Ireland passes law allowing trans people to choose their legal gender

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Miriam, Jul 16, 2015.

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    Can anyone doubt that we are in an End Times Event!? Perhaps not THE End Times but certainly a Preview!! I don't have any doubt that satan, his minions and all his PC Useful Idiots are orchestrating this Parade of Idiocy .... and EVIL ....... targeting young people who are already confused, without a moral compass and rudderless!
    GOD SAVE ALL HERE ...................... and everywhere!!
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    Yes, last time I renewed my drivers license the form started off as pretty standard, asking if any information had had changed such as my name, address, etc. But the last question was if my sex had changed :confused: strange times indeed.
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    If I were in prison, I'd "change my sex" to female and demand to be put in a female prison. (just throwing that out there) :)
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    It represents creeping normalisation. Since a very large proportion of the population possess documents such as drivers' licences, such categories on documents held by almost everybody will be used by the bureaucrats who conceive this insanity to claim that most of us consent to this.
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    But lets hope it doesn't catch on.:eek:

    :unsure:Or though it might serve the few remaining sane people on earth a glimmer of hope for the future.(y)

    Just imagine all male prisoners demanding their rights to become female and all the female prisoners demanding their right to become male!:confused:

    Now that would have to be enough to scare most teenages straight:D
  7. DeGaulle

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    The 'logic' (not really the appropriate word) of this insanity is not far from what you describe. As one's sex, according to these perverts, is entirely one's choice at any given moment and as there are more options available apparently than there are letters in the alphabet, it eliminates the necessity and practicability of separate toilet, showering and changing facilities. Indeed of sleeping arrangements. In reality, something these lunatics have only a tenuous grasp of, if any at all, the ideology is the most viciously misogynistic one can imagine. Some feminists are becoming alarmed, but most, who essentially despise femininity and womanhood, are quite enthusiastic. It is as plain as the nose on one's face that there will be multiple victims of this mixing of the (two) sexes and there are no prizes for guessing which one will suffer most. As for children, of both sexes, it is difficult to even think about it.

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