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    I guess I missed this post of yours on Wednesday! Thank you for posting this.

    Actually I think I read it on Wednesday but I suppose it didn't fully register...
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    Well said, Mario. I was thinking about Hell today and really could not wrap my mind around the eternity of it. I honestly don't think that human beings can fully comprehend eternity. I know it means forever, no ending, but to actually be able to imagine it, such fire, such stench, such undying hate, being forever cut off from the Love of God and cut off from all that I was created lovingly to be. No, I can't. So yes, the whole point is for us to have a heart for sinners.
    Also, I think for myself and maybe for others, it is important for me to forgive those who have hurt me in anyway. I don't think we can go through life without being hurt, sometimes wounded very badly and very deliberately...but we need to give that pain to God and forgive those who have trespassed against us. I don't want to carry that around with me.
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    Spirit Daily links to this thread on Motheofgod.com today:

    Is This Church Prophecy Relevant Today?



    I found this particular instruction within these particular prophecies noteworthy for the confusion of today re: the Seat of Peter:

    One of the most touching visions is that of 28 April 1986. Cornacchiola found himself in St. Peter’s Square and Our Lady says to him:
    “Although the one who gives an order seems in error, you are bound to obey, unless that order touches faith, morality and charity. Then no! “(Op. Cit., P. 174).

    (for full story):

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    I just read this earlier today .
    Extremely relevant!
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    Sorry, no, can’t be “obedient” to this, nor quiet in the face of it.

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    Oh this is bad. Very very bad. And getting worse by the day.
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    OM Gosh :rolleyes:o_O

    Some of humanity, or maybe most of humanity, is just so intent on looking "cool" or "relevant" or "edgy". The virtue signaling that is circling around is giving me whiplash. I don't get the desire to appear "one" with everyone. I mean really? Hearing stories and sharing one's culture is fascinating but I don't want to give up my culture or faith to appear "one" with them .

    The herd mentality is strong now because while we say we want to stand apart, we actually don't want to stand apart. We, as a race, are cowards. I admit to being a coward myself. But I can tell you I would have walked out of this little dance party. I am not worshipping idols or calling on evil spirits to appear "cool".

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    Oh my gosh.....:(
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  10. There was a reference to the Our Lady of the Revelation apparitions in one Medjugorje message from 2016. Sister Emmanuel wrote about it in her report from May 2016
    She wrote:
    1. On May 2, 2016, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, in the presence of a fairly large crowd. After the apparition, she shared the following message:
    “Dear children! My motherly heart desires your true conversion and a firm faith so that you may be able to spread love and peace to all those who surround you. But, my children, do not forget: each of you is a unique world before the Heavenly Father. Therefore, permit the continuous working of the Holy Spirit to work on you. Be my spiritually pure children. In spirituality is beauty. Everything that is spiritual is alive and very beautiful. Do not forget that in the Eucharist, which is the heart of faith, my Son is always with you. He comes to you and breaks the bread with you; because, my children, for your sake He died, He resurrected and is coming anew. These words of mine are familiar to you because they are the truth, and the truth does not change. It is only that many of my children have forgotten it. My children, my words are neither old nor new, they are eternal. Therefore, I invite you, my children, to observe well the signs of the times, to ‘gather the shattered crosses’ and to be apostles of the revelation. Thank you.”
    2. Shattered Crosses
    Many people have asked us about the meaning of this sentence:”Therefore, I invite you, my children, to observe well the signs of the times, to ‘gather the shattered crosses’ and to be apostles of the Revelation.” Mirjana asked that the phrase “gather the shattered crosses” be put in quotation marks; this means that the Blessed Mother is referring to something which is already known. An explanation can be found in the messages Bruno Cornacchiola received in 1947 at The Three Fountains, in the outskirts of Rome, where St Paul was beheaded.

    A brief flashback is required here: Bruno, who fiercely opposed the Catholic Church, devised a plan to kill Pope Pius XII by stabbing him. On the eve of the crime, Saturday April 12, 1947, he was with his family at The Three Fountains, where his children were playing near a cave. He was working on his book which spoke against “The Immaculate”. When the time came to go home, his youngest daughter remained in the cave, so Bruno said to his son, “Go fetch your sister!” He went, but didn’t come back. Bruno then sent his other son, but he didn’t come back either. Bruno, who was angry, went himself and found all three of his children on their knees, hands joined in prayer and their eyes in ecstasy. They remained deaf to their father’s call.

