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    I am going to post what I can on the thread Our Lady of Revelation. One part is in English and the other I found in Italian.
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    Global Earthquake, Nuclear War, Apostasy, Invasion of Italy, Destruction in Vatican
    The Secret of the 3 Fountains: I dreamed Muslims were surrounding churches. locking the doors and from roofs throwing gasoline and setting up churches on fire, with the faithful praying in them

    The End Times Prophecies of the Three Fountains
    “Saverio Gaeta wrote an interesting book called "The seer. The secret of the three fountains "(publisher Salani, Milan, 2016). The author has been able to consult the diaries that Bruno Cornacchiola had written from 1947 to 2001, the year of his death, and kept at the association of the faithful founded by him, and reveals the contents in the above book.

    In April 12, 1947, Cornacchiola, at the location of the Three Fountains in Rome, where St. Paul undergo martyrdom, had an apparition of Our Lady containing some revelations. They (around sixty) continued throughout his life and Cornacchiola himself transcribed them in his Diaries. In this short article, I summarize the most current, which can help us better understand the terrible period we are going through. They are private revelations only. Cornacchiola himself submitted them to the ecclesiastical Authority for approval, and which starting with Pius XII who began to approve them.

    The meetings with Pius XII
    The first book of his Diaries containing the report of the first apparition of Our Lady, Bruno Cornacchiola gave it to Pope Pius XII on the night of July 22, 1947 being present Don Sfoggia, Father Riccardo Lombardi and Father Felice Maria Cappello, who had been able to read the April 12 message upon he Pope's approval. At this private meeting followed a public one on December 9, 1949 (see Saverio Gaeta, “The seer. The secret of the three fountains”, p. 62) in which the Pope encouraged Cornacchiola to give lectures about the apparitions he had.

    Also on October 5, 1947 Pius XII blessed the statue of the Virgin depicting the Virgin appeared to Cornacchiola and in 1956 Pope Pius XII allowed the public worship, giving the Franciscans to be in charge of the custody of the cave, and of the adjacent chapel (see Saverio Gaeta, “The seer. The secret of the three fountains”, P. 106).

    The content of messages
    The content of the first apparition had not been made known and it is kept in the archives of the Holy Office, but Cornacchiola made a copy of it, being kept in the archives of his association, of which Saverio Gaeta (“The seer. The secret of the three fountains”, P. 59) reports the main passages so far unpublished.

    The diaries (of the seer Bruno Cornacchiola) consulted by Salvatore Gaeta are located at the association "Arditi Hosts of Christ the Immortal King" (SACRI) founded by Cornacchiola. The "Arditi (fearless) of Christ" who are primarily involved with the catechesis and had not read the diaries of Cornacchiola, which contain some surprising and unusual revelations until the writer Saverio Gaeta collected them in his book.

    The first revelation (April 12, 1947) is written by hand in a notebook of about thirty pages. The most important points are as follows:

    "The shepherds of the flock are not fulfilling their duty. Too much of the world has entered in their soul to give scandal to the flock and to divert him from the path.
    [...]. Before Russia is converted and leave the path of atheism, a tremendous and severe persecution will be unleashed. Pray, it can be stopped.
    [...]. Run away from the false things of the world, vain shows, and printed obscenities.
    [...]. Satan is unchained for a period of time, and is going to start the fire of the protest among men. Children be strong, resist the assault from hell.
    [...]. The whole Church will suffer a terrible ordeal, to clean the lust infiltrated among his ministers.
    [...]. Priests and faithful will be put at a dangerous turning point in the world of Lost, which will hurl itself the assault with any means: false ideologies and theologies.
    [...]. There will be days of sorrow and mourning. From the east a strong people, but far from God, will launch a terrible attack, and will break the most sacred and holy things.
    [...]. The world will go into another war, the most ruthless of all; The more affected will be the eternal Rock (Roma). The wrath of Satan is not being any longer held; the Spirit of God is withdrawing from the earth, the Church will be left a widow; She will be left at the mercy of the world.
    [...]. The most affected will be the Church of Christ to cleanse It from the filth It has inside.
    [...]. The priests will be trampled and killed, that's the (meaning of) the broken cross next to stripping of the exterior priest’s cassock "(Saverio Gaeta, op. Cit., pp. 80-88).
    The appearance of the February 21, 1948 reads:
    "This I say this to my sons the priests: you are becoming of the world, stripping yourselves of the sacred to desecrate and abandon the priesthood.
    [...]. The world thirsts for truth, but you no longer give it water that quenches "(op. Cit., Pp. 89-91).

