In Memoriam for a priest, Father Graham Golden.

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by TinNM, May 28, 2021.

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    Reverend Graham R. Golden Obituary - Albuquerque, New Mexico , Gabaldon Mortuary | Tribute Archive

    Live Mass (or watch rebroadcast)

    Father Graham Golden, 35, died May 21 after a speeding car rammed the vehicle he was driving about 9:30 p.m. on a road just outside of the Norbertines’ Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey.

    A passenger in Golden’s vehicle, Brother Lorenzo Romero was injured in the crash and remained hospitalized May 24.
    Norbertines, Santa Fe Archdiocese mourn 'gifted' priest, 35, killed in crash (

    Only 35, the community has really turned out for this.

    My prayers for his family and the repose of his soul. And our Holy Priest at our Parish just celebrated his 10 years as a Priest today.
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    Prayers. Very sad.
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    Prayers for this poor priest. Gods ways are certainly not ours.
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    Jesus, you've called your priestly brother home. I trust You had covered him with Your holy protection. May his purgation be brief and may he rejoice in your Holy Presence forever! Hail Mary...
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    He had a lovely kind face.
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    I read a few articles, the good Father got home and decided they'd go get some pizza, 9:30 PM at night, apparently the accident happened right outside of their monastery or I think they are calling it an Abbey which looks like it was out in the desert. It sounds like the accident happened pretty much as soon as they turned on to the main highway.

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    Lovely abbey
    We never know the day or the hour .
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  8. Heartbreaking on so many levels. He has my prayers!
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