Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by BrianK, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. garabandal

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    As a northerner looking at the Republic of Ireland I am struck by the level of corruption at all levels - there appears to be very little accountability within organisations --

    Sorry to say but I have a more cynical view since those who lead us are unbelievers and their intellects are darkened by sin and unbelief --
    • The media (RTE & Irish Times etc) are a completely satiated by the cultural marxist agenda - why do people have to pay a TV licence to an organisation like RTE that spouts one sided propaganda?
    • A corrupt political elite running the show at the behest of the European oligarchy -- not one of the major parties in Ireland is pro-life -- they introduced no fault divorce, same-sex marriage and abortion - they promote perversion -- so they are on the side of darkness and satan --
    • Corrupt Judicial system with a corrupt police force (the last two Garda commissioners had to resign because of internal corruption) there is no accountability within the judicial system at all --
    • Corrupt bankers/banking system
    Who does the Irish government take orders from? Europe of course -- and in Ireland Project 2040 they propose to bring in an extra 1.1 million people into the country --- where will all these people come from?

  2. Beth B

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    Wow...Ireland is worse than what I thought...very, very sad for the Emerald isle . Loss of faith has caused this all.
    Keep praying...God wins.
  3. "Quis ut Deus"

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    I recently visited kilmainham gaol with my good wife when we got to the courtyard where Joseph Mary Plunkett was executed my wife asked me to stand beneath the tri color for a photo my reply was simple "I would have been proud to until they wrecked my country so I will stand for a photo where Joseph fell instead.."
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  4. Dolours

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    Thanks for the links. I'm not saying that Gemma and the others should stop reporting and leave it all to the established media. I'm uncomfortable with people whipping up anger. Take you first link for example. There's good reason for not naming minors who commit crimes. In my opinion, it is unwise to use a particularly evil crime as a reason to change or relax the law protecting the identity of minors. There's a difference between justice and vengeance. It's no advantage to me, you or anyone else to know the name of the schoolboy murderers. And I don't see how justice would be served by heaping more trouble on their parents. Isn't being the parent of a 13 year old murderer trouble enough for anyone? In a small country like this, what's the advantage to anyone of revealing their identities? That wouldn't give life back to the murder victim and it won't lessen the loss to her parents. If you were the parent of one of the boys, possibly with other children, would you want more horror piled on you? I think not, and as Christians we are supposed to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

    It's easy to pick on those families but in truth these types of crimes are inevitable in a society with no respect for the dignity of the human person, and what we have now is an example of the erosion of respect for life and for the meaning of family. I don't need to read outrage blogs or watch outrage videos to see how low we have sunk. A trip into any town on a Saturday night provides plenty of evidence of what we have become. The "I've got mine" mentality is widespread and makes it easy to sail through life until trouble knocks on our door. And we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Remember that Mass going Catholics, including priests, voted to legalise divorce, gay marriage and abortion here.

    May God forgive us all.
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  5. maryrose

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    The 1916 leaders would not recognise this country. They are turning in their graves.
    I agree with Dolores national pride has done spiritual harm. We prided ourselves in bring faithful Roman Catholics but it was a bit of a sham. It was confused with keeping up appearances in front of the neighbors. Hence the mother and baby homes and the secret adoptions etc etc. The appearance looked good but the spirit was absent. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear. In any event prayer is our only hope. At the end of all this we will be a humble people
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  6. Bartimaeus

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    Unfortunately the Ana Kreigel case isn't the first time in my life that an Irish child has killed another child as part of satanic expression.
    There is nothing new under the sun :cry:
  7. AED

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    I feel such deep sadness for Ireland.
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  8. Mario

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  9. Roger Buck

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    Some thoughts, Maryrose.

    You are, of course, so very right about the 1916 leaders. Their legacy has been betrayed. The tragedy is beyond all words.

    But as an outsider to Ireland, I cannot help but feel you saying the spirit was absent goes too far. Or saying "sham" ...

    I mean, maybe every culture is always a sham, at least partly. There is always fakeness everywhere. Every people is deeply fallen and the Irish are no exception.

    But as an outsider, I first came to this country is 2004, living in County Clare. And I was BLOWN AWAY by the depth of human care, compassion, sheer, sheer humanness I felt then and can still feel everywhere in Ireland. As I've said elsewhere and to you ...

    So obviously there were terribly hypocritical things as you very rightly say. But the spirit of Irish Catholicism is something that I feel so powerfully, having never found anything like it in my native America, England or other Catholic countries I've lived in.

    Prayer is the key most important thing of course. But other things are needed too.

    As much as I love the Irish, one thing I definitely appreciate about the French is their willingness to demonstrate.

    France had between 300,000 (official conservative estimate) and a million on the streets against so-called same sex "marriage". More I want to say about France, but I will pause now ...
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  10. jackzokay

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    In my youth I had a tattoo of Ireland done on my back. Im ashamed of it now. Utterly ashamed. I prolly never will, but I'd dearly like it removed.
    ...not for cosmetic reasons; but rather for the reasons detailed in this thread.
    They'll bring in 1million migrants, and that will further dilute and destroy the faith.
    I may be out of line here - second guessing the Almighty, but I expect a chastisement for Ireland.... the only country on earth where the people actually voted for the introduction of abortion via a referendum.
    In a strange irony, it is the protestants that are keeping abortion and gay marriage out of northern Ireland. The parties that are supposed to represent the Catholics in the North are pushing for these unholy things.
    Although Im from Derry in North. I have a home in Donegal and I'm very proud that Donegal was the only county in Ireland to vote against abortion. Maybe God will spare us, or at least go lightly upon us..
    Im taking my 3-year old to see Mary shortly, at the chapel next door. Shes just told me she misses Mary.
  11. AED

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    I am very proud of Donegal. It is like the Vendee in France who fought back against the godless Jacobins. It seems that the devout protestants are "carrying our water" these days as so many Catholics choose the Broad way. We are the true Church but the Spirit blows where He will. After Jusas's betrayal they chose another quoting the scripture "let another take his place"
    I will never leave the Church but I do recognize courage and faithfulness in those who through no fault of their own were born protestant. Sister Lucy heard the words "in time one faith. One Church" and was filled with joy.

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