    Apparition of August 15, 1949:

    "Why don’t you move away from sin? Which will lead you to the most atrocious loss".
    [...] "This is going to happen especially to those who in these times full of sin hide my calls, in the modern time full of falsehoods" (op. cit., Pp. 91-93).
    [...] "The sun will be darkened; the stars will fall, but do not understand this only to the material part of your thinking: there is the interpretive part of it and spiritual one, and it will be the suns of the proud and the stars of the arrogant that they will fall"
    [...] "Outside the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church there is no salvation"
    [...] "To love everyone does not mean keeping a sentimental attitude"
    [...] "Do not get undress of the priestly robe: the priest cassock calls to attention, it is a heavenly sign" (op. Cit., P. 93-95).

    There are others revelations. Particularly interesting is the vision seen February 24, 1968:

    "Satan now reigns in all the highest command posts"
    [...] "Satan will enter in the leading places of the Church"
    [...] "Temptations are going to be terrible, the world will live in such a confusion that the elect will have to dwell themselves in the doubt! There is no escape"
    [...] "All will live terrible moments of war, destruction and political chaos, religious one and cultural one. How many errors and how many heresies will spread insidiously in every nation, in every convent"
    [...] "What is needed is the individual apostolate not the monopolized apostolate"
    [...] “It is needed to work among souls through the individual apostolate: the one who knows and knows how to do it, must work without any prior authorization" (op. Cit., P. 73).

    February 2, 1960, Our Lady says:

    "Blood and tears, Jesus bleeds, I your Mother, tears; the exact meaning of the truth is lost” (op. cit., p. 78).
    April 16, 1987:

    "You must offer yourself as a victim for the conversion and the sanctification of priests and religious, who have abandoned the path of the doctrine and of morality, losing the strength of salvation and because of them many souls go to hell" (op. Cit., P. 102)
    April 12, 1980 (thirty-third anniversary of the apparition) thousands of faithful gathered at Tre Fontane could watch from 17:50 to 18:20 at the miracle of the sun that began to twirl as the same as it had happened in Fatima on October 13, 1917 (op. Cit., P . 119)
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    On February 1, 1986 Cornacchiola receives another stern message:

    "Prepare my children: I cannot hold my hand any longer! The wrath of justice is upon you" (op. Cit., P. 150).
    On page 153 of his book Saverio Gaeta brings a personal record of the seer Cornacchiola on a misunderstood ecumenism, which he defines "ecclesiastically incorrect":

    "I cannot make up my mind at the idea that all religions lead to redemption. All religions, they are say now, give salvation. But then why did Jesus come, if there were already so many religions? Jesus says: 'He who believes in Me shall be saved'; not the one who believes his religion. If Protestants are saved as well, Why did the Virgin come to call me to tell me to return to the holy Fold, when She could very well have left me where I was, among the Adventist?".

    On January 9, 1986 Cornacchiola has another locution:

    "Today, men have put all religions on the same level so that all lead to God and everyone is saved”
    [...] “Then those who do not accept Jesus get saved too?”
    [...] “Satan cannot do anything against the Church because It is divine; but he can do a lot against the souls who live in It; on the contrary he will introduce evil under the moral robe, religious one, political and social ones.”
    [...] “I am calling all to conversion, but for justice I have to leave to hold my Son's hand, precisely because justice has to be fulfilled" (op. Cit., P. 165-166)

    Dreadful is the vision seen on April 7, 1966:

    "I see the Basilica of St. Peter who has its whole facade badly damaged, we watch it and weep" (op. Cit., P. 169).

    On August 1, 1966:

    "I see myself in front of the church called ‘of the Holy Stairs’, in the near square where there is the obelisk. It was like as a large room set up with bishops and cardinals. Suddenly the whole facade of the church collapses over many bishops, cardinals and others."(ibid).

