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    It's hard to tell but the US might be worried that the perception
    of Obama is that of a peace-maker/diplomat as opposed to
    Bush & the administration might fear a more aggresive Iran.

    Obama has also publicly stated that he favours diplomacy with
    regard to Iran's nuclear programme. In my opinion this gives the
    green light for Iran to pursue the bomb [I would not
    be surprised if Iran already had one viable device].

    Note the difficulties the 'coalition forces' are having in Afghanistan.
    The West are struggling to defeat the Taliban in Helman province in particular
    despite their superior fire-power.
    With weakening economies both UK and US are planning to withdraw
    soon from Iraq and both are struggling to finance these wars against terror
    [hence their massive debts].
    Once out of Iraq, the situation there will be interesting - a pro-Iranian
    or an Iranian sponsored group might come into power and hence you will have
    a powerful Muslim bloc [with vast oil resources and revenue!], which could sponsor
    a nuclear terrorist attack on New York and Rome, thus weakening the economies of
    the West further leading to massive unemployment, even food shortages leading to civil
    unrest and civil disorder.

    Things are changing more quickly than we could ever have imagined even 10 years ago.


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