In Lost 1998 Interview, an unrepentant George Soros Admits he Collaborated with the Nazis

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by Richard67, Nov 14, 2016.

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    This lost interview is really chilling. I suggest you watch all of it to truly understand the man behind the curtain. Some of the key moments:

    From 7:00 to 10:00 Soros admits that he collaborated with the Nazis against his fellow Jews and says that if he had not done so someone else would have and that he feels no guilt for having done so. Why have Jewish groups and the Israeli government not brought this man to justice?

    From 4:43 to 5:00 he is seen with Hillary Clinton in Haiti. Hillary says: "This is Mr. George Soros, and he is here to help you." That sent a shiver up my spine.

    At 2:32, Soros says "I am there to make money. I can not and do not look at the social consequences of what I do."

    At 4:23 Soros indirectly admits that he was willing to lose 2 Billion dollars to destroy the Russian middle class. No wonder Putin has a contract on his head.

    This is the same George Soros who has funded color revolutions across the globe, from Ukraine to the Middle East, and is the same George Soros who funded the violent protests both during the Presidential campaign and those that are ongoing now that Trump has won. I pray that his man is brought to justice.
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    I have always thought that he was a good candidate for 'the' anti-Christ. He operates on a global scale, has command of the horns of the global media, meddles with church and state, advocates open borders, advocate of euthanasia (even suggested that his mother should be euthanized) sick.... While some people think that the horrid tribulation is something far off, I say we have been living it. WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, War on Terror, ISIS, gay marriage, Clerical sex abuse crisis... we have been through the wringer in the last hundred years. Maybe WikiLeaks will still release something that will tie some lose ends together that will not be ignored to shame and drive the tyrants to retreat or to prison.
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  4. josephite

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    While reading through this thread I was lead to Our Lords interactions with Judas.

    I noticed something that may have import.

    At the last supper Our Lord knew of His future betrayal by the evil one and He spoke of it!. Yet He broke bread with and washed the feet of His betrayer Judas!

    In other words Jesus was allowing Judas [who had the most civil power among the 12] to stop this betrayal right up to the end! So Jesus Loved and Accepted the pledge of Judas, the conciliatory words of Judas and the appeasment of Judas at this His Last supper even though they turned out to be false.

    Our Lord washed Judas's feet and even gave him His body and Blood to eat and drink! Imagine.......Jesus fully accepted this pretence of love! Why? Jesus shows us that right up to the very end.........He is Love!

    When Judas betrayed Our Lord, he did so with a kiss, in front of the guards and Peter, James and John. Jesus accepted this kiss! a very intimate sign of Love!

    Jesus in His humanity knew that this was the moment that could go either way; but still Our Lord could only Love and accept the Kiss of His creature!.

    Now we see Pope Francis seemingly accept the pledges, the conciliatory measures and the apparent appeasment of Mr. George Soros who represents the person who has the most civil power [over most nations] among those who want the Popes blessings.

    Maybe Our Pope has accepted this kiss out of Our Lord Jesus immeasurable Love! but maybe this also means the way of the cross is close for the Church!
  5. fallen saint

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    This is the contradiction of Jesus. The Pope cannot turn away from anyone. Only God knows when and where someone will be converted. What if Soros converts and becomes Gods greatest messanger. No one really knows Gods plan. We have people here on Mog that were mad that our Holy Father washed the feet of criminals and transgenders. But Jesus washed the feet of Judas. Real spirituality is hard to understand. Most of us have not reached that level. Now, is Soros a animal...yes. But a saint would not see that...they would see a soul that needs prayer and compassion.

    Most of us have not reached that level.

    May Gods Will be Done
  6. Dolours

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    Likening the Vicar of Christ advancing the Soros agenda to Jesus washing the feet of Judas?

    That confirms it! There's a parallel universe and I'm living in it.
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  7. Dean

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  8. fallen saint

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    SOME of Soros agenda overlaps with Christianity. But the dilemma is the reasoning behind every action. St. Francis was a environmentalist. Everything God create was good and we should take care of it. Feeding and taking care of the poor is a fundamental teaching of the church. Giving up every material possession is a spirituality.