    In the message of January 1, 1988, a special warning is reserved to priests:

    "You're trampling on my sheep and taking them toward perdition. Why are you no longer make my doctrine known? Why are you taking my sheep where there is dry grass and deadly bushes?”
    [...]. “I have been killed just because my doctrine was not theirs (of the Pharisees). You have closed the mouth and the ears of my flock. You have locked the door to my Church not to enter It and not to let my people in"(op. Cit., P. 171).

    In 1982, Our Lady gave an additional warning to priests (which gave many problems to Cornacchiola):

    "They go miserably sure around without no external priestly signs: they do not only live in doubt of faith, but attract others to leave the faith”
    [...] They (the priests) got drunk of the world and of the false modernism" (op. Cit., Pp. 172-173).

    One of the most touching visions is that of 28 April 1986. Cornacchiola found himself in St. Peter's Square and Our Lady says to him:

    "Although the one who gives an order seems in error, you are bound to obey, unless that order touches faith, morality and charity. Then no! "(Op. Cit., P. 174).
    On 12 November 1986, Our Lady shows Cornacchiola a terrifying scene:

    "I see many priests with their cassocks and religious ones, men and women with their robes: all in line and the captors who push them, dragging one by one onto a wooden stage. They had them kneel down and then asking them: ‘Get rid of the robe’. At their answer: 'No!' They took their head and put it on a chopping block and there they were beheaded by the executioner who had an axe"(op. Cit., P. 174-175).

    One of the most current vision applying to our time seems that of July 18, 1996:

    "Especially many of my sons the priests, and even those of higher rank, fall easily into the arms of satan like dry leaves falling from a tree at the blowing of the wind" (op. Cit., Pp. 181-182).
    On June 4, 1964, Our Lady had dictated a request to Cornacchiola

    "Save mankind from the deluge of fire" (op. Cit., P. 183).
    On 1 January 1988 the seer receives a revelation that opens the doors of the future that awaits mankind:

    "You have some examples, Sodom and Gomorrah did not repent, they did not do penance and you know what justice made of them”
    [...] “Unless you do not convert, iron and fire will fall down upon you”
    [...] “What you call peace is nothing but deception because it lacks of conversion* and everything is getting ready for a satanic war"

    *(repentance and rejection of sin) (op. Cit., P. 187).

    Another apparition very close to our times, is that of August 14, 1999:

    "The Virgin shows me the religious, the priests, the bishops, the cardinals and tells me:

    " They are deaf and foolish! They see the signs that are a call, but do not reason upon this reality”
    [...] “They deny the Triune God and proudly make themselves god ' "(op. Cit., P. 195).

    March 13, 2000, Our Lady says:

    "Salvation is not to gather all religions to make a pile of heresies and errors, but convert yourselves for the unity of love and faith" (op. Cit., P. 204).
    On the night of December 31, 1984:

    "I feel being transported into the center of Rome, exactly in Piazza Venezia (Venice square). There is a crowd gathered there shouting: 'Revenge!'. Lots of blood was spilling all over the world, all the world smeared with blood. Suddenly all those people starts shouting: 'All in Saint Peter (square)!' And they kept shouting: 'Revenge!'. On the square inside the colonnade, there were the pope, the cardinals, the bishops and the priests. Everybody was crying. To my wonder: they were barefoot and Our Lady was shouting: 'Do penance!'"(Op. Cit., P. 207).

    On July 21, 1998:

    "I dreamed that Muslims were surrounding churches and were closing the doors and from the roofs they were throwing gasoline and setting up fire, with the faithful in them praying and everything was burning" (op. Cit., P. 210).
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    At the dawn, on February 10, 2000, another dreadful dream:

    "I am in St. Peter's [...] a crowd of barbarians ran inside the basilica killing everyone he met”

    [...] “All the priests present there in with cassock robe, at the sides of the churchyard the bishops were at the left and the Cardinals at the right and praying on their knees with their face to the ground" (op. Cit., P. 210).

