Immaculée Ilibagiza at Man Up Philly 2020

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  1. josephite

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    Immaculee tells us what we are to do always, it is simply and wonderful, we will enter Heaven with these words.
    Prayer is so powerful. God Bless

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  2. AED

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    What a truly beautiful soul. She radiates God's love.
  3. sparrow

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    Wow. She is so amazing.
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  4. josephite

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    Here Immaculee interviews and translates for Natalie. Natalie is one of the Kibeho seers who saw and received messages from our Lady from 1981 to 1989, these are Church approved apparitions.
    Our Lady warned Rwanda of a future genocide, if the people of the country did not heed her messages to pray, the horrific genocide, occurred 5 years after the apparitions ended; in 1994 over 1 million people were slaughter in 3 months!
    Our Lady also stated that these apparitions were not just for Kibeho, nor for Rwanda nor for Africa but for the whole world.


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