    Bruno was then thrust to the ground on his knees, against his will. When he raised his eyes, Our Lady was there, looking at him. She told him:

    “I am she who is in the Divine Trinity. I am the Virgin of Revelation. You have persecuted me, now it is enough! Come back to the holy flock which is the Celestial Court on earth. God’s promise is unchangeable and will remain so. The nine First Fridays in honor of the Sacred Heart, which your faithful wife persuaded you to observe before you walked down the road of lies, has saved you.”
    Bruno shared how the Blessed Mother made a gesture with her right arm, pointing at the ground with her index finger. Lying there at her feet, he saw a shattered cross, a piece of black cloth and a cassock.
    The cassock thrown to the ground represents the abandonment of the priesthood by so many priests. She said, “this is a sign that my sons will leave their habits…. You, be strong in the faith!” (The “sons” Mary speaks about here are the members of the clergy). The broken cross, near the cassock, represents the martyrdom of priests who remain faithful to Christ in the persecution.The black fabric symbolizes that the Church will become a widow, left to the mercy of the world. Our Lady said to Bruno, “The Church will be persecuted, broken.”
    Then the Virgin Mary revealed to Bruno what was going to happen, especially the defection of so many priests, and how much he should love and serve the Church despite all that was happening. She added that, “even when priests are in an infernal whirlwind”, said Mary, “they are dear to me. They will be trampled upon and massacred.”
    Bruno converted on the spot. He even became a fervent apostle and a great defender of the Church until his death in June 2001. (His cause for Beatification has been opened in Rome). During all those years, he received words from Our Lady, especially through dreams, like St. John Bosco. These messages are prophetic, they concern the near and distant future of the Church, and the internal tragedies the Church is experiencing, ( For those who read Italian, see Saverio Gaeta’s book: “Il Veggente, il segreto delle Tre Fontane”, Salani Editore.).

    Why is Our Lady telling us today about the shattered crosses we need to gather? It looks like she is flashing a warning light to us, who desire to serve Christ and His Church, amidst the great confusion and deep pain in this spiritual battle. Our world is swimming in murky waters. It is no longer just a single shattered Cross (that of 1947) but many shattered crosses (those of 2016)! Mary is expressing to us her immense pain at the defection of so many Christians, priests and lay people, the betrayals within the very heart of the Church herself and the widespread apostasy of our time.
    Mary revealed to Bruno the name by which she wants to be invoked in this place: “I am the Virgin of the Revelation”. She held in her hands a little book: the Apocalypse of Saint John, also known as “The Book of Revelation”. The Virgin of the Revelation invites us today to be the “apostles of the Revelation”!
    She clearly indicates the characteristics of these apostles who will remain loyal in the midst of tribulation. “They do not complain, they keep quiet and they do not rebel.” Didn’t she herself experience these characteristics during her earthly life?
    The Book of Revelation is a partly sealed sacred text. It announces the fate of humanity and the victory of God over the Dragon and the Beast, after a terrible fight. How can we not open our eyes and see that indeed, today as never before, the fight against the Beast is violent and decisive? Satan knows that his days are numbered, and he is playing his last few cards with the energy of desperation. Does Our Lady want to tell us that we are in a key moment, a significant turning point in the life of the Church? A time when the realization of the Apocalypse is near and when everyone will have to take a stand, to be with Christ or against Christ? I believe so, because in her messages she never alluded to another apparition, (apart from August 25, 1991 when she referred to her apparition in Fatima). Why, this month, is she bringing up the key points of her apparition at Three Fountains?

    On this occasion, it is important for us all to re-read the Book of Revelation, especially chapter 12, where “The Woman” (Mary!) is present. She said to Bruno: “Before I withdraw, I say this to you: The Revelation is the Word of God and this Revelation talks about me. This is why I took this title, the Virgin of the Revelation.” (Let me point out that it is the only Book of the Bible where a Beatitude is offered: “Blessed is he who reads these prophetic words.” Rev. 1:3)
    It is also important to realize during a heart to heart fervent prayer, how much Our Lady is expecting us to make reparation for all the offenses against Jesus in the Eucharist and the Priesthood that He entrusted to men. “My Immaculate heart bleeds,” she said on April 25. She is not asking us to “gather the broken Crosses” in order to criticize and make negative comments against certain priests and prelates, or to become discouraged. No, she is inviting us to do everything in our power to help them and to support them through our prayers and sacrifices. What a consolation we can bring her by uniting our hearts to her broken heart! Yes, her heart is bleeding, but it is also confident in the final victory and in her triumph that is drawing closer each day!
    That is why she is seeking souls that are willing to be at one with her soul!

    report continued in the next post
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  11. continuation of Sr. Emmanuel May 2016 report with respect to the reference to Bruno Cornacchiola

