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    What do you think about this film?

  2. garabandal

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    Thanks for posting this Andrew. Very interesting. I like this priest a lot and must find out more.

    Highly recommended!
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  3. Timothius722

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    Yes...Andrew...very interesting. Thank you for sharing. It is interesting because I had a dream that was confirmed with another dream that me and my wife are to be martyred. In the first dream I awoke with tears of sadness. The second dream I awoke woke with tears of joy and great peace that remained some days afterward. The place of our martyrdom will be at the Nashville airport...where in the future a men's and women's internment camp will be set up. This will happen because of our Catholic faith. Praise be Jesus and Mother Mary! People say I'm crazy...maybe...but I ask you know what is about to come upon the earth?
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  4. Thanks for posting this video. I recommend it to everyone.
    It gives you a bigger picture and integration of what we are praying for and expecting.

    I also find particualrly valuable the instruction about the sacrament of reconciliation, it's conditions for true reconciliation with God. There is no fooling around with God or using the sacraments as magic. (This piece is around 40).
    For those fond of Garabandal is a must see :)
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    A must watch over the weekend.
  6. garabandal

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    Want to promote this video - this one has English voiceover.
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    Are you from the Nashville area?
  8. Timothius722

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    A fine and dandy hello to you picadillo...yes I live in Nashville. It is a city with its own unique favoring...a very transiet and diverse population with the natives largely made up of Irish Scotts and Cherokee...and of course a large Negro population. Within the last 20 years the federal government has made Nashville a gateway city for many Muslim Iraqi Kurds and Muslim Sudanese...thus the religious tensions. Like trying to mix oil and water. Of course this was a intentional Masonic/ Satanic plan all along to ferment religious strife. Nashville is under the heavy boot of Freemasonry. We Catholics must watch our step...I know this all to well after living here for 52 years.
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  9. Thank you Andrew for posting this film! We are talking about it on another thread. Peter is going to translate the letters to the priests for us.
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    Hi Tim,

    My mother-in-law is from Nashville, recently moved from Franklin back to Gallatin. Now my wife wants some space from me and she is thinking about moving to Bethpage near her with the 2 or 3 younger kids. I am exhausted with it all, it has been a cross I've carried for 8 years. I don't think we'll make it to the finish line. No doubt a masonic area.
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    Any ideas on safe/any places in Tn for the soon to be ex/family to relocate?
  12. Timothius722

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    picadillo...I hear and feel your pain my brother in much suffering in broken family relationships. We live in a masonic society where marriage and the family are under direct assault...I will pray for your situation that you find peace, courage and strength to bear up these crosses. If your looking for a closer place...try Cookeville or even Crossville. Great places... low cost of living. Further east...I would definitely head to the hills of east Tennessee. I've spent a lot of time their as my brother and family live in Bristol. Its a slower pace of life and less expensive. If you live on the Tennessee side of Bristol of course you don't pay any state tax and the Virginia and Tennessee countryside is some of the most beautiful country side I've ever seen anywhere. Plus lots of hiking, caving, canoeing, camping, biking... all within a 30 min drive. Try the Creeper Trail right over the border in Damascus Virginia...its a bike path 23 miles long that goes through gorgeous countryside...the first 13 miles or so you do not have to peddle...just coast...and the rest is light peddling. It used to be a old railroad line. It cuts right through the National forest (camping) and two small towns with opportunities for food and drink. There are several great seasonal festivals around that area. You also have the beautiful Holston lake and river for fishing and boating. Not to far from big city...Knoxville 1 hour...Gatlinburg/Smokies 1 1/2 hour away...Ashville NC 2 hours away...Atlantic Ocean , South Carolina 5 hours away. wife hates country I'm stuck here. So..."go east young man" As far as employment...of course it depends on your trade and luck. I wish you the best in your endeavors as we all try to make some sense in this crazy world..."no its not you"...the world has gone mad and will take us down if we allow it. Safe in the hearts of Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph...God bless!

    P.S. Brother...I got a pick up if you need help moving...just PM me your phone # and I'll give you a call.
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  13. picadillo

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    How kind Tim, thank you.
  14. Ang

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    Has anyone been able to get a copy of Fr Adams book? "Into the new world with an Angel"?
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    Can somebody translate this ? :( :

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