    March 11, 1970

    "What a bad night I had. A dream kept me apprehensive all night. The Pope surrounded by cardinals and bishops who were shouting at him revolutionary words”

    [...] “The Pope is being taken and thrown into a well"(op. Cit., P. 217).

    That of 21 September 1988 is the most interesting:

    "What I dreamed I wish never come true, it is too painful and I hope that the Lord will not allow the Pope to deny any truth of faith and put himself in place of God. How much pain I felt during the night, my legs were getting paralyzed and I could not move, for the pain I felt in looking at the Church reduced to a pile of ruins "(op. cit., p. 218).

    On January 4, 1992:

    "Christians are fighting one another because they no longer have a leader to guide them" (op. Cit., P. 219).

    On January 26, 1996:

    "Last night I saw the basilica of St. Peter set on fire" (op. Cit., P. 220).

    On 31 December 1990 Our Lady tells the seer Cornacchiola:

    "False prophets, who seek by all means to poison the souls changing the doctrine of Jesus in satanic doctrines; They will take away the Sacrifice of the cross that is repeated on the altars all over the world" (op. cit., p. 221).
    On 12 March 1983, Our Lady of Revelation tells Cornacchiola:

    "The danger is at the door, a nuclear war, if you act as I have said, it is inevitable"
    [...] “I speak to all, the atomic is ready, men without conscience threaten to use it, and the danger is closer than you think" (op. Cit., P. 223).

    On 13 July 1998:

    "Last night I suffered greatly in a dream. There was the war and foreigners invaded Italy "(op. Cit., P. 226).

    The writer Saverio Gaeta concludes:

    "I know that these pages will trigger protests and controversy, accusations of sensationalism and suggestions of 'pre-Vatican II'. But if the inspiration to Cornacchiola really came from Heaven, as I personally believe, it is certainly appropriate to make them known to the general public, taking them away from the darkness of some dusty archive of the Holy See"(op. Cit., P. 229).

    Source Don Curzio Nitoglia

    Our Lady Of Conversion
    by Geoffrey Lawman

    Readers who know Rome may already be familiar with the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Revelation in the Via Laurentina. In Il Tempo of April 18, 1986, according to which a "miracle" of the sun had taken place there FOR THE SECOND TIME IN 6 YEARS and that this had been recorded by a telecamera and was to be shown on Italian television.

    Background material supplied by our Roman correspondent, in particular the circumstances of Our Lady's first apparition at the grotto and Her reported message, reinforce the parallel between Fatima and Tre Fontane in important respects. It seems that the "Virgin of Revelation" phenomenon has a lesson for us today. The prayer-card distributed at the Sanctuary carries an episcopal nihil obstat.

    Here first of all is the early story of the events at the Grotto:

    The grotto of Tre Fontane
    Bruno Cornacchiola, a Roman tram driver, 34 years old, Protestant, was sitting in the shade of a eucalyptus tree making notes in preparation for a speech he was to make the following day.

    He was born in one of the poorer and hunger-stricken quarters of Rome, of poor and not very exemplary parents. During his stay in Spain, where he went as a volunteer during the Civil War of 1936-39, he came under the influence of a German Protestant. He then entered the Adventist church and became an avowed enemy of all things Catholic, especially the Blessed Virgin and the Pope.

    While his three children, Gianfranco, Carlo and Isola, aged 4, 7 and 10 respectively, were playing ball, Cornacchiola searched in his Protestant version of the Bible for proofs to use in that part of his forthcoming speech in which he would try to refute the dogmas on the Mother of God. However, an answer was on its way from the Mother of God and men to this man who for so long had acknowledged Her only to denigrate Her. The children lost their ball and were unable to find it, so they asked their father to help. Bruno stopped preparing his talk and left his notebook on the ground under the eucalyptus while he went to help his children. The notebook was to remain on the ground: he would no longer need it, because his talk would never be delivered. The Virgin would soon, in that foul-smelling grotto, convert him, transforming him into Her faithful servant and a precious instrument of evangelization.

    It was nearly 3:30. "The Beautiful Lady" appeared in the grotto above a mass of tufa rock, first to the three children and then, after an intense odor of flowers, to the man who up to that moment had attacked devotion to the Mother of God and the Marian privileges.

