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    Yes that's what can happen but now I understand that the hospital will quickly assess the situation and release the person immediately if they don't agree that the person needs an intervention.
    In the past the person who had them committed would have to agree to their release but not anymore.
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  2. Adoremus

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    Still strikes me as a system that is dangerously open to misuse/abuse. Especially in present times when sanity is considered madness!
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    ...and madness is the new sanity.
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  4. maryrose

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    Yes open to abuse and has been used in the past to get rid of difficult family members like an unmarried mother. Very dark history
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  6. AED

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    In the Soviet Union they confined dissenters in mental wards. Fiendish punishments for failure to conform.
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    One other point a doctor has to sign the Section with the relative who is looking to have the person sectioned
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    I think there was mention of the doctor in the video.

    It looked like a very calm and lucid woman being told by HSE staff that she was being sectioned and that she couldn't have legal representation until she was in the hospital. I wouldn't have gone with those three either. They could have been anybody.
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    Oh how sad it has become, they would not be in power without thier bold brothers and sisters who died for thier faith.
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    :cry::cry::cry: And those who dared to go to Mass at the Mass rocks.
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    This is in response to a pride flag being taken down at the Church. I believe the bishop told the parish priest to remove it. So Fr Egan is responsible for stirring anti Catholic sentiment because he was the one who put the flag up.

    Parish priest Father Adrian Egan told his parishioners at Sunday mass that flying the pride flag was part of the church’s efforts to make everyone in the community feel welcome and included.
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    Oh no. :(
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    Father Egan is an idiot and I use that term appropriately. He has managed to apologise for putting the flag up and taking the flag down.

    I want to apologise to all those genuine people who were confused by our putting the flag up and were hurt and offended by it and I hope that in the engagement we had, maybe you understand what we were at and some of your fears were allayed.

    “I also need to apologise to those now who were hurt by the taking of the flag down, because an awful lot of people were very moved by it.
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    Padraig you might know of him as he was previously in Clonard your home patch.

  16. garabandal

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    Seems this priest has form in attention seeking.

    What kind of priest takes selfies of himself in a urinal and places them on Facebook?

    View attachment 14842
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  17. Adoremus

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    One who is trying to send out a particular type of message I would say. Disturbing to say the least.
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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  19. BrianK

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    In a tux with bow tie, not a Roman collar, no less.
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    A picture is worth a thousand words. This is so wrong. :confused:
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