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Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by PurpleFlower, Sep 22, 2021.

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    With modifications probably but I made it the old way. It has dry milk and soy flour and a bunch of other good things. Im sure the recipe is on line. It came from the agricultural school at Cornell.
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    When I came home from Medjugorje back in 1995, I fasted for many years on bread and water all day until around 10AM the following day. Then we had a Rosary prayer group at our house on Friday nights and people started bringing snacks which I could avoid, but then someone suggested pizza. ;) Well, that was the end of fasting all night! Little by little over the years I have been negligent about fasting, but continued to give up eating between meals and either breakfast or lunch, but did have dinner. Now, I am on a special diet that consists on soft foods only, and really have no appetite for them. I remember Vicka saying that if we didn't fast as Our Lady asked, God would make us fast. :(
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    Uh oh!
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    Ask and it shall be given unto you:


    When I originally found and made this bread, it also called for a tablespoon (IIRC) of "nutritional yeast". I've stopped adding it because it added a "tang" that I didn't like, didn't really add anything to the nutrition, and no recipe I've found in recent years has included it.

    EDIT: Don't know if you can do this in the bread machine, but you can jazz it up if you want by adding raisins and/or sunflower seeds to the dough. My original copy also noted that you can improve the healthy characteristics of any bread you make by adding 1 Tbls of non-fat powdered milk and 1 Tbls of wheat germ to the bottom of your measuring cup before measuring each cup of flour.
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    Great. Reading this has reminded me of how long it's been since I baked bread, because my kitchen is just too small. I think I may have to shell out the money to buy a bread machine so I can get the taste, even if it's not like making it myself.
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    If you keep talking, I’ll have to buy a bread machine for myself.:p:coffee: Then it will be harder for me to fast in between the butter and possibly jam:mad:
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    Thank you! I do put 5 Tbsp of powdered buttermilk in my bread and use 2 cups of whole wheat plus oats and oat bran, so it's pretty nutritious!
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    LOL. I no longer use a bread machine. I'm back to hand baking. During the shutdown I did a lot of baking. And eating. With butter and jam.:eek: It showed up in my blood work for my annual physical. Yikes.i had to dial it way back.
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    :eek: But it’s good that you can bake bread by hand. I can’t. Turns out like rocks.
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    I did order a bread machine. :p
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    Good on you!! They do wonderful work. Fresh home made bread is a real gift. Nothing like it!
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