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    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Desire of Baptism to be Catholic

    It is claimed that the visionaries admit they never saw the virgin in a interview But confessed they saw her and it was claimed that it was said the girls would contradict themselves by the virgin can you help me with this and you Glenn you known Conchita please explain God bless you all.
  2. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Desire of Baptism to be Catholic

    this article makes me sick

    this is a apostate articke written against the seers.

    PROPHESY There are three prophesies in Garabandal: first a world-wide WARNING that everyone will see and feel; second, a MIRACLE at Garabandal that all will see and will remain there forever; and last, the PUNISHMENT. Twenty-five years later, nothing has happened. But let us look at them. The warning is supposed to be seen and felt by everyone in the world so that we will know our sins and repent. That being the case we have no need to be watchful and keep our lamp burning, since God will warn us in time to repent. A priest, Father Lius Andreu, is reported to have seen a vision of the coming "miracle" but died without any know cause the next day. Conchita said that his body will be found uncorrupt after the "Great Miracle". His body has since been exposed but he is not uncorrupt. This is the same trick Satan used in inventing "Rapture". The most important time in our life is "the moment of death". Satan wants us to think we have no reason to fear this moment; therefore, he invents things like the WARNING or the RAPTURE. The Holy Scripture tells us that Chastisements will come like a thief in the night when we least expect them. But if we have a miracle first, there is no need to be watchful. Last, but not least, all chastisements are conditional. There is no condition in the punishment told of in the Garabandal prophesies. There are other prophesies. The "Virgin" said that the pope and Padre Pio would see the miracle. Both are dead. She said that there would be only two more popes and that this would be the last one. Other prophecies make it clear that this is not the last one. Conchita insists that this is the last pope. However, according to the list of St. Malachi, the next pope will be called the Glory of the Olives. Should we believe Conchita or a saint. In fact the last Holy Father will be named "Peter". Don Bosco prophesied that a Holy Father would die during a great chastisement and a new one would quickly replace him. That has not happened yet. There was also a miracle promised on October 18th of 1961. Nothing happened. And they were told this is the last warning to be given to the world. But since then hundreds of other apparitions around the world have been warning the world of everything under the sun.


    SATANIC Throughout the four years of the apparitions all the powers of Satan were used. The girls were taken into the air many times. One time one of the children was lifted over the top of a building. They were made to do ungodly movements of the body: taken swiftly above the ground, down the rocky hill hundreds of feet to meet "The Lady?". In every case the children were FORCED to their knees in a quick undignified manor. Many times they were forced with their heads backwards in a position that could not be done naturally. All of the children were heard to speak in LANGUAGES they did not know. On one occasion they prayed the "Our Father" in Greek. The girls were seen LIFTING each other up above their shoulders to kiss the lady. However, at other times, three grown men could not lift them. Several times the girls were found SCREAMING. There were many "SIGNS IN THE SKY" seen by many people: moving stars, hosts, images, etc. In one case a fire was seen and the "Virgin" claimed that she had come in this FIRE. In one very celebrated case the "angel" gave communion to Conchita and the host could be visibly seen by everyone. She was told to hold out her tongue until the "Virgin" came. She stayed with her tongue outstretched and the host on it for a long time. Many photographs were taken. LANGUAGE In almost all the apparitions the girls entered into dialogues with the "Lady" about all kinds of NON-SENSE things, like how the Lady liked their clothes. The children were given the "Child Jesus" to pass around to each other like a TOY. Never once in the thousands of true apparitions we have studied did Christ or Mary ever say a SINGLE WORD that did not have a salvation meaning for the soul. In the study of true and false apparitions, we have found that Mary and Christ have a particular personality, and so does Satan. Today we can just read the messages and sense the truth by the words. In Garabandal the word "punishment" is used instead of "Chastisement". There are over 400 private revelations about the chastisement, never is the word "punishment" used. The use of "there must be" instead of "My Son desires", or "you must be very good", since the Bible says "only God is good", would not be used my Mary. Think about "spread the message" instead of "do what your superior tells you." Only Satan uses the word "Pope". Our Lady always refers to him as "Holy Father" or "Vicar of Christ". The "Virgin" said that we should turn the wrath of God away from us by our own efforts. This is in violation of the Doctrine of the Faith, since we are not capable of any good without God's graces. She also said that if we ask God for forgiveness with a sincere heart, he will pardon us. No mention of the obligation to then go to the Sacrament of Confession. BLESSING The "Virgin" asked that the girls not bring blessed sacramentals [rosaries, crucifixes, etc.], for she wanted to bless them herself. And over the years she is reported to have blessed and kisses hundreds of them. Remember that only blessed sacramentals affect Satan. Keep in mind, that Mary is not a priest. She cannot give a priestly blessing. Never in Her life or in any apparition for two thousand years has Mary given a priestly blessing to anything. ILLUSION The children claim to have touched the "Virgin" many times, and of course, they passed Jesus around. However, they claim that they could not feel anything. Now, this is false except in the case of an illusion. God does not do illusions, He is real. His Mother is real. Mary and Christ have real human bodies. As St. Thomas in Acts actually touched Christ and as Christ actually ate with them, so too Catherine Laboure actually laid her head on Mary's lap and could feel Her. After seeing the children actually passing something around, which was later said to be the Christ-child, the people asked if they actually touched Jesus. "No, you cannot touch either the Blessed Mother or the Infant." "But how can this be?" they asked. "Well, you see what you hold, but you feel nothing; you feel no weight. If you stretch your hand to touch Our Lady, your hand can go no further because Our Lady is there, but you fell nothing." Satan creates illusions, auto-suggestion creates illusions, a hypnotist creates illusions, but God creates the real thing.
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    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Desire of Baptism to be Catholic

    know I belive in Garabandal This article is fake
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    First of all EVERY APPARITION STARTED WITH A ROSARY ( after the girls learned it ). The Rosary has been said nightly for 500 YEARS in Garabandal ! Mary stressed a daily message of repentance, daily mass, communion, confession, reverence for priests,the rosary, the scapular. HOW IN GOD'S HOLY NAME IS THIS DEMONIC ?
    I could write pages in rebuttle here, but anyone who's read up even alittle bit on Garabandal, KNOWS this are ALL LIES. If you need me to, I will refute each claim here.
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    I don't need to ask Conchita, I know the answer already from speaking with her so many times in the past. Yes Conchita did deny the apparitions for a brief time,BUT do you know why ??? The Bishop was so mad that the Commission could NOT disprove the apparitions, that they actually took A 12 YEAR OLD CONCHITA , out of her home, took her to a beach town away from all her family ( and without their permission ! ) CUT OFF HER HAIR ( THESE IDIOTS THOUGHT IT HAD EVIL POWERS !! ), AND REFUSED TO BRING HER HOME UNTIL RE RECANTED HER STORY ! TODAY THIS WOULD BE A CRIMINAL ACT AND THE BISHOP WOULD BE IN JAIL !

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    Conchita's hair BEFORE being forced to get it cut off.

    View attachment 6335 THIS STORY INFURIATES ME !
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    O my gosh. I had never read that before. That makes me so angry :mad:
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    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Desire of Baptism to be Catholic

    We just need to pray for them I belive in Garabandal I pray for apostates and heretics online. God bless all of you pray for all conversion of sinners amen
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