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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Yes Ireland is a Signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights and it was carried on into Irish Law in 2003. Hence the closing of Churches is as illegal in Ireland as it is in Scotland.

    I hope that Priest in Cavan gets hold of this news. He has every right to say Holy Mass. And the Garda can sling their hook.
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    Our country's Constitution has effectively been binned, in what amounts to a Soviet-type seizure of power by a one-issue commissariat. If our pathetic, pusillanimous politicians continue to concede their power to this cabal, I believe the normal rule of law will not hold anymore. We might win in Court, but it will make no difference. Communism has most certainly returned and more profoundly in Ireland, which has the strictest lock-down on the planet, than in any other jurisdiction. It is hard not to conclude that this is good enough for us.

    The change in the status of Knock is hopeful, however.
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    Oh, for an Irish bishop like that.
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    Once upon a time :)

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    Ireland's Eternal Fire - Trailer

    We may be down , but we're not out!
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    AidanK A great sinner

    In penal times we were prevented from attending Holy Mass by Englishmen wearing red coats. The tragedy today is that the Irish are prevented from attending Holy Mass by fellow Irishmen wearing blue coats
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    It's being done in Israel, in Ireland. Maybe the Great Reset Folks threw a dart and ended up in the middle of the alphabet.

    I'm unsure who the first crew in Elena's house were; but this is what happens only in a totalitarian state. It really doesn't change anything if they are polite. My question is, "Who contacted the Gardai or were they already waiting outside?"These are State hirelings drunk on power, simply put, with a populace unwilling to say, "Enough is enough"! In fact, it is so late in the game in the Republic, that I don't know what can stop it. At first I was suspicious that the phone wasn't confiscated and the clip went virile. Maybe they wanted to show how in control they are.

    Beware: Ireland's being used as a pilot for the rest of the West. If they can do it there, where won't they be able to do it?

    In the USA, they have to take a different approach because of power sharing between the States and the Federal government. Many states the likes of South Dakota, Utah, and Texas, would resist. Perhaps only a national catastrophe like an EMP attack could bring about such a degree of submission. We shall see!

    Lord have Mercy!
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    What's happening here is this lady is being sectioned under the mental health act which is an old piece of legislation that was intended for getting treatment for people who are considered a danger to themselves. It is usually signed by a relative and the person is forcefully removed to hospital for assesment. I presume this lady was released when doctors established she was OK. This legislation was certainly abused in the past to put elderly or difficult relatives into care. The question is who signed and why?
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    Yes, I live in the south in Alabama. They are resistors. And very Evangelical . . .I am surrounded by Baptist churches! They are not afraid to express their faith and even in the stores the clerks will tell you to "Have a God Blessed Day". We are in a bit of a crisis down here, started today with a gas shortage. Apparently some companies on the east coast were hijacked on the computers and it has caused a panic around me. Gas stations are running out and people lining up for miles to fill the tanks. Kind of like the toilet paper crisis last year. It will be something to see how this all shakes out by the end of the week. No doubt it will raise the price of gas! good thing we don't have to get to work, we are retired. But our son works for a trucking company and will see how that goes for him this week.
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    I think they will do almost anything to keep the price of crude oil artificially high. Watch it go up and up and the markets reach record high after high. It is a complete fabrication. Western economies have been pumping out billions of free money for 14 months, unemployment is going off the charts, industries strangled perhaps never to return and yet the markets soar. If the repercussions were not so dire it would all be very amusing. As it is, this house of cards is on breaking point and they are almost ready to bring it all down. On the positive side, every move they make to realise their diabolical plan will ultimately been turned on their own head.
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    According to their 'Modern Monetary Theory', there are no limitations to the accumulation of debt-they can just continue indefinitely, and without consequence, to put everything on the tab. With computers as the database, the cost or availability of ink isn't even a restriction. It is essentially a claim to be able to create out of nothing. The end-game is not going to be pretty.
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    So if a family member decides you are a danger to yourself because you, for example, decline the Covid vaccine or refuse to wear a face mask, all it takes is for said family member to have you sectioned under this act and you could find yourself in the same situation as this poor woman did. I know someone that had this done to them by a sibling, pre covid. A very devout religious lady. Spent months in a mental ward and took years to recover from the trauma of it. Very scary stuff.
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    Thanks for that clarification, maryrose.

    Safe on the Father's Lap!
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    Beth B Beth Marie

    Prayers for your son in the trucking industry....and everyone in need of fuel to make a living.
    I fear this gas crisis is just one of many more crises to come.....
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