    Now again, Soros is currently (in my opinion), is a demon possessed man. But Christianity, at its core, is the caring of all Gods creatures. So while some might call it global warming, I might say...pollution is causing damage to Gods creation. Is it Soros agenda or is it Christian spirituality.

    I am not sticking up for Soros and his agenda. There's just more to every action. We have to look at this more spiritually then worldly. If this was Facebook you would be absolutely correct. But this is MOG a Catholic forum with Catholic Spirituality. I know it is hard to differentiate between the world and Christian Spirituality. But they are completely different philosophical views.

    So, yes there is a parallel universe.

    Brother al
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    Soros is not a Judas figure who started out believing, succumbed to Satan's influence by falling into disillusionment, betrayed Jesus and eventually died in despair. He is a rich and powerful atheist, as close as we get to a modern version of an emperor. In a world where emperors would not be tolerated, he uses his money to wield the same kind of power. All of the Soros agenda includes abortion, population control, love of money and increasing his own power. Nothing about him or his agenda is Christian. He manipulates belief systems in various countries to his own ends. Lending even the slightest hint of respectability to him and his evil agenda is the last thing that any Christian should be doing. The only difference between him and the Masons is that he is open about his denial of God's existence. At the rate we're going, I won't be surprised to see him hailed as the Holy Spirit in the not too distant future. The saddest part of it is there are indications that some Catholic will believe and promote that proposition as being compatible with the Deposit of Faith.
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  10. josephite

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    To me the evil intent of Soros seems remarkably similar to the evil intent of Judas!

    Speculating that....... as Jesus was betrayed by the poisonous kiss of Judas to the church will/could be betrayed by the poisonous kiss of Soros .

    Pondering the senseless happenings in the world and the church today by applying scriptural thoughts or relating approved prophesies has incensed many.

    So I will cease writing about how I believe scripture or approved prophesy could be related to the Church and the world of today.
  11. Fatima

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    The Antichrist comes on to the scene with "solutions", to a world that has collapsed and almost everyone follows him, because he seemingly has the only answers that people buy into. Soros, is key to the Antichrist coming, but he surely is not him.
  12. Mary Ann

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    Soros article

    The Catechism says this about the Anti-Christ 'Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.' ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church (675) A contemporary source of information regarding traits of the anti-Christ is "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons" It makes sense that Our Lady would ensure that priests have the tools to understand the times we live in and she gave Father Gobbi all the information that God would permit. AC is not going to have a sign that says "Here I am" We will have to rely on the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, prudence, et. al. to discern. Here are the numbers of the messages that refer to ac if you have the blue book (To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons) to look them up. 326g, 407ijknopr, 410ei, 431f, 450d, 452d, 485ouA, 486r, 502f, 528f, 553j
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  13. fallen saint

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    Hitler and Castro started as Catholics. :(

    Soros is Jewish but was a Christian during the nazi occupation to save his life.

  14. Dolours

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    He wasn't a Christian. His father paid a Christian to pretend that George was his godson or some kind of relative.
  15. josephite

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    Apparently some Bishops welcomed Soros into the Vatican and organised this meeting of minds!
  16. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    Sometimes you guys impress me. Who would have thought the devil was roaming the Vatican.

    Of course he is, where else would he be.

    Trust God, He is in Charge.

    Brother al
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    I didn't know that Soros personally visited the Vatican. Must have been after dark because I doubt that he would cope well with sunlight :eek:. Oh dear, now I'm going to have to pray for his conversion again.
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    I should have said "apparently some Bishops have invited Soros into the ecclesiastical realm and organised the meetings of the minds."

    From the article that Mary Ann gave a link to; 'The Popes Boss' by Elizabeth Yore on 25 Aug 2016 states..............Within a few short months of Pope Francis papal election, the Soros inner circle was firmly entrenched at the Vatican.

    And again ...........Within weeks of Pope Francis election, Soros’ collaborator, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon paid the obligatory courtesy visit to the new pontiff

    And again........
    Joseph Stiglitz, who heads the Soros-funded Initiative for Policy Dialogue, also serves as the longtime economic advisor to Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and her husband........ Successfully embedded at the Vatican lurk George Soros’ closest collaborators .......

    And again...........The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences serves as the Vatican’s Academic Think Tank. Its Chancellor, Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo.....
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