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Discussion in 'The Sacraments' started by Joan J, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Joan J

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    I saw a news article on a local network during dinner tonight which reported on a priest somewhere administering Sacraments using the wrong words.

    While I tuned in late, these 2 anchors described the Vatican affirming everyone who had received Sacraments during the past 20 years by this priest would need to have them re-administered.

    Fine, what struck me was they closed the story by laughing! I knew I had to write them.

    So I did tonight. I explained why their laughter was so bewildering and potentially confusing to viewers, if not downright offensive. I explained there are some who have hate toward the Church. They no doubt will laugh with them.

    It's not my first choice in news Stations.
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    Perhaps this tap on the shoulder will be a kindness to them. So many epople are utterly ignorant or all things Catholic.
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    Me, prior. Raised Protestant in a 95% Protestant town.

    When I visited husband's current Baptist church (Christmas Eve service 2019), the pastor flat out ignored me. Not even a hello greeting. His wife goggled at me as if I had three heads. :rolleyes: Not a word of greeting from her either.
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    Aww so sad. Not very Christian.
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