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    The greatest indoctrination, which has been happening for decades is the belief that health is only achieved through pharmaceuticals.
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    I wish Pope Francis would fall silent. Silence is the one thing of which he can't easily be accused!
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    I truly believe we have reached the end of the line. For example, consider the prophecy of St. Francis, whose name the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter has ironically selected, something no-one had dared before. According to this prophecy, Almighty God will sent us, as a chastisement, 'a destroyer pope, not canonically elected'. The writing is clearly on the wall.
    Consider also the prophecy of Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerich, who saw in a vision how they were taking down St. Peter's basilica in Rome brick by brick, whilst those in commands did not do any work themselves but merely pointed with their mason's trowels on the parts of the Church to be destroyed next. According to Emmerich's vision, when St. Peter's basilica is almost destroyed, Our Lady suddenly appears on St. Peter's square and the members of the dark sect run away. A new, young, strong, strict, traditional and very holy Pope is then elected.
    This is in line with the prophecy of Our Lady Of Good Success. According to this prophecy, the new Pope will lead a complete restoration of the Holy Catholic Church, such that people will be astonished. Purple Flower and others on this forum have prayed for this intention.
    We have reached the end of the line, I believe. It is now or never.
    If they are successful, the whole world will soon find itself in a global open-air concentration camp. Frequent injections will be required, access to anything, even to our own streets or to our friends, will be regulated through 'passports'. We are almost there. We cannot go down much further without them winning entirely and once and forever.
    This seems to be a test of faith. I cannot see how it could happen, but I must believe the strict and holy Pope will soon appear, leading the complete restoration of Holy Church after Our Queen's intervention. So I don't think a worse Pope is possible, putting aside the exact nature of the 'office' of the current occupant.
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    Yes, numerous Prophecies indicate that Mary will break the back of Satan at the moment when all seem lost. Also that a great Pope is coming who will restore all things in Christ.

    Along with this a Great King (political Leader) who will work in tandem with this Pope.

    The only thing is I am not quite sure we have reached the bottom of the barrel of darkness yet. I suspect we will know we have reached the bottom when the abomination of desolation occurs. I have always suspected that this is when the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is stopped. The only real way this could happen in the Universal Church is if the Pope himself stops it...
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    Well, arguably the Pachamama ritual was that desolation. Others argue that ending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass represents the desolation. There are attempts now to stop Holy Mass, through lockdowns and 'passports', and via attempts of stopping the TLM, the true eucharistic sacrifice according to Quo Primum and Summorum Pontificum.
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    The simplest thing would be to alter the Canon of the Mass. It could be quite subtle. But in order to do this successfully you would have to kill of the Old Rite first. The wording of the Old Mass is fixed like a Fly in Amber and they can't get at it. Perhaps this is what lies behind the urgency to stop it? Then having killed it off the Novus Ordo could itself be dealt with. A kind of two stage operation.

    I have such a very, very low opinion of those in the Vatican at the moment I would put nothing past them. They could say they were changing the Canon of the Mass for Ecumenical Reasons..
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    So claimed by St. Alphonsus Liguori. Hard to go wrong with this saint!:barefoot:
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    I must have a look and see.:)

    Amazing to think we might live the see with our own eyes the Greatest Pope in history.:)

    If God writes the script as He has in past, this gentleman will be unknown and of very humble origins.
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    Precisely, I totally agree.
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    St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church: "The devil has always managed to get rid of the Mass by means of the heretics, making them the precursors of the Antichrist who, above all else, will manage to abolish
    2/ and in fact will succeed in abolishing, as a punishment for the sins of men, the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, precisely as Daniel predicted." (Dan 11:31) "And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice, because of sins: and truth shall be cast down on the
    3/ ground and he shall do and prosper." Dan 8:12 "The victim & the sacrifice shall fail: and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation." Dan 9:27 "They shall defile the sanctuary of strength, & shall take away the continual sacrifice, & they shall place
    4/ there the abomination of desolation." TLM taken away. What remains is the Abomination of Desolation: a Mass that isn't a Mass, i.e. imparts no Grace. St. Hippolytus: “And the churches, too, will wail with a mighty lamentation, because neither ‘oblation nor incense’ is
    5/ attended to, nor a service acceptable to God; but the sanctuaries of the churches will become like a garden-watcher’s hut, and the holy Body and Blood of Christ will not be shown in those days. The public service of God shall be extinguished, psalmody shall cease, the
    6/ reading of the Scriptures shall not be heard; but for men there shall be darkness, and lamentation on lamentation, and woe on woe Op. cit., pp. 250, 251

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    Where did you get this quote, please, so I may read further and share it?

    It sounds to me like this is talking about the ceasing of Mass entirely...not just the TLM. So horrible to even think about. :cry:
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    This pope has already indicated he knows better how to pray to the Father than does His Son. If he is so sure of his own self-importance with respect to this intimate communication between Son and Father, which the Former so graciously shared with us, what could stop him from nullifying the words of Consecration? Hence, no Mass.

    I wonder could it be said that no physical damage could be done to St Peter's to equal the spiritual damage done by that Pachamama desecration? If the basilica was bombed or set on fire, it could be rebuilt by human hands, but only divine intervention could cleanse her from this abomination-the basilica must be exorcised.
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    You're right about people going that extra mile for one another...
    I know this one gal who drove half the country and back just to help this fella that was getting it tight with the covid. Next thing I hear, she's at it again!
    Am I right, John?
    There are some truly great people, Maria..
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    But they were one-offs. I'm talking about people who slogged away day in, mostly with no thanks and often were abused.

    I know a man living alone whose relatives could manage all his shopping etc. during the lockdowns. The one thing they couldn't manage was that he smoked and didn't want too many on hand in case he smoked too many. The local shop delivered one pct. of cigarettes to him every day.
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    Ach now Maria... I knew you'd downplay it. But I don't know too many people who'd have done it.

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