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    I was listening to Fr Ripperger the other night. He says that before 1963 an Exorcism lasted about one or two days on average.

    After 1963 they were taking ten months to two years. It was as if a switch had been thrown.

    Nowadays they are indefinite or they just can't cut it.. (Or maybe that is just another way of saying they just won't budge).

    Why? The Father says that the Exorcist acts merely as a representative of the Church and since the Church has gone so downhill (especially in recent times) the Exocists have lost pretty well all their powers.

    He also commented that many, many Exorcists have not a clue what they are doing and that most Bishops don't want to know about Possessions.

    He has some very interesting comments about the Virus, lock downs and wearing masks:


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  2. Malachi

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    I dont agree with the good Father's reasoning for the intransigence of evil spirit in cases of possession. The priest is acting in an official capacity with the authority of the Church, which is surely not determined by the current deplorable state of the Church as She exists in time. The power exercised by the priest in exorcism comes ultimately from Christ. The faith of the priest would seem to me to be more of an issue than the temporal state of the Church. I have not listened yet to his talk I am just basing this on what you have said above Padriag.
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    I think maybe one of the things the Father was referring to was the revised Roman Rituale which the Vatican issued and which Exorcists used. The problem being that it just didn't work. The devils more nor less laughed at it. So exorcists reported this and were given permission to use the Old Latin Rite Rituale which always had worked.

    It was a bit like Front Line Troops being handed new rifles by their HQ which would not fire bullets.

    The devils seem to have a fear of the use of Latin in the Rite.

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  4. DeGaulle

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    That's what I would have thought, that the prayers of exorcism had been diluted in the sixties-maybe they think they can 'dialogue' with devils-such monumental arrogance when you think about it-effectively imagining that they can accomplish with their self-devised words what the Creator of all, devils included, considered He had to endure death for in order to achieve.

    I don't think it's the Latin per se that is the absolute essential, but the content-the particular Divinely-inspired words. The Truth is the Truth, in any language, although Latin is undoubtedly the best at fixing it without ambiguity.
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    That's what I have come to think. All the fretting for decades over the decline in vocations was merely a deflection from the perception of the ongoing mass apostasy we have been enduring. The statistics that there are more Catholics on the planet than ever before means little when the likes of Joe Biden is included in them. And that's only taking a very extreme example.

    However, I cling to the hope that most of the apostasy is of the kind that will quickly be dispelled by an aweful (deliberate misspelling) Warning.
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    Okay so I finally got round to listening to the video today. He uses the phrase ex opera operantis ecclessiae when referring to the power of the exorcist. He is making the point that unlike the sacraments which work by virtue of the sacramental rite itself, the supernatural efficacy of the rite of exorcism is dependent upon the Churchs sanctity. My thinking erred by thinking that this was exclusively referring to the Church as the mystical body but on further reflection we cannot of course leave out the temporal, visible existence of the Church in time. The Church of course is one thing but is manifested in different manners. We speak of the Church triumphant, suffering, militant etc. It is such a great point that Father Ripperger makes and is really startling when you think about it. The battered sinful state of the Church affects the supernatural efficacy of our sacramental, prayers, and rites like exorcism.
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    He is an exceptional priest. Thank you for your explanation.
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    Man, I really understand where this priest is coming from and agree with him on almost everything...except disobeying his bishop. But how long can a bishop forbid his priests from providing people with the Mass?
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    At least the priest is awake.

    The government propaganda has worked - they have succeeded in brainwashing the majority of the population in Ireland.

    We are now in a communist system and we are not going to get out of it.

    Another prophecy of Garabandal fulfilled 'when communism returns'.

    And as for all of those fooled into taking a vaccine to get their freedom - they have been duped. They are not getting their freedom back - not in any meaningful way.

    There is no return to the old way - the new normal is communistic fascist control of our lives.
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  12. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Or maybe they will have an epiphany moment and realise the church does not belong to them it belongs to all of us, together, we are mere caretakers.
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  13. Beth B

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    This prophecy keeps coming into my head...
    Another prophecy of Garabandal fulfilled 'when communism returns'.
    I truly believe we are on this path. It looks as though the USA is on this course. If it goes, so goes the world...then we shall see this prophecy complete. “When communism is at its worse” appears to be close at hand. If that’s the benchmark for its fulfillment, then only the Holy Spirit knows,...I can’t see this reversing. We need to be spiritually prepared because I’m not seeing any other recourse. The political system that protected against this communistic takeover has failed. but the war really was not politically’s been spiritual all along...imho.
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  16. Indy

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    What a priest, a few more like him and the snakes would be glad to leave.
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    Well according to Professor Doyle, (posted this few weeks back on another tread) the Government has been deceptive in it's language and there is actually no lawful restriction on religious practices! That's why they need 2weeks to come up with some other lawful objection. Thank God for courageous priests like Fr. Hughes. He forces their hand.

    Religious Services and the Rule of Law: Authority and Coercion
    Prof Oran Doyle, Trinity College Dublin
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    From what I understand the Bishop's voluntarily closed down without any real argument or investigation of the right of religious freedom. They have a lot to answer for. People have been denied the sacraments by their own church.
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    Yes, we are basically cancelling ourselves. We're are saying we are non essential.

    Wider society will despise us for this.
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    If we only knew how God regards this Sacrifice, we would risk our lives to be present at a single Mass.

    Padre Pio
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