Ireland 'waking' up?

Discussion in 'Spirit of Ireland' started by sparrow, Sep 1, 2021.

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    What are they going to do, throw us out of the church if we genuflect? This displays a profound ignorance among the 'experts' who dare to condescend to talk down to us in this manner. Those of us lucky enough to have been provided the Penny Cathechism know that 'God is everywhere', but this is the mystical, cosmic Reality of God. Of this Reality, it can be said that 'no man sees My Face and lives'. In this sense, we cannot perceive God. In the Tabernacle is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Second Person of the Trinity, the only Divine Person of whose face any man can see and live. God in the previous sense is everywhere, but only a madman would consider it appropriate to physically pay homage to a constantly present but unseen and unseeable Being-when ought one begin, when ought one stop? In truth, it would be inhuman and impossible. But Christ has given us the almost unimaginably great privilege of being present, physically as God and as a man, in the tabernacles of our churches. It's hard not to suspect that those who proclaim that Gnostic nonsense in this video don't believe this perpetual miracle of Christ's Presence.
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    Thank you, Mary Rose:love:
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    Powerful beautiful post.
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    We were so innocent back then, like little children; even the oldest of us. I recall pictures of the Kennedy's in every home. Priests were treated with such huge respect.

    One of the Seminarians told me that in Limerick it is not unusual for them to get spat at and cursed.

    There was a biography if Jean Kennedy my spiritual director read, he reckoned she was a saint for what she had to put up with.

    Happier so much more innocent days. We are far richer now and much more worldly wise but oh if I could grab a time machine and go back to the innocense and spiritual richness of those far of days.:)

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    What a great voice!
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    Only the good God knows what they are thinking, I can't imagine. Trying to do so would be like rummaging in a garbage bag.

    I see some of these super learned Redemptorist priests from time to time and even to look at them fills me with a kind of quiet horror.

    May God forgive them all. I look at some of the older Redemptorists and wonder what they make of it all. They must realise. Do they speak out? Do they fight against this?
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    Thank you, maryrose, for being one of the good who've kept the flame of faith burning on the old sod. The Two Hearts won't desert you!:love::notworthy:
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    Were the Redemptorists the ones who gave us the 'parish missions' years ago and laid on sin and Hell with a trowel? It was sobering, but didn't we need it? Unpleasant facts won't go away by ignoring them or trying to rationalise them out of existence. Has this theologian, Hans Urs Von Balthasar driven them all cracked? Ralph Martin excoriated him as being worse than Karl Rahner in his book 'Will Many be Saved'. This Universalism that these two preached is devastating. One can say any old nonsense if you think your salvation is guaranteed, no matter what. It soon leads to one imagining oneself to be on a par with God Himself, so why would you genuflect to your equal? But it does leave the question very open, then, about what the whole shooting match is about, doesn't it?
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    My father’s ancestry is from Ireland and they brought their faith here in 1829. Generations later— now I see the faith must have been strong because when I go to mass during the week it is those relatives - cousins that are there. Thank you Ireland.
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    Like Pádraig I would love to recapture those days of innocence when we believed that all was going in the right direction. There is still a lot of faith here especially amongst the older generation and many good and holy priests. I know there is a lot of prayer going on. We are in the wars now and we know with certainty who wins.
    I always admired Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy's faith and a praying mother can save her family. It was very dissapointing to see the Kennedy's especially Teddy, go the way of the world supporting abortion but please God he received the grace of final repentance.
    In God we trust.
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    You never know, maryrose. I've read the reputed testimony of a priest who heard John F. Kennedy's confession the night before he was assassinated in 1963! Yes, parental prayers are very powerful!:love:
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    The more that we conform the Spirit of the Church to the Spirit of the World the more we make it irrelevant. For what is the point of a going to a Church that is the same as the World? This is the exact opposite of what Modernists say. They believe that by making the Church, 'Relevant' , to the Modern World we will attract people , especially young people, in droves. But just the opposite has happened. The young want nothing to do with the Modern Church. They are though very ,very attracted to the Traditionalist Church.


    We conform our practices to so called, 'Reformed' Sects like the Anglicans, who will be dead in under a generation.

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    There is hope for Ireland when a priest such as Fr Brendan preaches.

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    Refreshingly frank and wonderfully diagnostic.
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    Indeed. We can now speak of the unionist minority. Our next step is to convince these unionists that their best prospects for the future lie in a United Ireland. Unfortunately, and quite dishonourably with respect to the Good Friday Agreement which they claimed to be implementing, Northern Ireland unionism placed all its money on Brexit, in the hope that the withdrawal by the UK from Europe could restore a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Brexit rationalised its withdrawal from Europe on the basis of escaping the excessive regulation and political correctness of continental Europe, but in reality Britain is far more corrupted than Europe at this stage, as any examination of the domination of the Green and LGBT dystopias would confirm. If Unionism in Northern Ireland is truly sincere about remaining British, in the real sense, they need to realise their best chance lies in a United Ireland, even on the basis it guarantees them being a big fish in a small pond rather than a sprite in a large ocean. Ireland needs sincere Protestant Unionism.

    One thing's for sure: Ulster is no longer 'British'...and, in truth, it never was.
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    This is so awesome to see! There is always hope! Fighting for our faith is what we were born to do in this time. God bless those men and God bless Ireland! :love:(y)
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    This is a wave that will turn into torrent, that will grow into a monsoon. It will spread from Ireland as in days of old- an expression of trust in Our Lady of Victory! Rise o men of the Faith and remain steadfast, for as this Wave of Entrustment grows there will be pushback. May the martyrs of the Vendee pray for us!
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