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Discussion in 'The Sacraments' started by Joan J, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    I saw a news article on a local network during dinner tonight which reported on a priest somewhere administering Sacraments using the wrong words.

    While I tuned in late, these 2 anchors described the Vatican affirming everyone who had received Sacraments during the past 20 years by this priest would need to have them re-administered.

    Fine, what struck me was they closed the story by laughing! I knew I had to write them.

    So I did tonight. I explained why their laughter was so bewildering and potentially confusing to viewers, if not downright offensive. I explained there are some who have hate toward the Church. They no doubt will laugh with them.

    It's not my first choice in news Stations.
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  2. HeavenlyHosts

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    I applaud your actions!
    What I read is that the actual baptism of the priest himself was invalid. It was done by a deacon and the deacon used the words “We baptize you” instead of the Church’s words, “ I baptize you.”
    I am glad you sent a letter. Maybe you saved someone from hell.
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  3. Donna259

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    good for you, Joan!
  4. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    How awful that so called professionals would have a laugh over this, and how wonderful of you to take a stand.
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  5. Mark Dohle

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    So, if a person is batied but it is invalid, and that person never knew, but lived a christian life, being devout, with a deep relationshp with Jesus, the Blessed Mother, recieving the sacremtns, are you saying it was invalid, or sinful.

    The reason people laugh is that when looking at the story from the outside, it does look and sound like magic, even though in reality it is not. However, God's grace supplies, is also a saying of the church.

    If someone does all that is expected of him in preparation for receiving a Sacrament, how would it possible for that person not to receive it just because of some error on the part of the priest or bishop? Wouldn’t God repair the problem?

    Answer: First of all, it should be obvious that God does as God pleases! He is never subject to limitations imposed by his creatures, or even to those inherent in the material world. God can and does give grace apart from the Sacraments—the most obvious being the grace of Faith which moves an adult convert to receive Baptism some time later. God can forgive sins without Baptism or Penance; God can give the grace to publicly profess Faith in Jesus Christ, even without Baptism and Confirmation.

    However, the article goes on stating how important it is that the Sacraments be given in the right formula.

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  6. AidanK

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    For a sacrament to be valid it must have correct matter, form and intention.
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