Important Synod before the Warning (from Garabandal)

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  2. Fatima

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    Conchita's revelation nailed it spot on in this video. And so didn't Lucia's message from Fatima that "the last battle between God and Satan will be on family issues", this coming about at the upcoming Synod in October as well.
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    The synod before Warning is very logical, because:
    1. It must be reformed liturgy (read don Gobbi messages about that: = when conditions were at their worst.
    2. Antichrist will have power over the world = when communism, red Dragon (Antichrist) comes again.
  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Is it possible that Governments around the world who have legalised abortion are anti-Christ, anti-Gospel.

    Is it possible that Governments around the world who have legalised unnatural marriages are anti-Christ, anti-Gospel.

    Is it possible that Governments around the world who have legalised euthanasia are anti-Christ, anti-Gospel.

    I wonder if Governments who legalise what is clearly in defiance of the Laws of God in the 10 Commandments, are not agents or precursors of the anti-Christ.

    Of course we know of hitler and stalin, and now North Korea, and some say China, as antiChrist types.
    I think the jury is out on Russia, at least for the time being.

    I wonder of isis could be considered a type of army in the service of an antiChrist. They kill, enslave, rape and torture, even muslims who are not of their sect. They seem to destroy all around them. Does it not seem like hell on earth in the places they take over.

    Lord Jesus, Thy Will be done in the Synod in Rome. Thy Kingdom come, soon.
  5. Fatima

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    I will further and say that it makes allot of sense that the Antichrist comes after the Warning as Verne Dagenias messages make clear
    10-05-07 A.M.
    After the warning, by accepting the mark of the beast, you will be condemned to hell because you have rejected my mercy in its fullest expression. My son, I give you a private prophecy. Share it at my leading. The Antichrist is rising to power as I speak to you. He is hidden until revealed according to my Father’s will. Many natural disasters have and will continue to occur. Then you will experience the warning. After the warning, rejecting my mercy will cause you to take the mark of the beast.
    11-06-07 After the warning, there will only be a short time given to mankind to repent. If no repentance is done, I will allow Satan and the Antichrist to chastise a sinful generation. At this time, many faithful will be: called home, persecuted, martyred, and taken to my refuges. Only those who are not spiritual babies with my divine life residing in their souls will endure those days and enter my era of peace. My son, at baptism all my children receive sanctifying grace, but many do not progress beyond spiritual infancy.
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  6. Booklady

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    And now Russia is playing a key and direct role in the events unfolding in the Middle East. These advertimientos and avisos, warnings and notices, which our Lady has given to us through the children at Fatima and Garabandal are falling into place, like puzzle pieces, showing the true picture.

    Our sins are of a kind and a scale that the cup cannot hold them anymore.

    God's will be done.
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  7. King Wenceslas

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    The synod is a "pre-Warning". Wow!

    This is very important information.
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  8. Elisa

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    To Glenn: it is true that Conchita talked about an important synod taking place before the Warning ?
  9. Harper

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    St. John Bosco's dream of the two columns talks about the pope calling a meeting of the "captains" of a fleet (the Church) which is broke up when a furious storm breaks out. The current Synod has one more week to run.

    The flagship commander – the Roman Pontiff [the Pope]- seeing the enemy’s fury and his auxiliary ships very grave predicament, summons his captains to a conference. However, as they discuss their strategy, a furious storm breaks out and they must return to their ships. When the storm abates, the Pope again summons his captains as the flagship keeps on its course. But the storm rages again. Standing at the helm, the Pope strains every muscle to steer his ship between the two columns from whose summits hang many anchors and strong hooks linked to chains.
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  10. Elisa

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    Yes, but in this dream the Pope summons his captains to several conferences. So other more tense meetings (synods) can still come after the actual one.
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  11. Harper

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    My point was that according to St. John Bosco we will know we have entered the Storm if the synod breaks up before the final session--during discussion--and bishops have to rush home. We haven't yet had a synod that has broken up during discussion.

    Bosco doesn't address the Warning.
  12. Jon

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    I think Glenn confirmed this to the best of his knowledge based on published material (not necessarily based on personal confirmation from Conchita in recent days, but I could be mistaken).

    Here is his original post, and one from Aviso that Glenn is commenting on regarding the "Synod before the Warning":

    And here is the book reference that referred to again:
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  13. Carmel333

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    As some of you know (it's posted on this forum in detail) I had an apparition of Christ in 1997 who talked to me of the sacredness of marriage, and how it cannot be dissolved by any earthly party, nor the Church. He also kept stressing that during the end times most people would lose their souls over the sin of adultery, and that Satan would spend his time trying to break up all valid marriages. I never really thought these words had anything to do with the bigger picture. I thought His words were only meant for me and my situation. I asked Him about a possible annulment, because I was young and wanted to re marry and have children, and He told me my marriage was valid and that many who had also obtained annulments from the Church would go to hell for adultery. I jumped Him on this and reminded Him that He had given this authority to the Church, and would He not stand by her decisions? He said that He would stand by her, but that each soul was judged on it's own actions, and that most of these souls were committing adultery in their hearts and trying to use the Church to justify. Hard words I know but that is what He told me. He also told me no matter WHAT the Church said or allowed, I NEVER had to sin. No one could ever force me to sin. So anyway, at the time, I went back to the Catholic Church and found it to my relief to be right on with Christ's teachings on marriage. I NEVER thought of His words as prophetic, only as a personal message to me. But now, I have to say, He knew of course that all this was coming, and perhaps that there would start to be some confusion on this issue. I am SO thankful He came and saved me from myself! I think too with the Warning, all will get the same warning I got all those years ago....
  14. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Looking at Church history/dates of events.

    St Boscos Vision of the 2 Pillars happens days before May 30th 1862.

    Vatican One convoked by Blessed Pope Pius IX - opened on 12/8/1869 THRU 10/20/1870....
    Vatican Council Closed due to the Franco Prussian war -

    Franco /Prussian War was from 7/19/1870 thru 5/10/1871 France v Germany

    many Churchs and Monestaries were destroyed. From this war that abruptly ended unfinished Church business.

    Fr Bollinger in Pittsburgh, Pa had friends back in Europe collect from the streets ...etc to save Holy Relics from infedels. Today these saved Relics are in St Anthonys Chapel in Troy Hill, Pa...Suburb of Pittsburgh. Over 5000 Relics, all First Class with document. Largest Relic collection outside the Vatican.

    Vatican II started to finish the business unresolved from Vatican I.

    To me this is the Majior distruption (Franco/Prussian war )....nothing will happen this week.
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  15. Thank you, I did not know that. I think we all to often look for signs that are not coming. Just like much of Revelations has to do with the Roman Empire and what was going on in John's lifetime, we try to force what is going on today to fit into that narrative.
  16. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Dec 6/1864 Pope Pious started plans for Vatican I. One year and a half after St Boscos dream.
    Since Vatican I abrupt ending ( before its close defined Papal Infallability and Papal Supremesy...later led to European Bishops to leave the fold and start the old catholic church. ( Union of Utrecht (Old Catholic) - Wikipedia,)

    We also had Pope Leos' vision of Stan asking our Lord for a greater reign on Earth and His Catholic Church.

    Our next Pope. Pope St Pius X who warned of Modernism.

    Many never look at our Popes as Prophets, but they are.

    A few more points, especially with JP2 but im gonna eat right now,

    last thought ....Papa Francis declaring the year of Mercy....speaks Volumes, more than all these locutionists and apparitions to day put together. He gave us all something concrete....

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