Image of Our Lady of Coromoto Patroness of Venezuela

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  1. Dave Fagan

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    I'm sure many here are already familiar with these 17th century apparitions of the Blessed Mother but I only recently learned of them and the small but wonderful image which remained afterwards.
    Analysis and restoration work on the image in recent times has brought to light some hidden and interesting details which have similarities to the larger image at Guadalupe. It doesn't seem to be a drawing or painting and the ink has not been absorbed by the material. Also, as at Guadalupe, the eyes of the image reveal hidden details when looked at under a microscope. This article has some more information about the intriguing image.
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  2. Dave Fagan

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  3. sparrow

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    This was interesting.. I hadn't heard of this before, thanks.
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    Thank you, Dave.
  5. Dave Fagan

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    A short video on some interesting aspects of the image.
    (Audio in French with English subtitles).

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    That’s fascinating. Thank you so much for telling us about this miraculous image.
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    Thanks Clare, I only found out about it very recently and find it fascinating too.
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