Ireland has fallen

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. AidanK

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    Ireland was once known as "the land of saints and scholars" and was once one of the most Catholic countries in the world. This is no longer the case. A country that votes in favour of "gay marriage" and will vote on abortion is no longer a Christian country. When the national seminary is tainted with sexual perversion one fears for our future as faithful Catholics. Poland is an example to us all. Our homeland is under attack from Satan and his hordes, St Michael defend us in battle. Vivat Christus Rex
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    Quite, quite sad. More prayers for Ireland.
  3. Immaculata

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    I was actually on twitter viewing comments about abortion referendum and it was far worse than I thought. The people who are campaigning for it are actually open and proud about supporting satan. When some tried to make them see sense with the message of God they openly mocked him and cursed him and praised satan. When offered the truth they just reply with vile language. I find it hard to see how God will not punish this world soon. Though I still hope that somehow people start to change and turn back to God.
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    Don't worry folks - the Amoris Cube will sort Ireland out!! One of the fruits of the World Meeting of Families in Ireland.

  5. AED

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    I hope so too Immaculate. Perhaps it is only a small percentage with a reprobate mind. The rest may simply be following the popular cool kids. In that case truth may penetrate at some point. The truth that is so terrible to contemplate is the guilt incurred on behalf of those who promote and support abortion. Not only is the blood of the aborted laid to their charge but the generations that won’t be born also play into this—which I had not realized until a few days ago. Having been involved with this horror in my youth by supporting a roommate who had an abortion I am sickened to know this. I have been forgiven, curse removed etc. but it is a devastating truth to live with. These poor blind souls. Poor poor souls.
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    Sooooo ... The Vatican, USA, Ireland and Old Christendom are "Fallen" ... What to do!!!!?? Our Trusty Vehicle, The Church & Western Civ, seems to have stalled out! :( Do we collapse into a depressed heap? No! We dismount and fight on foot!!

    Psalm 91 might be a Good-One for "These-Days":

    Verse 7 "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand: but it shall not come nigh thee."

    ... and the Divine Mercy Image too:
    View attachment 7486
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    Be of good courage CD
    Great post
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  8. Dolours

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    Please tell me that this is being funded by the German Church tax and not by our parish collections.
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    You have a point. Who is paying for this?
  10. Praetorian

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    The last bulwarks of ancient Catholic Europe have been breached. France, Italy, Spain all went. Now Ireland. Portugal and Poland are the two countries left in Europe with the highest number of practicing Catholics left. Heaven must be a lake of tears. :cry::cry::cry:
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  11. garabandal

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    We have a personal responsibility to become holy. When we are holy we are authentic witnesses to the faith.

    Holiness is attractive since it is the grace of God in us ~ a revelation of His love.

    But only by, in and through His grace.

    Half a dozen saints could transform Ireland.
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  12. AidanK

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    The faith in Ireland grew over the centuries from very humble beginnings, a small band of Christians persevered, prayed and spread the Gospel message despite being heavily outnumbered and assailed by Earth worshiping , violent pagan hordes. This is now where we find ourselves in the third millennium , like those early Christians of the first millennium. It is our prayers and works to spread the Gospel message which will sustain the faith in this era, and will strengthen us in the battle with earth worshiping violent pagan hordes.
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    I remember one collection at Mass for the WMOF. If there were other collections, they must have been when I was away on holidays. I certainly won't be contributing to any future collections for it.

    Here's an example of the catechesis for young people preparing for confirmation this year:
  14. BrigidK

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    Twitter is a scary place at the best of times but especially now. It's like a shrieking storm of evil.
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  15. AED

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  16. padraig

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    Yes Aidan; but try not to be too negative about things. Everyday when I go to mass I look around me I consider what saints I might be sitting and kneeling alongside. There are saints everywhere. Certainly they may not look like saints...but then again what does a saint look like?

    In the nature of things I think we Catholics tend to keep ourselves to ourselves, we do not advertise were we are on our spiritual journey. So much of what is going on in the hearts of folks stay hidden. But if you look sometimes all around you , you can catch glimpses of pure gold.

    With the priests too and religious. I often listen closely to their little homilies and am often very moved by there great depths. I was just thinking yesterday at Church about meeting these people in heaven and how wonderful it will all be.

    I watched the most extraordinary video the other day of a very old Orthodox monk dying. A little old saint. Things like this are going on all around us everyday, yet we just never know.

  17. padraig

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    I have always found my own spiritual life to be joy after joy. Everything you can thing about God is joyful and a source of joy, including God's Justice. Of course there is great suffering at times but even in the midst of great sorrow and pain Joy has always been there.

    I was walking up the road in the dark a few weeks ago praying and singing a hymn when I heard suddenly the sound of singing all around me, it was my angels joining in singing too. So beautiful. The angels do not sing as we do, they sing with all their hearts. The angels in a real way become the song. So beautiful.

    Life is as it has always been . Some souls choose to follow God. Some choose not too. But what can take away from our own joy at constantly, constantly choosing God.

    What can separate us from the love of Christ?

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  18. padraig

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    You know I think any soul that chooses to go to mass every day at the moment, given the way things are is very, very special and worthy of remark.

    In fact any soul who simply keeps their Faith is quite wonderful. They are an endless source of great joy and encouragement to me, bless them. All Gods saints.

  19. Adoremus

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    There is a collection happening at all masses today. I don't think that in good conscience I can contribute.

    Just watched the video. Everything is on the human level. They're talking about Confirmation, yet not one mention of the Holy Spirit?! :confused:
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  20. AED

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    Padrsig thank you for these encouraging words. I needed them. I am in a real trough right now--of my own making I am sure--but so hard nonetheless. so thankyou.

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