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    I don't think sectarianism necessarily has its roots in cultural Marxism. Long before Marx was born, the most vicious sectarian campaign imaginable was implemented by Protestants against Catholics in these islands. This is not to say that cultural Marxists aren't opportunistically exploiting the situation. However, we all remember Cromwell; the Penal Laws; the suppression of primogeniture among Catholics, almost inevitably leading to famine; Mass rocks; hedge schools and so on. This seems a fine initiative, but there is some responsibility that can't simply be deflected to contemporary bogey-men.
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    I guess I was getting at that "cultural Marxists aren't opportunistically exploiting the situation"

    But I do feel we need unity not division, obviously not compromising our sacraments but don't feel like a debate on that.

    My ancestors suffered greatly at the hands of a so called protestant regime, but I don't see any harm in attempting to end sectarianism.
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    During this pandemic the novus ordo has been even more exposed as a butchery and a mutilation of the Catholic mass. It's so depressing to see just how impoverished it is from every aspect. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about it and if we must suffer its extinction during this "pandemic" then what a blessing.
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    That's my solution. Thank God I have options in the city centre because my own parish is probably the best of what's available in this area. If what you describe were the only option, I think I would grit my teeth and go to that Mass because there's no Sanctifying Grace from a spiritual Communion, and no matter what some people would have us believe, watching Mass on a screen is not the same as being physically present at the Holy Sacrifice.

    Coincidentally, today was the first time I saw Communion at the end of Mass. I watched two Masses online, both from London. One was an OF Mass and the other a TLM. The OF Mass was in a church that looked like a 1970's kitchen with black and white tiles on the floor. The TLM church was very ornate and there was a person singing (chanting?) the responses, the Kyrie and the Gloria.

    I saw no final blessing at the OF Mass and the people seemed to leave after receiving Communion. Before giving out Communion, the priest held up first the consecrated host and then the chalice saying in turn "The Body/Blood of Christ" and everyone said "Amen". Communion was given in silence.

    There was a final blessing at the TLM. When I saw the priest and altar boy leave I thought it was all over with no Communion. Then I noticed that the people didn't leave and one woman went to kneel at the altar rail. The priest and altar boy returned and gave out Communion. The people returned to the pews after receiving Communion. (I could only see the front pew in both churches and there were a lot more people receiving at the TLM).

    There has been no change in the order of the Mass in any of the churches I've been to here. Some are more pernickety than others and some only give Communion in the hand but it is given out during Mass and people can stay and pray after Mass. The length of time they can stay depends on whether the pews need to be sanitised for the next Mass or if it's the last Mass and the church is being closed for the night.
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    'The people who have no God will have Government as their God.'

    G K Chesterton.

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    Very sad. Marino Restrepo said in one of his reflections that if this pandemic is man made a solution will be found and "normal" life will continue. But if it is from God then it is a chastisement and it will not succumb to man made solutions. He believes we are overdue for a chastisement.......sigh.
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    If it is a chastisement it is one of the worst fails in history.
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    The chastisement might not be in the virus itself, but in the diminution of freedoms, and the consequent inclination on the part of the State to further erode them, provoked by it.
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    Spot on.
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    Well it certianly isnt the virus with 99.7 percent recovery rate. This is another move on the chess board for the lodge.
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    I heard a good one yesterday. I was chatting with a client and we both spoke of the scapegoating in the COVID lockdown of those who own public houses, closed down now for almost a year. The client, still quite a young man himself, told me of an older neighbour who said that the publicans' representative organisation finally got their wish in 2019 to open on Good Friday and they got the benefit of it for just that one year. I was impressed by the old man's implication.
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    A real shepherd:rolleyes: Another Modernist Liberal.

    Dublin Archbishop forbids priests from privately giving Holy Communion during current lockdown
    'In the interest of health and safety priests and parishes ought not to succumb to requests to distribute Holy Communion before or after Mass, in or outside churches,' Archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, said in a recent statement


    DUBLIN, Ireland, March 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The new Archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, has reinforced the government’s current ban on acts of worship, by even forbidding priests in his diocese from privately distributing Holy Communion to parishioners, unless as part of a funeral or wedding.

    In a statement released Thursday March 4, Farrell added the weight of further ecclesiastical prohibition to the already present government prohibits on worship. “In the interest of health and safety priests and parishes ought not to succumb to requests to distribute Holy Communion before or after Mass, in or outside churches,” he declared.

    “Drive-in Masses are not permitted as no gatherings of people outdoors or indoors are permitted. Holy Communion can only be distributed in the church to mourners attending a Funeral Mass, to those celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage and to the essential ministers that make celebration of Mass online possible, (e.g., Minister of the Word, Sacristan),” the statement added.

    Any arrangements for the reception of First Holy Communion or Confirmation, would have to wait until the Irish Government decreed to diocese that it was “safe” to hold such events.

    Farrell also ordered his priests to perform the sacrament of Baptism, “only in exceptional circumstances, that is in danger of death.”

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    His decree has been slammed by some Catholic media in the country, with Catholic Arena describing it as a “dispiriting and demoralising statement to his already dwindling flock…a complete surrender.”

    Ireland has been in a level 5 lockdown since the start of the new year, and is set to remain under the restrictions until at least April 5, when a review will be conducted. As such, communal worship is forbidden, and places of worship are only allowed to open for private prayer. Funerals are currently allowed to occur, but with just “10 mourners” and weddings are similarly limited to 6 people.

    Worship has been forbidden in Ireland since December 26, 2020, and indeed for much of the previous year since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions. It will only be permitted once the country goes back down to level 2 in its restrictions, which could be months away.

    The Irish Catholic hierarchy has conducted a number of meetings with Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheál Martin, in an advertised attempt to “dialogue” their way to less restrictions on churches in the future. The most recent meeting took place towards the end of last month, when the four archbishops of Ireland expressed their continued support for the “public health message and to encourage all necessary measures, including vaccination, to protect health and well-being, especially that of the most vulnerable.” The statement noted that the clerics asked the government for permission that public worship could “resume when an easing of restrictions is considered.”
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    The most chilling decree is that upon baptism. Surely, we are all from moment to moment, even babies, in danger of death? But then, maybe that is what he is indirectly saying.

    On the other hand, priests are scarce and mostly elderly and we can ill afford to lose any. The Archbishop himself doesn't look too robust. Maybe we need to see it from his point of view.

    We are not very far off from the point where our secular authorities might introduce even more draconian restrictions upon Catholic worship and practice and the media mob has provided a ready atmosphere for such persecution. Although our bishops lack the courage of a St John Fisher, to say the least, this is the atmosphere in which they must operate.
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    So low have we sunk.
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    I did reconsider my post and edited it drastically. I am trying not to take the worst interpretation of issues, although I greatly fear it is futile.
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    I read your original post and feared you had been abducted;):D
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    In relation to priests being frail and elderly and numbers low, I still reckon the supply far outweighs the demand and will continue to do so unless something drastically changes. Pessimistic or realistic I'm not too sure.
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    satans power is immense power at the moment.
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    Staggering. But as Fr Ripperger says when the Blessed Mother shows up he's over. Gone. In a instant. (Fr R had seen this is some exorcisms)
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