    The Virgin Mary was clothed in a long and splendid white dress held in place by a pink band around Her waist. Over Her dark hair was a green mantle that fell to Her bare feet.

    The Holy Mother of God revealed to Her persecutor these words:

    "I am She who is in the Divine Trinity - I am the Virgin of Revelation - you are persecuting Me. Now enough! Enter into the sheepfold, the holy court of heaven on earth. Submit yourself to the authority of the Pope."
    The Virgin held to Her breast a dark-covered book, the Bible, the book containing Revelation. She spoke for a long time that April afternoon. Among other things She spoke of Her Assumption into Heaven:

    "My body could not undergo corruption, and did not."
    She also indicated to the visionary how She would help him be reconciled to God and the Pope, whom he had wished to murder.

    One of the promises of the Virgin was this:

    "With this sinful earth I will perform great miracles for the conversion of unbelievers."
    Like the water of Lourdes, the earth of the Grotto of Tre Fontane, sanctified by the presence of Mary, will work wonders.

    The Lady's insistence in this message on Her bodily incorrupt Assumption can be seen as addressed personally to Bruno Cornacchiola to wean him away from his Protestant and anti-Marian prejudices, but also, more widely, as an affirmation of traditional Catholic teaching. (This tenet has been widely believed since the early days of the Faith, but, interestingly, was not officially defined by the Church until 1950, three years after this apparition.)
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    But above all we note that for the "Virgin of Revelation" the "unity of believers in Christ" (to quote the prayer-card mentioned above) is to come about through the "conversion of unbelievers". She makes no attempt to find common ground between Cornacchiola's Adventism and the True faith, but summons him to "be reconciled to God and the Pope". Even the cures She promises to perform "with this sinful earth" are directed primarily to the "conversion of unbelievers" (author's emphasis). No false ecumenism here.

    From the first apparition in 1947, signs and marvels are said to have continued over the years, particularly on successive April 12ths, the anniversaries of the first apparition. Many miraculous cures have been claimed by touching the earth of the grotto, and in 1980 the first "miracle of the sun" took place, to be repeated in 1986 as reported in� Il Tempo (A large daily newspaper in Rome, Italy). That account is given in the following section.

    "Miracle" On Television: It Has Happened Again at Tre Fontane
    At the Sanctuary, the sun's "pulsations" are recorded by telecamera. But the church remains extremely cautious. So many eyes saw it, but only the TV camera was able to record it in an apparently objective and incontestable manner: on the 12th of April last, at the Sanctuary of the Three Fountains on the Via Laurentina, the sun pulsated for a considerable time like a heart subject to violent emotion.

    At the same time other incredible changes were observed on the sun's surface, all of them faithfully filmed by the machine of an amateur camera-man who happened to be on the spot at the time. As though in a surrealist vision, the sun at one moment turned bright red and at another emerald green. Its colors glowed and its rays were projected outwards so that gigantic shafts of light shone down from the sky onto the thousands of witnesses who had flocked to the hill.

    It has become a long-established habit for Romans to gather here each April 12th. The crowd at Tre Fontane included both highly-placed ecclesiastics and personalities from the worlds of politics and the arts. Mass was celebrated, prayers were said, and people waited. Among them was that same Bruno Cornacchiola who with his three children, long ago in 1947, had had a vision of Our Lady that he had certainly not expected. At that time the grotto of the apparition had been foul-smelling, a place of ill-repute, and the hill itself a wilderness of stones and brambles. Today it is a pleasant place with smooth paths, flowering hedges, electric light and drinkable water as well, of course, as the votive tablets and other adornments of the devotion.

    These are human manifestations, of course. But at Tre Fontane there have been in addition no lack of heavenly "signs", and these still continue. There have been miraculous cures, often occurring when the "holy" earth has been applied to the affected part of the sufferer's body. There has been a notable improvement in the morality of the "drop-outs" of the neighborhood, and, to top it all, the miracles of the sun, in accordance with a prophecy made in 1979 by Our Lady to the ex-tram-driver and former unbeliever Cornacchiola. Starting from the 33rd anniversary of Her own first apparition, there were to be - precisely as the Virgin of Revelation had prophesied - "many manifestations and graces, both inward and external".

