. Burgess his friend drank himself to death.

    Read a book by O Rawe as he lived in the h block. He said Adams was a traitor which was interesting way back. Suspected Mc guinness was an informer but not sure re Adams (he could be). Mc guinness or Adams were never threatened by British services cis they were protected. That was my thought that time cos other ira men were shot left right and centre but not these two ex SF leaders.
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    I wouldn't like to comment publically.

    But I have my own thoughts.;)

    The reason why Communists in Ireland do not come out openly and honestly saying they are Communists is if they did so no one would vote for them.

    That's why they keep it secret.
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  8. garabandal

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    I hope I am not being pedantic but was it not a Labour government that brought in the 1967 abortion act?

    The Conservatives have no formal party position on abortion - hence they allow conscience votes for their MPs.

    I suppose Mogg could leave and set up his own pro-life party.
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  9. Irishguy2

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    Fair enough Padraig.

    There was a communist takeover in Limerick city which was repelled back in 1919.

    Are you saying that all SF are communists in secret? if that was in the case, they wouldnt have gotten their 37 seats.
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  10. garabandal

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  11. DeGaulle

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    I've heard that John Hume, when he reached out to SF way back, approached Adams because he trusted him more than his fellow Derryman, McGuinness. Doesn't say much for the latter.

    Anyhow, McGuinness has met his maker and Adams might not have the over-arching influence he once had. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a large portion of SF that crave respectability. I'd expect a pulling back from radicalism. The hard left in Ireland exists in only a few small pockets and SF would have absorbed their vote if they had run more candidates. Time will tell.
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  12. padraig

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    It's true that the Conservatives have done better than Labour on murdering the unborn.
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    Well lets put it this way, a person who hopes to prosper and get on in SF and was , say, against abortion or Gay 'Rights' , for instance would proper as well as a chicken with a team of foxes.

    Being a Devout Catholic would not be a face that would fit.

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  14. Indy

    Indy Praying

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  17. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Thanks for all your prayers, I am sure they helped greatly as always.
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  18. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    Dont you think SFs 'success' in the election is perhaps a discontent with the established big two parties? A protest vote of sorts?

    As for SF being a communist party... Well, they exhibit many of the traits that are espoused in tbe commu ist manifesto...
    They are most definitely anti-church. I watched them bemoan and belittle various priests locally down the years. Their party machine crushed the voice of the church. And their current strategy to paint the church as old fashioned and archaic has served them well in their attempts to wipe-out the influence of the church in Northern Ireland down the years.

    They have attacked the family at every turn here also, advocating gay 'marriage' and again belittling the voice of the church.

    They 'took over' education with a SF minister assigned to it; but they made a complete mess of it. Schools are in disarray here, cutbacks upon cutbacks are forced upon head teachers; many of them speaking out forcibly at SF bringing down Stormont and refusing to govern... and all this because the unionists wouldn't bend on SFs irish language act (which by the way contained the introduction of abortion and gay marriage to Northern Ireland - whatever those things have to do with an irish language act is beyond me!!).

    This all meant that we were governed by bureaucrats / civil servants in Westminster. They didn't care about Northern Ireland or its people. Nor did SF. They allowed us to fall into a complete mess.
    As a result, we have hospital waiting lists that go on forever: public pay freezes: job cuts: roads falling apart: etc etc etc

    SF carry out - and have done for years, intimidation tactics against ordinary people that disagree with their views. They obliterate anyone who gets in their way.

    I could go on...

    All this sounds a lot like a communist party to me.

    The South will find out just what SF are, soon enough....
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  19. DeGaulle

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    That linkage between the Irish language and abortion and homosexual attempted marriage is infernal. They knew that the DUP, to their great credit, opposed the latter, but could paint them as anti-Irish bigots because it also meant opposing Irish.

    That kind of 'cleverness' is straight out of the Temptations of Christ category. We need to be very afraid.

    Thankfully, it looks like FF and FG are going to let SF go on with it. I don't think Mary Lou will be able to assemble anything workable and if chaos ensues, she won't have the DUP or the Brits to blame down here-it'll all be on her.
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  20. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    Absolutely DeGaulle, linking the Irish Language Act to and with the introduction of abortion - and holding an entire country to ranson - - FOR YEARS - - till they got their way is but a measure of how idealised SF actually are.
    In fact, to have the audacity to push so many families into financial stress, poverty and all kinds of other ills, is disconcerting in the extreme. JUST SO AS TO ATTAIN A PARTY IDEAL!

    When reflecting upon this, i can only but recall the Nazi and Communist parties enacting such cold, calculated processes, over the welfare of their peoples, in order to meet party ideals.

    But, significantly, the (biased and puppet) press were complicit in this. They didn't ever call-them-out on it. And Unionist attempts to do so were not taken-up by this biased media (in fact, the opposite was true; these absurdities were deliberately played-down).

    If you ask me, SF were picking-up perks for their endeavours.. Financially, yes. Sure...
    But is it coincidence that all-of-a-sudden they are now mainstream in the South?

    If what you say is true, and FF and FG are giving SF a run at government, then that's a stroke of genius. For SF haven't a clue! They learned well from the old Unionist parties how to say no to everything; how to play the role 'of opposition' very, very well.

    They won't, i wager, fare so well when charged with actually governing.

    "the South is next", indeed....
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