Ireland’s Tragic Abandonment of Catholic Teaching

Discussion in 'Spirit of Ireland' started by garabandal, Oct 17, 2017.

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    I see Arch Liberal Eamon Martin has something to say for himself. He and Cupich and Tobin and Wuerl et surpirses, an attack on Vigano; they're all at it. If Eamon Martin were to launch an attack on the devil himself I 'd be tempted to think Satan wasn't such a bad guy after all.;)
    Some one told me his nickname amongst the clergy is, 'The Suitcase', he flies about all over the place that much.

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    The party was effectively over by the time the Vigano story broke, so the claim that he hijacked the WMF is a bit rich.
    But that claim does take heat off the appalling arrangements made for lay people to travel to the final Mass...
    7 km journey by foot or wheelchair with NO shuttle buses....and you had to carry your own chair if you wanted to sit! (14 km round trip with approx. 4 hrs at the Mass venue....and no seating or shuttles available for anyone.)
    And then they fob off the people by saying it's a pilgrimage!!!!!!
    It was a nice practise run for the big round up that's probably ahead of us.
    But there are faithful people willing to make that sacrifice for the Eucharist... Lord have mercy on our us all.
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    But you were very good for making the effort in good Faith and I am sure God will Bless you for it. The more difficulties the more rewards. Persoanally I would not have been caught dead anywhere near it.

    I remember one tme walking up Croagh Padraig with the dogs. it was the first and only time I had ever done it. No one warned me about the little insects. I think every btiing insect in the Universe must live there and must love my blood. I thought I was going to be a skeleton by the time I got down.:):);)

    But you know in a funny strange way those biting cannibals are what made the pilgrimage for me. It is partly because of them I remember it so well.

    I just LOVED the little Church on top. So simple, so rough. it made me think of the very old saints.

    Tired dogs, tired, well eaten pilgrims.

    The top of Croagh Padraig reminded me of the Apollo Moon Landing for some strange reason.

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    This brings me back; how people can climb that moutain in their bare feet, praying the Rosary, defeats me.

    Yet thosands and thousands do it every year.

    Well my dogs did it.

    I never could.

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    Archbishop Martin urges caution over anti-abortion protests at GP surgeries

    Talk about creating a false red flag. Before abortion is even introduced in Ireland Martin is creating a fuss over something that hasn't even happened yet.

    He has surrendered to the spirit of the age. What a coward.:p
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    The 'pro-choice' (pro-murder) supporters in Ireland are becoming very concerned because there is nothing in Irish law to stop protesters standing at the very gates of the abortion mills in large numbers with graphic posters. They claim that British organisers of anti-abortion protests have visited Ireland to help the locals organise themselves (I hope so) and that something must be done to prevent the poor girls about to murder their babies from being offended. There was a young woman (with the most appealing, soft Irish accent that I've ever heard) on the radio appealing to the Irish government to put legislation in place a.s.a.p. to stop the 'extremists frightening clients and staff'. The BBC were, of course, very happy to assist her to do so.
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    How disheartening! It would seem the Archbishop is in desperate need of a visitation from St. Thomas More! But of course, More was entirely focused on adhering to one's informed conscience. I'm unsure of the status of the Archbishop's conscience!:barefoot::eek::rolleyes:

    Still, Martin's capitulation is appalling!:confused:(n):sick::mad:
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    “Woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil”
    Here in Maryland, we are not allowed to protest and pray the rosary on the death clinic property. We have to stand back. There is one pro-life lady who speaks right up. She directs her comments right to the women entering. She says, “Mom, are you sure you want them to throw your baby in the trash can?”
    Women are allowed to come over to talk to us, but we can’t go on the death clinic property.
    I haven’t gone on a prayer vigil in awhile. February is one of the months we go.
    So I hope to be there a couple of times.
    Sometimes you don’t know if you are making any difference but you do it for
    the Blessed Mother.
    There is another lady who holds a big sign with a picture of a darling baby. It says, “honk if you love life.”
    We get a fair amount of honks.:)
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    Thank God you are there...only God knows whose heart you may have changed! Time worth every minute if you can change just one heart.
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    Same situation here.
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    He is a turncoat.
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    Where the hell were these men before the law was passed? Did any of them speak out for the rights of the unborn "citizen" then? Because I don't remember reading about any of them doing so. All this and the damn procedure is taxpayer funded to boot. This is absolute madness.
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    Well in a sad kind of way I feel sorriest for the clerics who fall to this. For they will have to answer to God for it at the Judgement Seat and their Damnation will be truly terrible. May God have mercy on their poor deluded souls.
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    This is exactly what I don't understand about this situation. These men know they are given the responsibility to care for the flock and instead are staring off at the sky whistling to themselves as the wolf pack circles ever closer. Do any of them actually believe in God? If they do they have to understand that they will be held to account. The thing is that it is not too late in spite of the law being passed any of them could speak out in warning but yet they remain silent or even defend against peaceful protesters? Were the clergy actively present at any of the demonstrations and marches before the vote?
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    Well I am not sure about God. To know love and serve God you have to pray to Him. That is how you get to know Him. If they did know God they would not act as they do. The God they worship, insofar as they do Worship is clearly a False God. A God they have created in their own false hearts. I suspect , as with the Masons their real God is mankind. So in a sense they are their own Gods.

    But what ever they clearly fo not Fear God or have any belief in hell whatsoever.

    Actually it would have been much , much better for them if they had come right out and supported the slaughter of the innocents. Choosing a middle way, 'It's not really, really important like climate change', type of thingy (a la Cardinal Cupich) was the worst possible choice for as Jesus said He will spit the lukewarm out of His mouth.

    But it was St Thomas Aquinas who said that when the best go bad they are the worst of the worst; so we should not be surprised at these Modern King Herod's.

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    Don the simple answer is they have lost their faith but are unaware of that they have lost it. They think we are sadly medieval for embracing these eternal truths. Padraig is right. They are in a bad bad place.

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