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    those who challenge the status quo seldom go unpunished."

    A friend sent this to me and I thought it was worth sharing. There apparently is a new documentary that will be coming out in March, in which Ben Stein investigates how the Universities, Educational intuitions’ and Society as a whole have put down the Intelligent Design Theory and even discriminated against any one teaches it.

    The first clip is a preview of the movie. The you tube clip is a Ben Stein interview with Bill O’Riley of Fox news.



    God bless.

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    To arms!


    When my young family journeyed to Medjugorje, some 27 years ago, our socialist tour guide fed us the governmental propaganda while we were trapped on the bus. Yugoslavia was a socialist, not a communist country. Our trip to Medjugorje would demonstrate the freedom of religion that was allowed in their wonderful nation. She failed to mention that the freedom to promote one's belief in Jesus, or to honor God in their society, stopped at the church door.

    America must wake from her sleep or she will find herself in the very same place in just a few years. The assault is on all levels.

    How pervasive is this attempt to exclude God from the public realm:

    1) Discredit intelligent design. Don't question atheistic evolution!.

    2) Normalize homosexual behavior. Don't tell us we're accountable to God for our sexual promiscuity!

    3) Socially conservative candidates, like Huckabee, are increasingly labeled: theocrats. Just say enough to secure the political base.

    4) On new coinage, In God We Trust has been relegated to the fringy rim. Revisionist history has no place for the Almighty!

    If we are to be true to God, silence is anathema!

    Rms 10:15 ...As it is written: How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who preach good news.

    It doesn't sound like those feet are limited to the sanctuary of a church.

    In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

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