    We have to admit that this promise, great and binding as it was, was very precisely carried out. On the 12th of April, 1980, more than 3,000 persons saw, during the Mass and, more precisely, at the moment of the consecration, the solar disc change in shape and color and present the most extraordinary pictures.

    "A few days before this year's repetition", said Pompeo Santorelli, the man who pointed his telecamera lens at the sun," some friends had invited me to go with them to Tre Fontane to shoot some film. It wasn't easy to free myself of family commitments, but I managed to do so. I loaded my TV camera and went to the Sanctuary. I had already filmed some shots of the crowd when, during the Mass, when people were beginning to call out that there was a miracle, I decided to swing the lens upwards. In doing this I was afraid of burning out the cathode tube of the camera, but I reasoned that if, in such circumstances, human eyes could focus on the sun without injury, then the camera would probably not be damaged either.

    "So I began to film the sun, but to start with on a slant. Then I focused directly on it, and while I was shooting there began the most extraordinary of all extraordinary phenomena: that of the pulsation of the shining sphere."

    Signs and portents are, it is said, an alphabet in cipher behind which a message lies concealed. On the eve of dramatic events, the spasms of the sun will seem to many to have a prophetic significance, just as certain dreams have had. The difference this time is that this has been no "dream" - the whole phenomenon has been filmed by a TV camera - even if (and it is important to remember this) the attitude of the Church remains marked by the utmost reticence. - Il Tempo article by A.M. Turi

    I have already suggested that there are parallels between this Roman devotion and the Fatima message - the insistence on conversion and the "miracle of the sun". These parallels are reinforced by the wording of the prayer-card distributed at the grotto (and to which is attached a little earth from the grotto):

    Source: Fatima Network Crusaders
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    Apparitions announced 10 years before to a Mystic Luigina Sinapi

    Our Lady of Revelation in 1937 informed the seer of God Luigina Sinapi of future appearances at the Three Fountains.

    The woman went inside the cave and saw the weeping Virgin with downcast eyes; amazed looked around and, in a corner, she found the remains of a fetus, almost certainly aborted and thrown into that dark place, away from prying eyes.

    Luigina, after having buried those poor bones, noticed that the Our Lady was looking tenderly at the gesture of love and charity Luigina made; later the Virgin said:

    "I will return to this place to convert a man, that now fights bitterly against the Church of Christ and wants to assassinate the Holy Father (..). Go now to San Peter, you'll find a religious nun that will let you to know her brother, who is a cardinal. you must bring the message to him. From this place I will installin Rome the throne of my glorification. You must to tell the Cardinal that he will soon be the new Pope."

    The Sinapi went in search of the woman, described by the Virgin even in physical appearance, and found herat the Church of St. Peter, being the sister of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli. The mystic spoke with Cardinal, who then listened with a certain detachment at the words of that simple woman, but animated by a deep faith; ten years later, however, Eugenio Pacelli became Pope with the name Pius XII!

    Maybe because of Marian prophecy he received, the new Pope had towards the apparitions of the Three Fountains a particular attitude of availability, proving more and more convinced of their authenticity. But among the words, that the Roman seer had heard from Our Lady, there was also the announcement of the extraordinary conversion of an anti-Catholic, and its full participation in the mystical experience offered by Maria, a fact that would have consolidated the cult of the Virgin of Tre Fontane.

    Source Don Curzio Nitoglia

    Prayer to the Virgin of Revelation to Obtain Any Grace

    Holy Virgin of Revelation, You who are in the divine Trinity, deign, we pray, to reveal to us Your merciful and kind countenance. O Mary! You are our powerful advocate before God who with this sinful earth(1) promised to obtain graces and miracles for the conversion of unbelievers and sinners. Grant that we may obtain from Your Son Jesus salvation of our souls, perfect health of body, and the particular graces that we need.

