Infant mortality and immunization cessation during Covid19

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    Whoa. That's incredible. Thank you for sharing it Brian. I remember hearing Fauci speaking at one of the Presidents press conferences a short time back urging parents not to skimp on their children's vaccinations because of a study that showed that they were down by 30% due to the virus.
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    Yes, this qualifies as a “sign of the times.”

    I think the authors gathered the raw data from the CDC and other sources themselves and crunched the numbers.

    Because this was originally posted by a brilliant and trustworthy Facebook friend, I took it at face value.

    But the source it turns out is not a “medical” organization so it’s going to be hard to get the general public to accept these conclusions at face value.

    So MSM and mainstream medicine will just disregard them as anti vaccine, even if that’s not what they’re all about. A7585227-1CDD-43AB-A62F-73D2C74D0DEF.jpeg
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    Wow. I'm not a doctor, but I am the son of a doctor with two brothers who are doctors. My oldest sister contracted polio before the vaccine was available. She by the grace of G_D recovered with only a minor problem, a fairly common one among childhood polio survivors, where one leg is about half an inch shorter than the other. She never even realized she was that way until she was in her 50's. My dad worked on one of the last tetanus cases in Northwest Iowa back in the early 60's. (Tetanus has since started making a comeback as people think they don't need to get vaccinated against it any more. Yes, you do.) The treatment basically involved giving the patient a drug that minimized the seizures as the seizures occurred, until the patient's own body overcame the virus.

    So yes, I'm in favor of vaccinations. Yet I hope that someone, somewhere is able to get a grant to do a longitudinal study on this. Was it all the new vaccines that we give children now? Should we go back to just the basics, which I see as MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and tetanus (which nowadays comes for kids as DTaP, or Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis, or whooping cough) and polio? Maybe moving the recommended dates of these vaccinations out a few months or even a few years?
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    Which means I'm also not going to forward this paper to my doctor brothers.
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    Thank you, Brian.

    One of my sons started having seizures at the age of 7 months after his 3rd round of vaccine cocktails. They began within an hour of the vaccinations. He had hundreds of small but scary seizures for the next 4 years but they dissipated over time and stopped when he was about 5. Every year I checked the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VARS) to see whether there were any reports on the pertussis vaccine. Finally, two years ago, 18 years from the time the seizures began, a study based on the VARS system reported that between 2 and 3 % of children have seizures after this vaccine and that 50% of the children who had seizures were left with severe permanent neurological impairment. Fortunately, he's not one of them.

    Do doctors tell you this before they start jabbing little, little babies with these potent cocktails? No, likely because if they didn't vaccinate them they'd have legal liability and perhaps be fired by whatever medical system employs them and dictates to them the Standard of Care they must use. In addition, pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity from legal liability which was granted to them by the US Congress in the 1980's.
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    And they also don't tell parents or adults that they should consult the vaccine insert which they have to hunt down online. And they don't tell parents this because if they read them, like this one from Merck for the MMR, parents would not vaccinate! The list of adverse reactions is quite long and includes serious stuff (diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, chronic arthritis, encephalitis, Guillain Barré Syndrome, meningitis etc.)

    Very happy to read that report Brian, thank you for sharing it. It would be nice to compare the death rates with a group that does not vaccinate, like the Amish. My guess is that the rates of infant mortality in that group didn't change during the lockdown.
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    I am not anti-vaccine either but all I can say is Wow! That is a significant number.
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    We have Amish here in Southern Maryland. Amish have been known to get polio.
    Also, every vaccine has ethical formulation right now except MMR. But we have to ask for the vaccine NOT derived from aborted fetal
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    That is correct. Unless you specifically ask you can pretty much guarantee that the default choice of the clinic is the one using aborted child tissues.
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    This is a big subject and to engage in it would risk turning this into a debate which has no spiritual reason to be on this forum. I'll just say that there is so much corruption in science and medicine and most doctors don't look further than what they were taught in medical school.

    Polio is still circulating and not just among the Amish (there are at least four specialized clinics in California that still treat it). Many doctors would argue that what is circulating today is mostly the vaccine derived form of the virus. There have been many articles in the press about the shot causing polio in certain countries (see here, here and here for example). And much has been written about those "polio-like" diseases that just coincidentally appear as adverse effects on vaccine inserts (transverse myelitis, Guillain Barré, which by the way is so much like polio that some speculate Rosevelt had it instead of polio).

    I could go on and on about this with links to studies and books, but I'll share an anecdote instead. I was watching testimonies a while ago on the Vaxxed YT channel and saw time and time again former "pro" people say that they got loads of shots and then suffered an adverse effect or watched their children suffer. And only then did they wake up and really look into the subject. I was quite sad at first watching all of this but then I realized that spiritually, the harm they suffered was a blessing because it opened their eyes. I noticed pain in all testifying of course, but also a lot of humility and that was really quite beautiful to see. One woman admitted to getting loads of shots for years, even lining up for hours to the the H1N1 and then she almost died from a flu shot. But she ended by saying that it was a blessing that she suffered because she learned about this before having children. Almost all injuries reported in those videos went unreported.

    It's not like there isn't enough material to make people wonder. It's a subject very similar to apparitions actually in who believes and who does not. I also thought of Thomas who didn't believe testimonies of the other 10 apostles that Jesus had risen. He had to put his finger in the wounds. So maybe people just have to learn the hard way.
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    I didn’t know that these vaccines for babies could contain aborted child tissues.....yes, parents should be told and given options. If there are options, why use the other at all.....!
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    Here are a few interesting links about this.

    This interview of Dr Theresa Deisher by RFK Jr. She is a specialist in stem cells and talks about how they are obtained (brace yourself for the truth if you don't already know). On her website, Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals, you can find a list of vaccines here that use aborted fetal stem cells lines.

    You may also want to watch this interview with Del Bigtree where she talks about her work with adult stem cells and her fight to get those adults stems cells into products instead of the fetal lines.
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    Thank you!
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    I thought I had heard that one of the reasons death rates were down in some areas were because of a decrease in traffic fatalities. It's hard to tell much from summary data in my opinion.

    Edit: This was the research article I found. It was California instead of Oregon but could be part of the decrease in certain areas.
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    Many years ago when my children were entering the public school system in kindergarten and I provided their vaccination record to the school, I was surprised to see that by 5 years old, they had received 35 vaccinations . Many of those were in combinations (MMR, DPT), and not including the flu vaccine since we don’t get it. That is sooo many more than we ever got as children!
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