    3. Jolanda Cornacchiola

    The wife of Bruno Cornacchiola, Jolanda, is an admirable example that will be a path to Holiness for many spouses experiencing hardship in their marriage. Despite Bruno’s repeated betrayals prior to his conversion, Jolanda remained faithful to him, fervently praying, to the point that Our Lady herself praised her! “God’s promises are and will remain unchanged” she said to Bruno. “The Nine first Fridays in honor of the Sacred Heart which your faithful wife persuaded you to observe before you walked down the road of lies, has saved you!” Isn’t this beautiful? This simple devotion saved Bruno from perdition! (See PS3
    P.S. 3. At Paray-le-Monial (France), in 1675, Christ gave Saint Marguerite-Marie Alacoque 12 promises for those who venerate his Sacred Heart especially during 9 first Fridays of 9 consecutive months. These are as follows:
    I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life.
    I will establish peace in their families.
    I will console them in all their troubles.
    They shall find in My Heart an assured refuge during life and especially at the hour of death.
    I will pour abundant blessings on all their undertakings.
    Sinners shall find in My Heart the source of an infinite ocean of mercy.
    Lukewarm souls shall become fervent.
    Fervent souls shall speedily rise to great perfection.
    I will bless the homes where an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.
    I will give to priests the power of touching the most hardened hearts.
    Those who propagate this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be removed.
    The all-powerful love of my Heart will grant to all those who shall receive Holy Communion on the First Friday of 9 consecutive months the grace of final repentance; they shall not die under my displeasure, nor without receiving their Sacraments; my Heart shall be their assured refuge at that last hour.
    Conditions. In order to be worthy of these promises, it is necessary to:
    1. To receive Communion in the state of grace: If you are in mortal sin, then confession is required.
    2. Devotion must be continued for nine consecutive months. For those who leave out even one communion must start over.
    3. The pious practice can begin on the first Friday of every month.)

    The Blessed Mother came to the defense of Jolanda, asserting to Bruno that Jolanda had remained faithful to him and had never committed the sins of which he accused her. In fact he would beat her, probably unloading on her the remorse for his own infidelities, until the night that preceded the apparition. (One could suggest to the Holy See to beatify Jolanda at the same time as her husband!) And Our Lady continues saying, “The Ave Maria’s that you pray with faith and love are like many golden arrows that reach out to the Heart of Jesus.”
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    I heard two reporters talking on the BBC yesterday morning. They were calling those who doubted Global Warming as, 'Climate change deniers'. This places them on the same level as, 'Holocaust deniers'...in other words if you deny Global Warming you are per se a bad person; maybe even evil.

    This is frightening.
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    It is not science but an Ideology like Communism.

    The green flag has replaced the red flad but they have the same Godless root.
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    It is very convenient for controlling people. 'If you don't live and do as we say you're all going to die; horribly'.
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    Tanker, Michael Voris talks a little bit about following the herd in this video
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    One thing I notice recently is the amount of crazy amount of violence around me. At Christmas a man and a woman were stabbed to death in an appartment near my house. A day or tow later two men were arrested for raping a 12 year old girl on a tow path beside a river were I walk my dogs. A day later a man was stabbed at a McDonald' s beside a hospital were I work.

    People seem to take these things in their stride. I don't. There is something really bizarre and spooky about it all.

    Thank God I have my dogs.
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    Oh how awful. :(

    Yeah, me neither.

    That's been of notice here in the States too. I'm shocked at the number of people who ONLY strongly react to mass shootings (I do as well), yet ongoing horrible violence in Chicago and Baltimore is ignored. Or ongoing drug cartel violence. Late 2015 to mid-2017 was especially bad for extreme violence in the USA, I was shocked and increasingly frightened at how suddenly SO BAD. And now "the new normal"?? Meanwhile lots of other people are oh, get used to it...or as though it's always been this way... o_O

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    The discourse on social media such as Twitter etc has always been brash between liberals and conservatives, attacks on our faith, etc but I was shocked at the new level of hatred and threats between everyone it seems just a day or 2 after Christmas. Things are percolating and bubbling over in many areas it seems. Keep praying!
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    Had Hillary Clinton gotten into the White House, Our country and the entire free world would be in an unrecoverable tail spin to pure communism. She would have continued the evils of Obama, who had the top corrupt FBI, CIA, DOJ heads in their corner of corruptness. As it is, the other evil countries of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea to name a few are working out their strategy as we speak to collapse the free world. I don't claim to understand what is going on in Ireland, but I suspect it is the same diabolical attack to use a nanny state to reverse the moral law and replace it with godless laws at the expense of common sense, freedom of faith and conservative thought. The world has not only opened the crack for Satan, but all the doors of his house today. Modern man has invited him into their lives, their country and even their churches. Even the Vatican has opened its doors to allow evil to reign within. This isn't just doom and gloom rhetoric, it is a reality of man choosing to serve the world, rather than the one true God and his laws. 2020-forward will bring about a whole new evil never seen. There is nothing to reverse it now, as God's mercy and restraining hand is coming to a close soon.
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