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    Now that things look as though they are really coming to a climax, I've discovered that I am willing up a lot for the sake of martyrdom. I really want get married and have a lot of kids and raise them up in the love of the Catholic Faith, I want to write and publish good, inspiring books on the Faith; but if the Lord calls me to give that all up in martyrdom, I'd willing do it out of love for Him. And yet, while I've discovered all that, I've discovered that there is still, a handful of smalls sins that are preventing me from going all the way, small thorns that I am caught in and which are holding me back.

    I'd like prayers for myself, and for all other Catholics, that we may have the grace to go all the way, and be ready for this potential storm that is coming. I'll be praying for all my brother and sister Catholics in return.
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    I am glad you posted this. God is guiding your thoughts. This past Monday was the feast day for St Thomas More and St John Fisher who were martyred for disagreeing with King Henry VIII in the matter of his divorce from Katherine of Aragon and disobedience to the Pope.
    A local pastor posted the letter of St Thomas More from prison to his daughter Meg. In it, St Thomas states that he hopes he will be able to make the sacrifice of his life if it comes to that.
    Well, it did come to that. Both men were beheaded.
    It’s a very poignant letter, and the fact that this current priest posted it, is a very
    telling situation. Only the Lord knows what will happen to us, but we can be sure He will be there with us no matter what.
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