Influence of cultural marxism in Ireland

Discussion in 'Spirit of Ireland' started by garabandal, May 21, 2019.

  1. Krizevac

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    Please tell me the two thousand year teaching of The Church on capital punishment. I was relying on the Catechism.
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    With wild enthusiasm. Someone posted on proposing that the lack of a right wing party (of any significant size) meant there was no real choice in the upcoming election in Ireland. Said person was promptly buried as alt-right and that the reason there was no right wing party of notable size was because Ireland didn't want them and don't vote for them. Any suggestion that this was due to the influence of a biased media met with snorts of derision and "we'll be hearing it's all because of Soros before lunchtime"
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    I have listened to a few interviews with Justin Barrett who leads the National Party in Ireland and he seem to have a devout traditional faith. He is acutely aware of the UN\EU destruction of Ireland. I think I trust him.
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    I will check him out. Other than the National Party I have no one else to vote for.

    Right I'm off to bed, oíche mhaith agus God Bless all here
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    Check out Aontu if they are running in your areaú
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    It's my understanding that the Church has more or less constantly taught that a legitimate civic power may, within the bounds of reasonable justice, carry out capital punishment. How otherwise could She have handed over heretics to the secular arm? The definition of 'reasonable justice' is likely to vary through time. I suggest we have currently, as in many aspects of life, reached an extreme in which abortion and euthanasia, the latter often involuntary, of the innocent is laudable, but proportionate justice for murderers is condemned. As for the Catechism, such sources can be altered. Perhaps, Pope Francis has already done so, in this case. One is in all sorts of trouble when catechisms are altered to fit the zeitgeist.

    Thankfully, the Romans weren't as liberal as our own civilisation. A jailed Jesus Christ could not have delivered mankind's Salvation.
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