    Grant to the Church and its Chief Pastor, the Roman Pontiff, the joy of seeing theconversion of its enemies, the spread of the Kingdom of God throughout the earth, the unity of believers in Christ, and peace among nations, that we may better be able to love and serve You in this life and come one day to see and thank You eternally in Heaven. Amen.

    Nihil obstat + Ilario - Vescovo (author's emphasis)

    We must bear in mind that this prayer is a human compilation, and thus not comparable to a direct divine or Marian revelation such as the Message of Fatima (though it does repeat a number of phrases from Our Lady's reported words of 1947). Other differences are the absence of any reference to Russia or to the calamities to be expected if Communism is allowed to spread its influence. The first paragraph is personal rather than public in its scope.

    Yet it does, like Fatima, seek the conversion of the Church's enemies and peace among nations. It sees peace as dependent on the spread of Christ's Kingdom worldwide through the conversion not just of individual sinners but of the Church's enemies, just as Fatima makes it dependent on the conversion of Russia. It prays, too, for the unity of believers in Christ, but the case of Bruno Cornacchiola is evidence that the unity sought for is one of conversion to the one True Faith.

    I am not in possession of any message from the grotto since 1947, nor any explanation of the significance of the two "sun miracles". But it is clear from the information on hand that the phenomena of Tre Fontane, in their insistence on conversion, stand in marked contrast to the current oecumania fashionable at all levels in our suffering Church. The Virgin of Revelation, I am sure, would never say to Muslims: "We believe in the same God"; She would not join Cardinal Willebrands in urging us to "co-operate with the Jews to prepare the coming of the Messiah", and I am morally certain that She would never approve the "Congress Of World Religions" convened for October 1986 at Assisi.

    In such a climate, can we expect the Church to make a fair and objective assessment of the manifestations at Tre Fontane, let alone approve them? At a time when our spiritual leaders, seem to be toppling over into material indifferentism, the Church's most likely official response will be a continuance of Il Tempo's "utmost reticence" - in other words an embarrassed silence.

    Editor’s Note: The Shrine of Our Lady of Tre Fontane with the Statue of Our Lady of Revelations as She appeared to Bruno Cornacchiola in 1947 is in fact a place which the Diocese of Rome (under the care of the Cardinal Vicar of Rome) has a public chapel where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is publicly offered. So it is not without some official recognition.

    Footnote: 1. A reference to the evil purposes to which the grotto had been put prior to 1947.

    Source: Fatima Network Crusaders

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    Thanks, Don. that's great.

    I read a miracle of the Sun was filmed in the 80s. I wish that footage was available.

    This dream in 88 is interesting...

    "What I dreamed I wish never come true, it is too painful and I hope that the Lord will not allow the Pope to deny any truth of faith and put himself in place of God. How much pain I felt during the night, my legs were getting paralyzed and I could not move, for the pain I felt in looking at the Church reduced to a pile of ruins "(op. cit., p. 218).

    I think his wish has not been granted.
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    "Salvation is not to gather all religions to make a pile of heresies and errors, but convert yourselves for the unity of love and faith" (op. Cit., P. 204).


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    Thanks for all of these great posts of the messages. They ring true to me, and apparently to a lot of others. I like the connection of Pius XII to the messages. I really like him and appreciate his pontificate. I think events in the Church started sliding downhill after his death.
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  11. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    We have to bear in mind that many of Bruno's locutions or dreams weren't submitted for examination by the Church. We don't know whether his dreams were due to anxiety caused by what he knew or heard about current events in the Church at that time. I wonder whatever happened his children.

    The fourth Our Lady of Revelations video concentrates on Hell, especially as shown by Our Lady to the children of Fatima. It scares me to think of Our Lady saying that little Francisco would need to say many Rosaries when asked would he go to Heaven. If that little boy needed to say a lot of Rosaries, what about the rest of us?
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  12. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Yeah, it doesn't look good.No God of surprises mentioned in Fatima.
    You won't catch me without my scapular on.
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  13. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    I thought this same thing myself after watching that video. In spite of the fact I think most surely a great many will be going there I must continue to hope and to do everything I can to offer up sacrifices and prayers for others and to be obedient.

    Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy!
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  14. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Correct me if I am wrong
    But Francisco had not made his First Holy Communion yet
    I don't think Jacinta had either
    What about Lucia?
  15. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Which probably would mean that Francisco had not been to Confession
    I am just thinking of the fact that he had had little or no access to the Sacraments
    That would make a huge difference
    Someone enlighten me
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  16. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Lucia had made her first Communion because the priest considered her to have been well catechised. The other two children hadn't. As far as I know, the angel gave Lucia Communion in the form of the sacred host but gave Francisco Communion from the chalice. I don't know whether the angel gave Communion to Jacinta. Apparently it was acceptable to give him Communion from the chalice only but I don't understand why.
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  17. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    To whom much is given...much is required. Most of us cannot be compared to Francisco. He saw, had a personal relationship and spoke with Mother of God. He was directly given Gods will. Some Mystics never follow through with their gifts. The dogs return to their vomit. Not saying he returned but maybe everyday temptation was a problem for Francisco. In the end...these are normal people who have touched the mystical.

    Brother al
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  18. josephite

    josephite Powers

    I regards to Fransico needing to say many rosaries, I have pondered this and believe it is just a mothers admonition to a forgetful child!

    In a book about Fatima, that I read years ago, it states that before the apparition of St Michael, the children used to go off to pasture the sheep and Lucias mother, used to say to them all, remember to say the rosary. The children obeyed Lucias mother and said the rosary but they used to cut it short so they had more time for play.

    They cut the rosary short by saying only the first two words of the Hail Mary and the Holy Mary.

    Of course this changed after the appparition of St Michael to the children.

    In regards to why Francisco would need to say many rosaries before he could get to heaven!

    I believe it is just a mothers love and concern for a particular child.

    I remember one time I had to take 2 of my children to the dentist on the same day.

    One of them, my eldest daughter was very good and thorough at cleaning her teeth so I didn't need to say anything to her before we left home, but my other child my second eldest son was not so thorough, due to forgetfulness and a tendency to rush when cleaning his teeth!

    So I said to him specifically ..... make sure you clean your teeth well.

    As a mother I believe you sometimes need to stress something to one child more than another and you do this out of Love.

    Mary being a loving mother would in her loving way tell each child what was necessary, especially if Francisco [though very good] needed reminding because of a tendency to forget or to drift into his daydreams, or not understand the importance of what was being requested.

    Mary was just being a diligent Mother, because she loves Fransico so much!
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  19. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    What a wonderful consideration josephite, thank you! I have often wondered because of my own story (I was certainly not good like Francisco) and how long it took me to come to the Faith how many unseen graces are granted to us getting us to the truth. For me it was many years! Yet, Our Lord and Our Lady never gave up. I am so very very thankful for this.
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  20. Mario

    Mario Powers

    In today's Church culture, there is no emphasis on the danger of Hell. There are certain priests willing to do so, but the number is small. And that is very sad!

    When considering Francisco and Our Lady's stipulation that he must pray many Rosaries, I have a different take than either Mac or Josephite.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Therefore the danger of Hell is a reality to be reckoned with and taught. As one grows in wisdom and love, it is not the fear of Hell, but the fear of grieving the Sacred Heart through our negligence and sinful acts that primarily motivates the Christian. Perhaps Francisco needed to reflect on the need to fear the Lord more the the girls, and thus the stipulation to pray many Rosaries. Over the course of months, it seems Francisco matured rapidly because he came to spend much time loving Jesus in the presence of the Most Holy Sacrament and offering sacrifices for sinners. As a good mother, Our Lady tailored her requests to the needs and mission of each Fatima child, as Josephite points out.

    For us today, I believe that one has not grasped the fear of the Lord if we fail to have a heart for sinners in danger of Hell. It scares me to think that the reality of Hell is dismissed and a majority of Catholics have no sense of God's Justice. There is no wisdom in that; it is literally appalling! So let us wear the Scapular, pray for sinners, and share the Gospel! Let us not only avoid mortal sin, but strive to uproot venial sins in our lives so as to bring joy to the Two Hearts, and be more effective evangelizers. May the witness of each one of us on the Forum help bring a soul to the love and mercy of Jesus in the coming month whether we personally see it or not!

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
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